March Madness in the Workplace (3:32)
The Big Dance. Gonzaga. Sweet 16. Wichita State Shockers. Tom Izzo.
03.29.15, 4:29 am est
Our Greatest Fear: Public Speaking
These are, like, all of my fears.
03.29.15, 4:03 am est
Alonzo Mourning just confirmed "Who wants to sex Mutombo?" (1:42)
Best. Pickup. Line. EVAR.
03.29.15, 3:39 am est
How much usage can a LEGO piece take before it loses its 'clutch power'?
Someone built a homemade machine to find out.
03.29.15, 3:38 am est
Man Uses Piece Of Wood He Put In Garage In 1982 'Because It Might Come In Handy In The Future'
This is my dad. This is everyone's dad.
03.29.15, 3:37 am est
Boop! (0:12)
God dammit.
03.28.15, 1:35 pm est
Fainting News Bloopers (4:08)
It's not funny, because they could seriously injure themselves. But that same time... it's hi-larious.
03.28.15, 1:34 pm est
Amazing news blooper (0:29)
A sphincter says what?
03.28.15, 1:26 pm est
Water-Saving Sink Faucet Pours Water In Swirling Lattice
A concept that might save water. It at least looks really neat.
03.28.15, 1:23 pm est
The penalty for being a loud neighbor
Chicken? Chicken.
03.28.15, 1:19 pm est
Word of Wisdom with the NdGT
If a black hole had the power to shrink itself, what would you axe it?
03.28.15, 1:17 pm est
Unofficial House Rules
Come on, no dishes in the sink, it's that easy.
03.25.15, 1:18 am est
Zelda Treasure Chest With Lights, Sound Effects And Floating Rupee Engagement Ring Box
Another item inspired from one of the greatest video games of all time, Ocarina of Time.
03.22.15, 3:04 am est
Anti-Paparazzi Flashback Clothing Reflects Camera Flashes, Ruins Photos
Well done, technology. Paparazzi are filth.
03.22.15, 2:38 am est
Here's everything you need to know about Will Ferrell's epic day at MLB Spring Training
I don't care what you think about Will Ferrell, this was highly amusing to me. He traveled to 5 different spring training games and between them played all 10 positions. Great stuff.
03.22.15, 1:23 am est
The 18 Greatest Fictional Sports Teams of All Time
Fiction can be fun!
03.22.15, 1:17 am est
A Chart Showing What Makes Up the Atmospheres of the Planets in Our Solar System
It's fun to think that bajillions of years ago, we inhabited Venus and Mars, used up all their resources, and now we're left with Earth. No more oxygen? We out!
03.22.15, 1:16 am est
Anyone ever notice how jack was always a little shit?
Beware people named Jack.
03.22.15, 1:03 am est
I want to be the first person on the moon to shoot a sniper rifle at earth and hit a wasp nest
Mission status: SICK
03.22.15, 12:54 am est
Boston Blizzard Challenge Safely, Girls! (4:08)
Scantily clad girls jumping into snow. This is my new fetish.
03.20.15, 2:50 am est
Arbys: We Have Pepsi (0:30)
Well done, Arby's.
03.14.15, 6:29 pm est
The ingredients in a 7-11 taquito
Spot on.
03.14.15, 6:28 pm est
Guy Walks Into a Bar
Well, that didn't go as expected.
03.14.15, 6:28 pm est
Fenn treasure
There's loot in them mountains!!!
03.14.15, 6:24 pm est
The Man In The Van
He lives in a van down by the river, and may wind up being a starting pitcher for the Blue Jays.
03.14.15, 6:23 pm est
Humans Unconsciously Sniff Their Hands After Handshaking
That is crazy. Our bodies have some built in features I don't even know about.
03.09.15, 11:33 pm est
Brothers Grimm's Fairy Tales Illustrated In Ghostly Photographs by Killian Shoenberger
"I am colourblind and I can't distinguish green and red." This is how Kilian Schoenberger, one of the finest contemporary landscape photographers, introduces himself on his Facebook profile.
