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Season 2 Songs

Here is a complete list of all of the season 2 songs!

Click on a song to view it's lyrics.

Cover songs do not have any lyrics.

All song lyrics are linked to the Archive.org copy of the Sifl & Olly official site.
Blister In The Sun (cover)
Chester's Super Day
Days Of The Week
Dear Brenda
Dr. Booty
Dr. Puberty
Electric Oven
The English Song
The Forest Elf Song (Craig Allen)
Going up the Country (cover)
Hawaiian Rap
Heart Attacks
Heart Of Glass (cover)
Hound Dog
Leader Of The Gang
Lonely Sexy Heart
Mona Lisa
Messin' With A Son Of A Bitch (cover)
Necronomicon 5.6
Ninja Of The Night
Olly's Dylan Song
The Panda Song
Party Time Loser
Sailin' 'Round The Ocean
Sifl's Clone Song (Miss The 80's)
Sixty-Five And Over
Soda Pop
Speed Reader
Star Lover (Olly Moondust)
State Capitols
Sunny Side Up (Delilah)
Toucha Touch Me (cover)
Try To Remember
We're Not Going To Take It (cover)
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