Fatboy Slim - Love Island (5:18)
Straight outta '98, this has been my jam lately.
02.05.16, 4:25 am est
The Northeast Snowfall Impact Scale (NESIS)
The results are in, the snowstorm that walloped DC and the metro area comes in as the 4th worst storm in recorded history. 2.5 feet of snow kept me in my house for 5 days straight.
02.05.16, 4:22 am est
Saints' Lance Moore does the Hingle McCringleberry (0:37)
Can't do more than two pumps or it's a flag.
02.05.16, 4:08 am est
Vertical Parking
Collection of black and white photos showing various methods of "stacked" parking for the early 1900's.
02.05.16, 4:06 am est
Detroit Land Boats map
Locations of abandoned sea vessels dumped in Detroit. Because: Detroit.
02.05.16, 4:04 am est
Guffey, Colorado
Great town, or greatest town?
02.03.16, 12:45 am est
Could 'Spacey in Space' be the Florida Panthers' secret weapon?
It's not luck. It's destiny.
01.31.16, 1:59 am est
Sunken Bridge by RO&AD
This bridge across the moat of a historic Dutch fort leads visitors below the water's surface without getting them wet.
01.31.16, 1:46 am est
Battle Ostrich! by willgalb
Hell yeah!
01.30.16, 11:59 pm est
Retired Pitcher Dan Haren Shares Random Thoughts About His Career in Series of Fantastic Tweets
Neat, funny insights into the thoughts of a former professional pitcher.
01.30.16, 11:55 pm est
6 freaky ways animals have sex
It's funny, because the last panel is how I live my life.
01.30.16, 11:46 pm est
GoPro: NHL After Dark (2:51)
NHL dudes have SKILL. Now see it up close and IN YOUR FACE.
01.27.16, 2:55 am est
Fred Alarmisen (0:32)
01.27.16, 2:54 am est
Matt Hendricks blocks a shot in a sensitive area (0:59)
Bonus: picture of the aftermath of his cup. Yikes.
01.26.16, 1:00 am est
Manning Face
Dot com.
01.26.16, 12:59 am est
Coco Crisp and Royce Clayton discuss Taco Bell promotion (1:07)
I forgot to save this and thought it was lost to the trash bin of the interwebs, but one site still had it up. Makes me laugh every time. Don't know what made me randomly think of this.
01.25.16, 2:17 am est
Clevelander's Experiment Proves If Chickens Draft Better Than The Browns (3:58)
This is high level science here. Also, Mike Polk Jr. is absolutely hilarious.
01.24.16, 3:19 am est
Dale to work normal hours
Man, Dale's employers at Metal Works of High Point must really hate him.
01.24.16, 3:17 am est
Pat McAfee Deals with Obnoxious Twitter Fans in Crude, Awesome Fashion
This provided me with many laughs. Atta boy, Pat!
01.24.16, 3:15 am est
Bird Grooms Itself with Q Tip (0:42)
I have not seen anything like this before.
01.22.16, 12:39 am est
A day in the life of Samson
What a day.
01.22.16, 12:28 am est
A Day in the Life of Americans
1000 people surveyed, top 5 answers on the board. The animated simulation model on the page is actually really neat.
01.16.16, 7:32 pm est
Automated Carrot Picking Machine (2:12)
Farming is some high-tech serious business.
01.16.16, 6:30 pm est
Monmouth Hawks Make PSA Teaching Proper Technique for Bench Celebrations
Two prime in-game examples and a PSA video on how to properly man your bench.
01.16.16, 6:29 pm est
Meet the 26-Year-Old Hacker Who Built a Self-Driving Car... in His Garage (6:52)
Dude is gonna get paid, son.
01.16.16, 6:28 pm est
Giwaffe & Cwow (0:49)
I love my fwends!
01.16.16, 6:27 pm est
Christmas with the Burches - Hey Ash Whatcha Playin'? (1:34)
An instant favorite for me from this web series. Gold!
01.11.16, 2:17 am est
The creations that people can make out of LEGO are nothing short of amazing.
01.09.16, 6:14 pm est
Commercials from my childhood
Turn back the clock with some commercials from the 80's and 90's.
01.09.16, 6:02 pm est
What you pay for sports
How much of your cable subscription goes to sports channels? Here's a handy guide to find out.
01.09.16, 4:39 pm est
If Apple didn’t hold $181B overseas, it would owe $59B in US taxes
Microsoft, Google, any huge corporation in this country. Greed is killing this nation.
01.09.16, 4:38 pm est
Bird music (0:06)
Weird Al sees music everywhere.
01.09.16, 4:35 pm est
Artist Transforms Famous Landmarks with Quirky Paper Cut Outs
"McCor designs quirky cutouts, which enhance the playful nature of some of the most prestigious man made landscapes."