03.08.15, 10:02 pm est
Wankband lets you charge electronic devices by masturbating
Pornhub, leading the fight for renewable energy sources.
03.08.15, 9:56 pm est
How to hide your candy
Clever girl.
03.08.15, 9:55 pm est
What Canned Koala looks like
I don't know what I expected.
03.08.15, 9:54 pm est
We only wish it were true
I'd have been a pimp.
03.08.15, 9:53 pm est
KSK Konnisseur Klub: Totino's Pizza Rolls
A handy guide to the single finest foodstuff that mankind has ever created.
03.08.15, 12:38 am est
The Siberian crater saga is more widespread - and scarier - than anyone thought
Since we're not taking global warming seriously enough, the planet has started to self-destruct.
03.08.15, 12:28 am est
1-800-LOVEKILLEDME (0:44)
You may be a victim, call now!
03.08.15, 12:17 am est
Artists Paint an Entire 757 into Northern Lights (2:43)
The on-board LED lighting is even more amazing.
03.08.15, 12:12 am est
Amazing Table Tennis Shot (0:54)
Great shot, kid, that was one in a million!
03.08.15, 12:11 am est
Solution For Assholes Who Hold Up Phones At Concerts (Starring Marky Ramone) (1:38)
Don't be that guy.
03.08.15, 12:08 am est
Wildebeest (0:20)
How to accept death in nature.
03.08.15, 12:04 am est
Meanwhile, in Norway (0:10)
Always on alert.
03.08.15, 12:02 am est
Train plowing through the snow (3:08)
These videos always fascinate me.
03.07.15, 4:46 pm est
Fleur & Manu x Skrillex - Doompy Poomp (3:18)
It's like Groundhog's Day, on acid.
03.07.15, 1:55 am est
The 30 Most Batsh*t Insane Don Cherry Jackets of All Time
I wonder if him and Craig Sager trade fashion tips.
03.07.15, 12:48 am est
29 GIFs of Athletes and Fans Left Hanging
This is more amusing to me than it should be.
03.06.15, 11:44 pm est
Hay Maze
If it ever goes down, this is how it's going down for me.
03.06.15, 1:09 am est
Simply Delicious Shower Thoughts with Cookie Monster (1:25)
Deep thoughts.
03.06.15, 1:02 am est
Wine recommendations
"Guaranteed to get you suburban mom drunk."
03.06.15, 12:59 am est
Vince Vaughn and Co-stars Pose for Idiotic Stock Photos You Can Have for Free
I better start seeing these show up all over the place. SYNERGY!!!
03.04.15, 3:32 am est
My Old Basement: Pixel Edition
Instant like.
03.01.15, 6:43 pm est
When you're feeling down
Use this tip to perk back up.
03.01.15, 3:47 am est
An illustrated history of the Super Bowl Halftime Show - Washington Post
Learn a little bit about every halftime show, with fun animations.
03.01.15, 3:44 am est
When you're feeling down...
...just think about all the good things in life.
02.28.15, 2:33 am est
GoPro: On the Ice with the NHL (3:43)
So much skill.
02.25.15, 1:59 am est
The Ultimate Battle: Pancakes vs. Waffles
The struggle for supremacy will never end!
02.22.15, 2:47 am est
The Battle Of Grillysburg
Student's BBQ grill is taken by community management. He cements replacement grill to ground in protest. You've got to fight... for your right... to grill meat!
02.22.15, 2:13 am est
How a Car Engine Works
The visuals make learning the basics of a car engine very easy to follow. This is very well done.
02.22.15, 2:08 am est
Knowledge is Power...
...France is bacon. Wait, what?
02.22.15, 2:06 am est
CLASSIC: Jones' Good Ass BBQ & Foot Massage (1:40)
Hell, this is a dinosaur!
02.22.15, 1:57 am est
CLASSIC: Jones' Big Ass Truck Rental & Storage (1:36)
On oldie but goodie! The spelling of the URL is what sent me over the hilarity edge.
