A Woman's Guide to Woodworking - Building an End Table (4:08)
A lot of good tips in this video.
01.16.17, 2:21 pm est
9 out of 10 doctors agree
Can't argue with that.
01.14.17, 2:31 am est
Pizza roll ice machine (0:04)
01.14.17, 2:30 am est
01.14.17, 2:28 am est
AxiDraw 3: Robot Drawing Machine Can Draw Or Write Anything With Perfect Penmanship (2:53)
It's mesmerizing.
01.14.17, 2:27 am est
Awkward Guy Makes Matching Sweaters of Places He Visits
Sweater game on point!
01.10.17, 12:50 am est
Lobster a la Lego by Siercon and Coral
I like this piece so much.
01.10.17, 12:49 am est
Free wireless printer
I hope this is really what happened.
01.08.17, 9:19 pm est
Japanese Man's Insane Coin-Stacking Skills
You can anything you put your mind to in the matrix.
01.05.17, 1:50 am est
KFC Original Recipe Flavored Candles
I like KFC, but I don't always have time to pick some up. I'd rather light a candle, and have my roommates wake up with false hopes.
01.05.17, 1:46 am est
OK Go - The One Moment (4:12)
The masters of the music video are at it again with another amazing concept.
01.02.17, 1:57 am est
New toy options at the toy store
Get ahead of the latest craze.
01.02.17, 1:29 am est
Polar bear dance
Don't be shy, Mr. Bear.
01.02.17, 1:24 am est
SNL - Dunkin Donuts (1:48)
They knocked this sketch out of the park. Gold!
01.02.17, 1:17 am est
This guy brought his 'A' game
Is it really that easy?
01.02.17, 1:13 am est
Wikipedia: High five
The link will take you to the "variations" section, with a pictorial of the "too slow". Finger guns.
01.02.17, 1:11 am est
SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now) (3:56)
"A Bad Lip Reading of The Empire Strikes Back." It's a catchy tune.
01.02.17, 12:57 am est
Nintendo Creates A Zelda Themed Escape Room
I wish this was touring near me, it sounds amazing.
12.15.16, 4:30 am est
Four states at once
It still counts.
12.15.16, 4:28 am est
Texture and flavor is exactly like real meat!
Keep it rollin'.
12.15.16, 4:27 am est
Papercraft Arcade Miniatures
These are so neat.
12.13.16, 2:12 am est
Nice catch blanco niño
Too bad your ass got saaaaaaaaaaaaaacked.
12.10.16, 6:44 pm est
Sandwich shop idea
The tag line on the first one cracks me up.
12.10.16, 6:42 pm est
Wikipedia: Monk's Café
"Throughout the show's run, the chance to sit in the first booth - and thus be included in a Seinfeld scene - was auctioned off for charity." I would have saved all my allowance if I knew about that.
12.10.16, 6:40 pm est
Who is driving?
Oh my god bear is driving, how can that be?
12.10.16, 6:36 pm est
Confirmed skunk home remedy
Knowing is half the battle. Hydrogen peroxide is the other half.
12.08.16, 1:23 am est
What images looked like during WWII compared to today
Amazing old photos from WWII that you can slide over to see what they places look like today.
12.07.16, 3:10 am est
Earth :: A global map of wind, weather, and ocean conditions
A visualization of global weather conditions forecast by supercomputers updated every three hours. Similar to hint.fm/wind which does wind for the United States, this does wind and ocean currents for the entire earth.
12.07.16, 3:03 am est
This underground military base holds a secret that could poison the environment
It could happen even sooner at the rate we're going.
12.07.16, 2:59 am est
Introducing Sadness Box! (0:33)
It's the time... of the season... for sadness!
12.07.16, 2:34 am est
0.637 seconds - a new Rubik's Cube machine world record! (0:40)
I welcome our new puzzle solving overlords.
12.05.16, 12:09 am est
The music is the perfect choice for this animated short.
12.04.16, 9:54 pm est
LEGO Nintendo Consoles
I thought these looked neat.
12.04.16, 9:48 pm est
Fox Sports Brasil honors victims of Colombia plane crash with 90 minutes of silence
This is a most fitting tribute for such a horrible tragedy.