01.09.16, 4:34 pm est
There's now a drone large enough to carry humans
The comments, they sustain me.
01.09.16, 4:23 pm est
A German Carpenter Invented A Switch That Can Turn Off Sperm Like A Faucet
01.09.16, 3:54 pm est
Condors Seinfeld Puffy Shirt Jerseys (2:42)
The play by play guys calling the players by the Seinfeld names on their jerseys was gold, Jerry, gold!
01.07.16, 1:14 am est
Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown gets flagged for goalpost gymnastics (0:15)
It's even more hilarious when rendered in 8-bit Mario graphics.
01.07.16, 12:54 am est
Chocolate Sandwich Slices
Just like Kraft singles, except instead of cheese, it's CHOCOLATE!!!
01.06.16, 4:00 am est
To Scale: The Solar System (7:06)
These scale comparisons always fascinate me.
01.06.16, 3:52 am est
The Final Play, Through The Eyes Of A Browns Fan (0:10)
As a Lions fan, I know how you feel, Browns fan.
01.03.16, 4:32 am est
Jack Edwards sings a Christmas carol during a Boston Bruins fight (0:29)
Jack Edwards is one of my all-time favorite NHL PBP announcers.
01.03.16, 4:30 am est
Sesame Street: still humorous.
01.03.16, 4:20 am est
Coca-Cola hidden surprise
01.03.16, 4:18 am est
John B. Calhoun's "mouse utopia"
An experiment pertaining to overpopulation. A very short, but extremely interesting article.
01.03.16, 4:17 am est
-2 -2 x =
It's not math, it's musical. Check this one out.
01.03.16, 4:10 am est
The man in the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man suit
These on-set photos are fantastic!
01.03.16, 4:08 am est
Mean Fan Leaves Jose Calderon Hanging, Makes Him Mad (0:06)
This cracks me up every time.
01.03.16, 4:06 am est
Donald Duck is gangsta
Linking this for just the first image in the set. Brilliant.
01.03.16, 4:04 am est
Chicago Blackhawks Yule Log 2015 (24:23)
These "Yule Log" videos are apparently in vogue right now. The Blackhawks marketing department jumped in on the trend this year. Not bad.
01.03.16, 4:02 am est
GoPro video shows off 14-year-old’s amazing hockey stick tricks (3:15)
The GoPro is *on* the hockey stick. It's way more amazing than I initially thought it would be.
01.03.16, 3:58 am est
Show me your boobs
Valid scientific reasons, people.
01.03.16, 3:56 am est
Perfectly timed photos
Or Photoshops. Either way, some good stuff to look at.
01.03.16, 3:47 am est
Habitat 67, Montreal
Crazy, beautiful architecture.
01.03.16, 3:45 am est
Talk about an onslaught of products.
01.02.16, 3:30 am est
Are you gonna eat that? It has like 1154832 calories
Me, at the moment...
12.22.15, 11:11 pm est
Miguel Marquez Outside
Fun public art installations.
12.15.15, 11:04 pm est
Sad Topographies
This Instagram account posts places from Google Maps with gloomy names. It's not a photoshop job, they're out there in the world.
12.15.15, 11:02 pm est
Best hockey sign idea ever (0:06)
Only works with Torts.
12.15.15, 10:16 pm est
Marlins Man Hangs With Hot Chicks in Jaguars Pool During Jags-Titans
This guy might be my hero now. Damn.
12.14.15, 11:40 pm est
Dr. Pepper's halftime contest of chest passing footballs is dumb
I totally agree.
12.13.15, 11:29 pm est
Black & Blue
Former NHL player Patrick O'Sullivan tells his story of growing up with an abusive parent.
12.13.15, 11:27 pm est
This Guy Searches Amazon for the Worst Things You Can Buy
Read this article. Drew is a funny person. But he also has his head on straight and makes some great points about the state of certain issues with our society.
12.13.15, 11:26 pm est
The Tail End
It's weird to think that, at 34, I'm not going to see most people many more times in my life. It's just a couple handful more times from here on out. Unless changes are made. Deep thoughts tonight.
12.13.15, 11:16 pm est
MRA Dilbert
Taking the words of Scott Adams and combining them with the art of Scott Adams. This is a work of parody. It's really... something...
12.13.15, 11:10 pm est
Feed the dogs
This one had me literally laughing out loud.
12.13.15, 9:00 pm est
Magnetic Cushions Let You Easily Build a Structurally Sound Pillow Fort
Wait, this is just for kids?
12.13.15, 8:59 pm est
Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal Performed On A Carnival Barrel Organ (4:12)
This guy is really cranking it out! PUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN
12.13.15, 4:46 am est
CRUDBUMP: "Ass Kickings" (2:58)
This is the jam of the year.