02.22.15, 1:56 am est
Early Facebook Commercial (1995) (2:41)
I've never seen the 90's reproduced so perfectly.
02.22.15, 1:34 am est
Smooth operator
Well done, son.
02.22.15, 1:31 am est
Front of Jeep frozen in time at Vidant
What are the chances of that ever happening again?
02.22.15, 1:29 am est
Thanks Obama (0:06)
02.21.15, 11:55 pm est
Greatest birthday card EVAR (0:06)
This deserves a 10 minute loop.
02.19.15, 4:12 am est
VM Golf makeover
I want that car.
02.19.15, 3:55 am est
Don't give up on another goal.
02.19.15, 3:52 am est
Pencorder Dub (1:54)
This made me laugh more than it should have. Good stuff.
02.19.15, 3:44 am est
These are more realistic cards to give out
02.17.15, 3:35 pm est
Do not add alcohol
At least wait until you are around the corner in the alley.
02.17.15, 3:33 pm est
When You're Done Checking The Internet
I have a problem.
02.17.15, 12:32 am est
CONCEPT: Jurassic Park Bunk Bed
Clever idea.
02.15.15, 7:11 pm est
Family's Backyard Treehouse Castle
Absolutely stunning. I want to go to there.
02.15.15, 6:57 pm est
Riding Light (45:00)
"This animation illustrates, in realtime, the journey of a photon of light emitted from the sun and traveling across a portion of the solar system." I'd love if this person made more 45 minute installments.
02.14.15, 4:23 am est
7 Actually Useful Children's Books for Twenty-Somethings
I just realized I'm in my mid-30's. Yikes.
02.14.15, 4:18 am est
Sophia Grace - "Best Friends" Official Music Video (4:23)
11 year old rapping to a sick beat.
02.14.15, 4:15 am est
Everything in its place.
02.12.15, 10:59 pm est
Damien Walters - 500K Subscriber Special (5:30)
I dub thee: Bendy McFlipTwists.
02.10.15, 2:00 am est
Lars Andersen: a new level of archery (5:51)
Archery, as it was intended. Dude is a B.A.
02.10.15, 1:59 am est
TreeTop Crazy Rider rollercoaster zip lines near Sydney, Australia (2:08)
This looks amazing as well, I want to ride this one too.
02.09.15, 3:16 am est
Queenstown New Zealand Luge Run (2:04)
I need to do this at least once in my life.
02.09.15, 3:12 am est
How To Cook A Fucking Steak
Well, that was simple.
02.08.15, 12:34 am est
Info charts by @Jishai
A wealth of important and trivial information made into many aesthetically pleasing chart designs.
02.06.15, 3:18 am est
Charts of the voice actors that work for the Simpsons and South Park and all the characters they play
I've seen this info in other forms for the Simpsons, but not for South Park until now.
02.06.15, 3:17 am est
New Laser-Etched Metal Is So Hydrophobic Water Droplets Bounce Off Like Bouncy Balls
This technology is AMAZING. I'd love to see this applied in everyday items in my lifetime.
02.06.15, 3:13 am est
Nightsharks at the Diner
My favorite Superb Owl shark meme thus far.
02.06.15, 1:34 am est
9 DARTER - Adrian Lewis - World Darts Championship 2015 (1:21)
England LOVES their darts.
02.05.15, 8:22 pm est
Corn cream stew Doritos
I'd give those a shot.
02.05.15, 8:20 pm est
Daredevil roasts marshmallow over volcano's huge lava lake
Now there's a proper bucket list item.
02.05.15, 8:19 pm est
As much FroYo that you could fit into a cup for $5
This is how you hack a frozen yogurt store running a promotion.
02.05.15, 8:14 pm est
I’ll stop the world and smelt with you
Wait for it...
02.05.15, 3:14 am est
The most accurate post ever
02.03.15, 3:13 am est
Snow buries area in upstate New York
Some amazing photos from that snow storm late last year.
