Every Man For Himself

1. The Rules
2. Born To Lead
3. Moving Forward
4. Inside Of You
5. The First Of Me
6. Good Enough
7. If I Were You
8. Without A Fight
9. Don't Tell Me
10. Look Where We Are
11. Say The Same
12. If Only
13. More Than A Memory

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1. The Rules - (0:52)
All you people listen up!
You are incapable of rational thought!
You will not think!
You will not move!
You will not clinch!
You will not have random synapse in your brain housing group!
Is that clear?
Sir, yes, Sir!

If I give the word, you will move!
If I do not give the word, you will not carry on random thoughts, is that clear?
Sir, yes, Sir!

You will not tell me what you think!
I don't care what you think!
What you think is irrelevant!
Now! Lock your bodies, and stand by for command!
Hey-yo! Peace! Army, huh!