Quiz 2

Objective: answer 7 questions correctly. JavaScript required!

1. What does the caller with bathroom problems say #3 means?

Washing Your Hair
Picking lint out of your bellybutton

- sent in by Jared
2. Olly drove through Stealth's bar mitzvah dressed as a:

St. Nicholas

- sent in by Jared
3. When Chester won a prize on a game show, he traded it to Precious Roy for what?

A Foot Long Hamster
A thousand dollars
A pillow
A T.V.

- sent in by Weezell02
4. In the ninja song what is it that Sifl can steal in the flash of a smoke bomb??

A couch
Your girlfriend
A necklace
Your bra

- sent in by Jesse Potts
5. What is Chester made of?

A balloon
A rubber Budha mold turned inside out
An old rubber ball turned inside out

- sent in by Brenna Mallard
6. Who is Sifl in love with?

Serena Altschul
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Sarah Michele Gellar
7. Which rocker can actually live up to seven weeks without his head?

Steven Tyler
Trent Reznor
Dave Mathews
8. Rex Morgan is:

The brother of Dewey Decimal
A famous inventor
A famous night golfer
Part of the Champs 1 Team
9. Chester got paid to do what at the state fair:

Guess the gender of chickens
Clean out the cotton candy machines
Tap dance
Sell tickets
10. What version of Necronomicon do ghosts require?

4.0 with SP-1 update