02.03.15, 2:57 am est
Instagram - geeohsnap
Norwegian who snaps unsuspecting people and doodles on them. Fun stuff.
01.31.15, 3:59 am est
Key & Peele Did Another Player Introduction Sketch With NFL Players (3:03)
The real names are just as hilarious as the fake ones.
01.31.15, 2:11 am est
He creates a lot of fun stuff you can purchase in shirt form.
01.31.15, 2:06 am est
Chain Reaction - Pepsi Max (2:05)
01.25.15, 3:54 am est
Mike Bobrinskoy - Alexandra (9:37)
An amazing story from the world of internet dating.
01.25.15, 3:50 am est
Bob's Burgers embroidery
These are fantastic!
01.25.15, 3:48 am est
For your satisfaction
This series of photos is very calming.
01.25.15, 3:47 am est
Excitement level graph
So painfully true.
01.25.15, 3:46 am est
Thug Kitchen Cookbook Trailer (explicit) (1:53)
Cooking and swearing, united at last.
01.25.15, 3:29 am est
If People Were Honest At The Office (1:29)
Kinda, sorta true.
01.25.15, 3:20 am est
Krispy Kreme waffles
01.24.15, 11:27 pm est
Pop-a-Shot Arcade Basketball Game Record (114 Made Shots in a Row) (1:08)
Girl got SKILL.
01.24.15, 11:27 pm est
Superintelligent AI
It knows too much.
01.24.15, 2:36 am est
"NFL 2015" - A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL (4:09)
Duck, duck, turkey, turkey, duck, duck, duck.
01.23.15, 11:50 pm est
If u want an ass kicking...
...Drew will tell you where to show up.
01.23.15, 1:11 am est
Mac Sabbath (5:52)
A Black Sabbath cover band, with McDonald's characters. Amazing.
01.22.15, 11:21 pm est
Should I go out today?
What do you say, despair?
01.22.15, 11:13 pm est
The Matrix of Mixology
A fun print to have handy in your bar at home.
01.22.15, 11:12 pm est
I wish this was a real Wikipedia article
Because there has to be at least a page full.
01.22.15, 11:09 pm est
When the beat drops (0:06)
This cracks me up every time.
01.22.15, 11:07 pm est
Shark attack!
They have LEGS now!
01.21.15, 4:36 am est
ESPN now owns the Top 20 programs in cable history
01.21.15, 12:36 am est
What actually happens in an NFL game
01.21.15, 12:35 am est
Pretty sure Tommy Wiseau is a Twitter bot
You're tearing me apart, Lisa!
01.21.15, 12:22 am est
Real-time Air Quality Index Visual Map
Fantastic information about current air quality all over the world.
01.21.15, 12:18 am est
At Rosa's Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia, customers pay it forward to help the homeless
I always enjoy reading about stories like this.
01.21.15, 12:15 am est
Conan & Archer Battle Russian Mobsters (5:23)
01.20.15, 10:46 pm est
Secret underground bunker in former Yugoslavia
This is what the 70's looked like, preserved all these years.
01.18.15, 4:03 pm est
Russian Adventure Time (1:37)
01.18.15, 3:58 pm est
How to Manage a Holiday Party
Four simple rules to help you along.
01.18.15, 3:34 am est
JFX - Horizon (Original mix) (4:31)
My new jam.
01.18.15, 3:29 am est
Imagine the pizza
Imagine the bread sticks!
01.17.15, 2:40 am est
Master Post of the best of the great "Show us your dick"-a-thon of 2014
Of all the "a-thons", this one apparently happened.
01.17.15, 2:36 am est
SKEYE Nano Drone
I want it. I need it.
01.17.15, 2:28 am est
People are starting to comment on how late I stay at the office
Such a hard worker.
01.17.15, 2:24 am est
The Rock's 2015 goals
We all fail at least one every year.
01.17.15, 2:21 am est
Drive not draw
Don't tell me what to do.
