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Letters To Chester

If you had one thing you could ask Chester, what would it be?
Here's what you would ask!

*Entries sent in between May 01 and August 01*

Dear Chester, I like bubbles too. Will you pop bubbles with me? Love, Sandra P.S. - Why do the people on the bus make fun of me?

AlbyPauly - Do you think the word poop is funny? What about turd? Or diaper? Or what about turd in a poopy diaper???

JMarin1055 - Hi Chester my name is ma-nay and I like cookies. Do you like cookie or crackers?

WaveRiderTR5 - Dear Chester, If they made a cereal after you what would it look and taste like?

Adam Halstead - Chester, will you show me how to skate like a pro? I must learn360 kickflips down steps.

Megan - Dear Chester, How many licks do you think it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

XvCyrusValekvX - Dear Chester, would you like some candy coated acid? I have four flavors now! Sulfur, Onion Grass, Wood, and the new one is Molten Lava (watch out its HOT!)

*Entries sent in between March 01 and May 01*

David Wold - Hey Chester, I was just wondering how crescent fresh it was to win that game show and beat Stealth, etc.!!!

Gottrance88 - Dear Chester, how do I stop the voices from keeping me awake day in and day out and do I really have to kill all my family members?

Kellis - Ya know how sometimes we hang out... and sometimes you and I talk about ya know... stuufff... and well ya know, I was um... just... ya know... wondering if you would...... HAVE MY BABY!!!???

Kevin - Dear Chester: Have you ever HIT the Ice cream truck after following it?

*Entries sent in between May 00 and March 01*

Beckey - Will you have a three way with me and my boyfriend... he's British!

gtlcarrera4 - Dear Chester, what side of the bed do you sleep on??

Kaylin - where have all the cowboys gone?

Nameless1986 - Hey Chester I was wondering if you liked Nirvana and if you wanted to be in my band?

Billy Clayton Carnahan - Hey Chester how big is your secret finger?

Sindel - Hey Chester, can I help you chase the ice cream truck too? The music makes me feel real funny.

Sarah - Chester, I think a guy is crescent fresh. How should I ask him to hang out?

Bryan Kael - Hey Chester, why do you always look so nervous and compulsive??????

Meowth - What ever happened on the bus with the kids and bubbles?

Cristin - Chester, do you have a fire crotch?

°Misguided Psycho° (Nichole) - Will you date me? I'll buy you cereal...lots of it... ::shifty eyes:: And uh... talk to Roy for my friend....You got the Hookups.. ~_^

Rae - This may sound rude but, what exactly is you head made out of?

Mike Mann - Are you real?

*Entries sent in between August 99 and this May 00*

Dotsnloop3 - How can you say this is a free country when you're not even allowed to lick the books in the library?

CresChestr - Chester: What sound does a clam make while eating?

Clifford Robinaugh - If you could fly, where would you go?

CactusJack581467 - Chester....how do you turn on a girl?

BobTheOmnipitent - Dear Chester, Why are you so damn cool?

Neoblorf - Have you ever had two women at one time?

Dear Chester, I was wondering if you have to water your head and make sure it gets lots of sunshine? Love, Nicci

PHS310 - Chester, are you ever jealous of Sifl and Olly?

Bright009 - Chester, I'm a big fan, and was wondering....... Are the squirrels after your nuts?

Jonathan Trent Dalton - I'm just now going through puberty and I'm 23 years old, how do I disguise that unsightly erection?

LastdayYrs - Do you think you are being watched?

*Entries sent in before August 99*

Fredchic22 - Why are you so darn crescent fresh?

Emily - Dear Chester: If you got to see a celebrity and wanted to have sex with that person, who would it be?

John Shea - Do you make the big bucks in the show or commercials?

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