12.13.15, 3:25 am est
Lee Corso brought to tears when College GameDay dusts off old footage when he was a Navy assistant coach (4:37)
The feel-good sports moment for the week.
12.13.15, 1:05 am est
Tiny Paintings by Karen Libecap
I might have posted this before, but it deserves another look.
12.13.15, 12:42 am est
He couldn't afford it.
12.13.15, 12:06 am est
Drilling for oil on Venice Beach
Quite the surreal scene.
12.12.15, 12:53 am est
Let it snow!
Just letting Santa know what to bring for Christmas.
12.09.15, 4:23 am est
Pizzeria Offers Pizzas With Smaller Pizza Slices On Top
Yo dawg, I herd u like pizza...
12.07.15, 3:02 am est
Guy Builds Door Sensor That Plays Seinfeld Bass Riffs Whenever Someone Opens The Door (0:29)
I would fund this on Kickstarter today if someone would mass produce them.
12.07.15, 2:59 am est
40 percent of Australian women wear a bra with a cup size DD or bigger
They're real, and they're spectacular!
12.03.15, 4:57 am est
The Worst That Could Happen
Feelings ARE for nerds. I'm a huge nerd.
12.03.15, 4:06 am est
Guy Builds Underground Apocalypse Bunker Man Cave For Himself In Backyard
Five videos, from conception to completion, on the construction of an underground bunker in this guy's tiny backyard. I would totally build something like this if I had the money.
12.03.15, 4:04 am est
Luma Dice
Luma Dice are aluminum dice with colored LED number spots. They are pretty neat.
12.03.15, 4:02 am est
How to Play Electric Football by Tudor Games (1:55)
I've never bothered to look into how this game works. It actually looks kind of fun. Also, the guy narrating this video cracks me up.
12.03.15, 3:58 am est
A short Tumblr story
Oh, internet.
12.03.15, 3:43 am est
Everything VSEOK does is fantastic.
12.03.15, 3:40 am est
Greatest miss ever (0:06)
It can never be replicated again.
12.03.15, 3:39 am est
Someone tried to blackmail Jaromir Jagr
Too bad it FAILED. Jagr wins this round.
11.30.15, 11:17 am est
Robert Lewandowski Scored 5 Goals in 9 Minutes for Bayern Munich vs. Wolfsburg (1:17)
From a couple months ago, but it's still the performance of the season for all sports.
11.30.15, 11:13 am est
Aussie Comic Dresses Like Jarryd Hayne, Tackles Bystanders (2:58)
"What was that? Was that the Hayne Train?" Gold, Jerry, gold!
11.30.15, 11:10 am est
Why Pierce Brosnan Wears The Ugliest Suit Ever In The Thomas Crown Affair
Once you play Bond, you can't wear a tuxedo in any other film. Interesting tidbit.
11.30.15, 11:06 am est
An Interview With Fanduel's Infamous $349 Winner, Bradley C
He's closing in on four figures of Fanduel winnings now. The dream is obtainable!
11.30.15, 11:03 am est
INTERACTIVE COMIC! If you are familiar with XKCD, then you know there's a giant world for you to explore.
11.30.15, 10:54 am est
Tombstone of two of the best breakdancers
Their moves were electric.
11.30.15, 10:54 am est
Interview with game day poster designer
Some behind the scenes info about the dude making the posters below.
11.30.15, 10:52 am est
Colombus Blue Jackets game day posters
These are AMAZING. Kudos to their graphic arts department.
11.30.15, 10:51 am est
Info I need on my GPS
The information needs to be more useful than just telling me where I'm currently going.
11.30.15, 10:50 am est
Game in 60 Seconds: Super Mario Maker (1:26)
The Nick Cage/Jack Black impressions cracked me up even more for this one.
11.30.15, 10:46 am est
Buffalo Bills Debate Greatest Philosophical Issue Of Our Time: Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich?
The hard hitting questions that our pro athletes face these days.
11.30.15, 10:43 am est
Machine That Separates Egg Yolks From Whites
Two short videos showing an industrial mass yolk separator. It's a little bit mesmerizing.
11.28.15, 11:05 pm est
Life is so short
But as long as there are options.
11.27.15, 6:36 pm est
How Many Of These Classic MTV Shows Have You Seen?
Lick My Damn Hand - remember that one? Classic MTV.
11.24.15, 8:54 pm est
Five-Day Forecast
It's going to get *really* warm a couple billion years from now.
11.24.15, 8:51 pm est
Black Friday deals and doorbusters
Including hot gifts for centaurs.
11.24.15, 8:49 pm est
I really want to go and have a social life!
Kinda, sorta.
11.24.15, 8:46 pm est
Michelle Beadle hosts ESPN holiday party with "The Night Before" cast (2:54)
"The chicken? Really?"