01.17.15, 2:09 am est
Science Teacher Completes Drawings Left on Assignments by Students (20 Pics)
Always support the arts.
01.17.15, 2:09 am est
A Very Angry Bears Fan Christmas (3:18)
A holiday treat for Bears fans this, and every season.
01.15.15, 12:15 pm est
Small Robots Pass a Ball Around in Hopes of Qualifying for the RoboCup Robotic Soccer Championships (1:14)
These little machines are amazing to watch.
01.14.15, 8:15 pm est
Sharks Are Eating the Internet
Samuel L. Jackson is not amused.
01.13.15, 2:41 am est
Aging Agility
I've just learned this life lesson.
01.13.15, 1:12 am est
By plane, coming up the Detroit River, you can always tell when you've crossed into Detroit
It's not getting any better any time soon.
01.11.15, 8:39 pm est
This Is The Video CNN Will Play When The World Ends (1:00)
Spoiler alert.
01.11.15, 3:08 am est
Submarine Sandwich by PES (1:55)
Another fantastic animated short from PES.
01.11.15, 3:06 am est
Magician gets out of Speeding Ticket with Magic (1:48)
Dude has some skills.
01.11.15, 3:02 am est
And yes, his tire was punctured (0:22)
Someone was having fun in the graphics department at the news station.
01.11.15, 3:00 am est
Ball fired from a cannon on a truck
They are traveling the same speed in opposite directions. Science!
01.11.15, 2:59 am est
Rioting Costumed Fans Halt Australian Darts Competition
The headlines, they write themselves.
01.11.15, 2:51 am est
Delta's New Airplane Seating Chart
Luckily, I have yet to encounter a problem with Delta during my hour flights to and from home.
01.08.15, 3:45 am est
Tom Selleck and Sandwiches Photoshopped into Waterfall Scenes
No additional explanation required.
01.08.15, 2:13 am est
The new Jenga master (0:06)
Bow down to your new overlord.
01.05.15, 5:21 am est
A cautionary warning.
01.04.15, 11:55 pm est
The Adventures of Gnarls the Dinosaur
He has a very busy life.
01.04.15, 11:54 pm est
I made this background texture entirely out of ewoks
That's how the senior art class rolls.
01.04.15, 11:54 pm est
Is she into me?
Only one way to find out.
01.04.15, 11:49 pm est
You gotta grow up and buy yourself a statement piece
Statement delivered.
01.04.15, 11:48 pm est
How to properly pet animals by Adam Ellis
So much knowledge.
01.04.15, 3:26 am est
Lenny Kravitz - Fly Away (lyrics) (2:57)
This made me laugh more than it should have.
01.01.15, 6:19 pm est
100% Realistic New Year's Resolutions
Let's be serious, people.
01.01.15, 6:17 pm est
Thomas Vanek uses his head to clear the zone
I've seen goalies using their heads to block shots, haven't seen this before.
01.01.15, 6:16 pm est
An 11th-Century Stepwell Gets a Digital Identity
It is amazing what humans were able to engineer thousands of years ago.
01.01.15, 6:10 pm est
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday at the Brickyard 400! (1:04)
It's mensanity!!!
01.01.15, 6:06 pm est
Bobby Ryan scores an absolutely beautiful goal on Quick (0:57)
This might be my favorite goal of the entire season.
01.01.15, 6:04 pm est
NHL - Highlights and Lowlights of 2014
Some great pictures in this bunch.
12.30.14, 4:58 pm est
You Won't Believe These Seven Weird Animal Group Names
The first one cracked me up.
12.30.14, 4:53 pm est
Animated: How to build a human
An animated gif of fetus development.
12.30.14, 4:50 pm est
Ron Swanson Quotes
Forget motivational posters. Hang these up on your walls.
12.30.14, 4:44 pm est
Somabar: Robotic Bartender for your Home
It's a really neat concept. A fancy way to make "The People's Punch".
12.30.14, 4:42 pm est
Dear Mona, I Masturbate More Than Once a Day. Am I Normal?
Well, that puts things in perspective.
