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Letters To Chester

Who wrote in on the show!

If you had one thing you could ask Chester, what would it be?
Click here to see what you would ask!

Wallace Jiffy:
I'd like to be on tv also. What advice do you have for those of us who want to get into television?

Stein Yohan Greig Helvorshen:
Can you think of a good way for me to break in my jeans?

Wayne Taylor:
I was wondering if you'd pose for a photo for me.

Jennifer Nieders
I was wondering if you had one day to spend a million dollars, what would you spend it on?

Univ. of Arizona:
How did you become a modern lover?

Rich Frank:
I work in an office, and my boss yells at me all day, what should I do?

Herb Hardin:
Chester, what is your earliest memory?

Rick Wasalenchek
How has your life changed since becoming a tv star?

Brian Cassel:
When you're naked with a person for the first time, what's a good icebreaker to say, to make the situation more comfortable?

Tabiths Jones:
Chester, I wondered if you had any advice about kissing.

Emily Castleburry:
The kids at school tease me. Did you ever get teased at school? What did the kids call you?

John McSurley:
Every time I laugh, I vomit. The doctor said I have an ingrown hair in my voice box. What should I do?

Ivy Gene Brown:
If you had your own breakfast cereal, what would it be like?

Guess how old I am.

Dewey Krauss:
I'm in prison, and made a statue of you out of soap, that I sleep with, that feels real good. Are you single?

Beth Phillips:
I like this guy at school, but he doesn't know I exist. How can I get his attention with out seeming like a push over?

Rita Klecker:
I'm pregnant, and I was wondering what I should name my child.

Slappy Mancouso:
What's a good way to get your parents to let you have a pet?

Pat Garrity:
Do you have any good recipes?

Debbie Ryan:
How do you keep your skin so clean and healthy?

Joe Bilisik:
What was your heaviest experience?

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