12.04.16, 9:47 pm est
Quadsaw, A Power Drill Attachment That Cuts Square Holes (1:35)
Extremely handy.
12.04.16, 9:32 pm est
Guy Builds Real-Life 'Rick And Morty' Butter Passing Robot (0:28)
12.04.16, 9:29 pm est
Sad: Browns Lose Intra-Squad Scrimmage To Tackling Dummies
Brownies gonna Brown.
12.02.16, 12:18 am est
Fart Blamed for Causing a Fire During Surgery at a Tokyo Hospital
Do not eat Taco Bell before surgery.
11.30.16, 1:16 am est
Get to Know Your Audience
Boobs in the thumbnail. Gets me every time.
11.30.16, 12:25 am est
How to Medic in Battlefield 1
A brief tutorial.
11.30.16, 12:24 am est
Stabilized Footage Of A Mountain Biker Flying Down A Trail (2:03)
Beautiful chaos.
11.30.16, 12:22 am est
The Best Political Ad This Year, Made By The Candidate's Wife (1:01)
Gerald doesn't have any hobbies.
11.30.16, 12:20 am est
Man Invents Incredible Electric Bicycle Car
This needs to catch on, it's neat!
11.30.16, 12:19 am est
Brick Tales, A Buildable LEGO Pop-Up Book
Once again, is there nothing that can't be built with LEGO?
11.30.16, 12:16 am est
Soviet Cosmonauts Carried a Shotgun Into Space
The TP-82 was for shooting bears with both barrels. But not space bears.
11.26.16, 2:52 am est
The greatest president in the wooooorrrlddd...
11.26.16, 2:43 am est
Ring Scan
An up close look at the icy rings of Saturn.
11.26.16, 2:39 am est
"Trump Against Humanity" Is The Greatest Party Game That Was Banned
A shame this was shut down for "legal reasons". I'm sure someone will find a way around that.
11.26.16, 2:38 am est
Planetary String Lights
For all you astrology fans.
11.26.16, 2:36 am est
One Star
"I didn't receive my product"...
11.26.16, 2:18 am est
Oreo's New Chocolate Bars Are the Best Things They've Ever Made
I cannot wait to eat, like, a hundred of these things.
11.26.16, 2:15 am est
The Keytendo: A NES Themed Key Storage Solution
See, I don't leave my keys by the front door of my house, so this isn't practical for me, but I do think it's neat.
11.26.16, 2:13 am est
Music genre: video game (1:41)
Spot on, sir.
11.16.16, 3:12 am est
Japan Closer to Harvesting Solar Energy from Space
I've had thoughts just like this as to how we could harvest more solar energy. I wonder if this will ever succeed.
11.15.16, 2:34 am est
Busta Rhymes Island
"One man is on a singular quest to name an island after a famous hip-hop artist." I am 100% on-board with this idea.
11.15.16, 2:31 am est
Cunningham's Law
Cunningham's Law states "the best way to get the right answer on the Internet is not to ask a question, it's to post the wrong answer." Try it sometime, and see what happens.
11.15.16, 2:26 am est
Scientists find woman who sees 99 million more colors than others
The idea that the world could look completely different blows my mind.
11.15.16, 2:24 am est
There’s a Full-Scale Replica of the Statue of Liberty in Pieces Around NYC
There's a fun scavenger hunt.
11.15.16, 2:21 am est
Detroit TV Station Rips Matt Millen in Bottom Line Scroll During Super Bowl (0:37)
From 2009. And yes, Matt Millen is still the worst.
11.15.16, 2:13 am est
Man's Glove Compartment Door Plays Jazz (0:54)
Well done, internet.
11.15.16, 2:06 am est
Man Safely Lands Plane After Propeller Falls Off (3:32)
This dude is a BA. Balls of steel.
11.15.16, 2:05 am est
Beautiful Blue Glow In The Dark Bike Path Charged By The Sun
I'm in favor of doing this for all types of road markings.
11.15.16, 2:04 am est
Sisyphus - The Kinetic Art Table
Another item in the list of things that are totally useless but I would buy if I was rich.
11.15.16, 1:23 am est

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