12.30.14, 4:34 pm est
You look like you want to tell me something
I usually just run away.
12.30.14, 4:29 pm est
Last year's resolutions
Nailed it.
12.30.14, 4:28 pm est
Gustav Nyquist's amazing individual effort wins it for Detroit (1:19)
Just an amazing amount of strength and talent to hold on to the puck for that long and then bury it. Fantastic!
12.30.14, 4:27 pm est
SNL Colon Blow - High Fiber Granola Cereal
Is... is this real? Are they actually making it? Oh man... I want some.
12.23.14, 3:05 am est
The 15 Best Bill Walton Quotes
Or, as I like to say, 15 solid Bill Walton quotes.
12.23.14, 3:03 am est
Sportscenter NHL 94 Highlights For Kings - Canadiens (1:27)
NHL '94 sound effects AND quotes from the movie "Swingers"? Best of both worlds right here.
12.23.14, 2:59 am est
Some polar bears had a party and things got massively out of hand
They added some rum to their Coke.
12.23.14, 2:55 am est
Mysterious Ice Pancakes Floating Down Scottish River
Just add syrup!
12.23.14, 2:55 am est
$30,000 Time Traveling DeLorean Conversion Kits
Own a DeLorean? This is your only logical move.
12.23.14, 2:54 am est
Walking on beautiful clean ice in Slovakian Mountains (0:38)
It's so clear!
12.23.14, 2:53 am est
Bitch that's the tubby custard machine
"10,000 years from now on the dawn of a new civilization where we are all just brains in jars flying spaceships through the vast unknowable void, i will still be laughing my ass off at "bitch that's the tubby custard machine". this i vow." - Me too.
12.23.14, 2:52 am est
6 things I learned from riding in a Google Self-Driving Car - The Oatmeal
Self driving cars will eventually be a reality. Just not in my lifetime.
12.23.14, 2:50 am est
Man Converts Old TV Into Seinfeld Apartment Aquarium
This is awesome. I want it.
12.12.14, 3:33 am est
Prospective Home Buyers Get To Take Mini Roller Coaster Ride Through Property (1:30)
Dude, I would buy that house if I got to keep the mini-coaster. Brilliant!
12.12.14, 3:32 am est
The End of the Universe
I'm glad this page exists. One of the funniest bits ever. I must visit there once in my lifetime.
12.12.14, 3:30 am est
The Time Manute Bol Hit Six Three-Pointers In A Half (1:58)
The greatest shooting performance in NBA history.
12.12.14, 3:25 am est
Never Speed In Virginia: Lessons From My Three Days In Jail
I won't ever have that problem with the traffic in NOVA.
12.12.14, 3:23 am est
Balls on escalator (3:41)
This is rated G, people. Also, never thought to try this out before.
12.12.14, 3:21 am est
'Tis the season
12.12.14, 3:19 am est
My nickname is Gillette
For TWO reasons...
12.12.14, 3:17 am est
Christmas cards to random addresses
What a fantastic idea.
12.12.14, 3:16 am est
Thomas Sanders Vine compilation 2014 (300 Vines) (32:38)
Turns out this guy is hilarious. It's 32 minutes long, and I wanted another 32 minutes more.
12.12.14, 3:04 am est
Narrating People's Lives with Thomas Sanders compilation (2:30)
Most of them look genuine, I have my reservations on a few of them. Regardless, they all were smile worthy. Good fun!
12.12.14, 2:30 am est
Crossy Road is a Game About Crossing Roads, and it is Great
It's Frogger, only with hundreds of playable characters. I kind of want to play this.
12.12.14, 2:26 am est
Burger Joint Makes Hilarious Allen Iverson Press Conference Parody in Response to Blogger's Complaint About Napkins (3:02)
This parody is hilarious to me. Well done.
12.12.14, 2:18 am est
A True Moment of Silence (4:31)
I don't think I'll ever hear a moment of silence as deafening as that one.
