Other songs/b-sides/demos

1. The Family Next Door
(Buddha demo tape)
2. Transvestite
(Buddha demo tape)
3. Wrecked Him
(They Came To Conqure...)
4. Zulu
(They Came To Conqure...)
5. Dancing With Myself
(Before You Were Punk)
6. Good Times
(Five Years On The Streets)
7. Hope
(Descendents cover)
8. I Won't Be Home For Christmas
(From "Josie" single)
9. Dead Man's Curve
(Shake, Rattle, & Roll)
10. Family Reunion
(Short Music For Short People)
11. Please Take Me Home (Live)
(Live pre-release)
12. 13 Miles
(Live improv)
13. Not Now
("I Miss You" single)

This One Song
(Live improv)
Live Bonus #18
("MTTS" Track #38)

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