11.24.15, 12:30 am est
Major Lazer & DJ Snake - Lean On (feat. MØ) (2:58)
Fantastic track.
11.22.15, 3:51 am est
Learn how to draw a cartoon whale shark
I think I was googling this because of Sharknado. This random image cracked me up.
11.22.15, 3:49 am est
Cam Newton's hilarious trip to the spa with Cooper Manning (2:25)
Cooper is just as hilarious as Peyton and Eli. That Manning family, I tell ya.
11.22.15, 3:40 am est
Biisuke Ball's Big Adventure (2:42)
What the hell did I just watch?
11.22.15, 3:05 am est
A Friend Like Me (Sim Gretina "Electro Swing" Remix) by Sim Gretina (3:25)
A fun twist on the Aladdin classic.
11.22.15, 2:43 am est
Cracked me up.
11.22.15, 2:21 am est
Big Ten Basketball Player Talks to New York Magazine About How Incredibly Easy It Is to Score with Chicks
If only I was a foot taller.
11.20.15, 1:04 am est
Chairbacca (0:06)
11.20.15, 1:03 am est
LEGO's Official Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters Set
Available for purchase for $350. Just a little steep on the price.
11.16.15, 1:47 am est
The best way to ask someone to be your best man
Eat a dick.
11.16.15, 1:45 am est
We've found the real origins of Christmas.
11.14.15, 3:04 pm est
Live healthier
I have this same problem.
11.14.15, 3:00 pm est
Hooray for teamwork
Everyone chips in!
11.14.15, 2:59 pm est
Destination America wants you to fall asleep on Thanksgiving and trolls the Detroit Lions
You know an NFL team is bad when a channel no one knew existed is tearing them to shreds.
11.12.15, 4:38 am est
"Megaman" by Psychostick - Heart "Magic Man" Parody (4:44)
This is absolutely fantastic. These guys put out some fun music.
11.12.15, 4:14 am est
Dinosaur office
They're learning how to open .rar files.
11.12.15, 3:52 am est
The Moon Glass: A Cup That Displays The Phases Of The Moon As You Drink From It
A neat concept you can add to your beverage holder collection.
11.10.15, 3:19 am est
Damn Rich People: Own Your Own Mobile Private Island
I don't need to be rich. I just want to know the guy who owns one of these. Nothing more.
11.10.15, 3:13 am est
American Ninja-Saurus! (0:40)
This always cracks me up.
11.10.15, 3:12 am est
Squatty Potty
The Stool for Better Stools. A video of length 2:53 will answer all the questions you could possibly think of.
11.10.15, 3:11 am est
My favorite Spongebob moment (0:06)
11.10.15, 2:48 am est
5SF - Colorado to Washington (0:08)
"Right as you cross the border from Colorado to Wyoming, police come through the cabin, confiscate all your paraphernalia, handcuff you, toss you on the ground, and dare you to name three facts about Wyoming. Here's what you'll say:

1) Wyoming is the state so unnecessary it has the question "Why" built right into its name; 2) The state bird is fuck you; 3) It's where people flee to because can't show their face in Iowa anymore, a state which they originally fled to because they couldn't show their face in any one of the other 48 cool states."
11.10.15, 2:41 am est

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes - PART 1 - Steam Train (18:30)
This would be a fun, hilarious party game
11.10.15, 2:38 am est
Meet the Woman Who Lifts Heavy Weights with Her Vag Muscles (Pics)
Kim Anami is a superstar.
11.10.15, 2:17 am est
Hot dog restaurant dresses up for Halloween...
...as Bob's Burgers! Brilliant!
11.10.15, 2:15 am est
Artist Interacts With Landmarks Using Paper Cutouts
Kind of a neat concept. Everything can be art. You. You are art.
11.10.15, 2:14 am est
The Signs - Nazca/Peru
Leaving a mark the world won't forget.
11.10.15, 2:14 am est
Deep Fried Doritos Breaded Taco Bell Burritos
Step up your Taco Bell game.
11.10.15, 2:11 am est
St. Petersburg looks like real life Sim City
11.10.15, 2:10 am est
Who's more gangster?
A complete landslide, which he then would have painted.
11.10.15, 2:08 am est
Free dating advice
A sixer of nuggets is a SOLID idea.
11.10.15, 2:06 am est
These Alternate Madden 16 Covers Burn Every Team in the NFL (Gallery)
Left Shark FTW.
11.10.15, 2:02 am est
Amsterdam Photographer Wanders Around At Night Customizing Stranger's Cars With Cardboard Mods
Too fast. Too furious.
11.10.15, 1:56 am est
Wheel Gets Launched by Airbags... (0:17)
11.10.15, 1:54 am est
One Take Stories - Sad Mirror Image (0:12)
11.10.15, 1:53 am est

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