12.11.14, 2:40 am est
Be Nice to the Duck (0:06)
12.10.14, 3:58 am est
Horse house party (0:15)
Hells yes.
12.08.14, 1:51 pm est
F.D.A. to Require Calorie Count, Even for Popcorn at the Movies
Yeah, this should have been done a decade ago.
12.06.14, 6:05 pm est
80's Retro Arcade in the Oculus Rift DK2 (7:25)
Yo dawg, I herd u like video games...
12.06.14, 6:04 pm est
Tom Wilson Tuba (sousaphone) standup (Tonight Show) (6:55)
Tuba humor is always acceptable.
12.06.14, 5:53 pm est
Tootsie pop answer revealed
That's some good work, Lou.
12.06.14, 4:54 pm est
Yes, please. Two, please.
12.05.14, 2:24 am est
Toy Wars (3:08)
The car chase was the best part for me.
12.04.14, 6:56 am est
What's this?
Unfortunately, this is a significant portion of how cheering for sports works.
12.02.14, 12:49 am est
20 funny business cards
Some humorous and clever ones in the bunch.
12.02.14, 12:46 am est
Satirical Cartoons by John Holcroft
With an old-timey feel to them.
11.30.14, 12:43 pm est
Introducing Liftware (1:49)
A fantastic invention for people with a shaking disability.
11.29.14, 1:21 am est
My Job
Kinda sorta.
11.29.14, 1:12 am est
The Internet made a Minnesota-Nebraska rivalry trophy actually worth caring about
"The $5 Bits of Broken Chair Trophy" is my new favorite rivalry trophy of all time.
11.25.14, 4:20 am est
CGI POV video of a 500 foot tall roller coaster opening in 2017 (3:54)
I want to ride this like so much volleyball.
11.23.14, 12:14 am est
INSA - graffiti artist
He throws down his paint, snaps a picture, throws it down again, until a gif can be created from all his work. Masterful work.
11.21.14, 8:34 pm est
Welcome to Internet Arcade
A web-based library of arcade (coin-operated) video games from the 1970s through to the 1990s, all online, all for free. Nostalgia bomb!
11.21.14, 8:24 pm est
Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Wristwatch
I want it. I need it.
11.21.14, 2:12 am est
The Decision-Making Process
This is a pretty good representation of my life as of late.
11.18.14, 4:11 am est
Fascinating Aďda - Cheap Flights (4:16)
This British comedy singing group tells a tale of the pitfalls of cheap flights. Pretty funny.
11.18.14, 4:10 am est
Anderson Cooper Had No Idea His 'Ridiculist' Was About Him (4:00)
AC's co-workers set him up good.
11.18.14, 4:04 am est
BEATBoX SAX - Derek Brown (3:16)
Check out this funky fresh beat.
11.18.14, 4:01 am est
Trogdor costume
Absolutely amazing
11.17.14, 10:18 pm est
Ramen Donut
I don't know how to feel about this.
11.17.14, 8:57 pm est
Science vs. Religion
This nativity scene ends the debate.
11.17.14, 8:56 pm est
What happens when you flush a bunch of GPS trackers down a St. Petersburg toilet
Out to sea, they travel.
11.17.14, 1:21 pm est
List of wars involving the United States
USA: war all the time.
11.16.14, 10:10 pm est
Simple but Funny Cartoons by Shanghai Tango
Well done.
11.15.14, 3:41 pm est
Smooth guy...
...is very smooth.
11.15.14, 3:39 pm est
Brits can't make sandwiches
Twitter users hilariously prove Daily Mail was right all along.
11.12.14, 4:05 am est
Ron Swanson's permit
It's all you need.
11.12.14, 3:21 am est
Zen Pencils 163. KEVIN SMITH: It costs nothing to encourage an artist
What a brilliant piece of advice.
11.12.14, 3:09 am est
ABB Robots Katana Fight (1:19)
This is how we are all going to die.
11.12.14, 3:03 am est
The manager at a Chick-fil-A made a list of words his employees were no longer allowed to say
11.12.14, 2:49 am est
Onion ring
The only way to propose.
11.12.14, 2:48 am est
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Salmon Cannon (4:26)
My new favorite video of the moment.
11.12.14, 2:14 am est
How to hug an attractive person
It's harder than you think.
11.12.14, 1:57 am est
Welcome to Life Quest
The sequels get tougher.
11.12.14, 1:55 am est
Underwater treadmill
Treadmill lady, you're not underwater.
11.09.14, 10:49 pm est
Aug(de)mented Reality 2 (2:45)
Another installment of this fantastic animation.
11.09.14, 10:48 pm est
RomoCart - a hack to turn your living room into a racing circuit (1:59)
Turn your phone into real life Mario Kart.
11.09.14, 9:22 pm est
The Giant Birdsnest
This would be a fun addition to any living room.
11.09.14, 4:55 pm est
'Overweight' crash test dummies being developed in response to U.S. obesity trends
11.09.14, 4:45 pm est
Nathan Shields - Saipancakes
This is the guy who makes all those amazing pancakes. Honestly, dude has SKILL.
11.09.14, 3:08 am est
11 Year-Old Japanese Hockey Player Makes Us Forget Tarasenko For A Sec (0:10)
Check out 11 year old Aito Iguchi from Japan, who has the smoothest moves out there.
11.09.14, 1:12 am est
Graph: Ordering food vs. being a jerk
I have totally mastered the Chipotle and Subway assembly lines.
11.09.14, 12:28 am est
My excess weight
That... that pretty much sums it up.
11.09.14, 12:26 am est
Yaybahar by Görkem Şen (7:00)
The strangest musical instrument you'll see today.
11.08.14, 12:19 am est
Morbidly Obese Pop Culture Icons
More gravy, Cinderella.
11.08.14, 12:11 am est
25 years of The Simpsons couch gags (554 episodes) at the same time (2:07)
Make sure you have a giant monitor for this one.
11.08.14, 12:05 am est
Amazing Water & Sound Experiment (2:16)
These are always fascinating to watch.
11.07.14, 11:57 pm est
Artist Removes One Letter from Famous Movie Titles and Illustrates the Results
1. Obocop. The rest are just as humerous.
11.07.14, 11:43 pm est
Scientists Use R/C Penguin Car To Infiltrate And Study Penguin Colony
Based on this success, lets infiltrate all the animal homes with wheeled-robot versions of them!
11.07.14, 9:38 am est
Brian Cox visits the world's biggest vacuum chamber (4:41)
The experiment they run is pretty neat.
11.07.14, 9:23 am est
Marty McFly Hoverboard Halloween Costume (0:26)
Winner, and the new champion of Halloween.
11.07.14, 9:22 am est
What are McRib patties made of? (5:28)
It's all propaganda. Sweet, delicious, rib-formed propaganda.
11.07.14, 9:21 am est
How to arrange pizza rolls
HAHAHA, also me.
11.07.14, 2:32 am est
The portion plate
HAHAHA, this is me.
11.07.14, 2:31 am est
So I ended up playing this for an hour accidentally. So simple, so enjoyable.
11.06.14, 2:56 am est
If the moon were only 1 pixel
A tediously accurate scale model of the solar system.
11.05.14, 3:30 am est
Americans have the lowest sleep quality in the world
All sleep testing is subjective. But I agree, my sleep quality has been terrible forever.
11.05.14, 2:09 am est
Rangers goalie Cam Talbot's newest mask is an amazing tribute to 'Ghostbusters'
I'm glad the league lets goalies be artistic and creative with their masks.
11.05.14, 1:52 am est
My one wish is...
...the best wish in the world.
11.05.14, 1:49 am est
Surprisingly Effective 2 P.M. Pick-Me-Ups
Well, that escalated quickly.
11.05.14, 1:47 am est
Caroline edits papers
She's really good at what she does.
11.05.14, 1:45 am est
The 32 Best Halloween Costumes of 2014
"Best" is subjective, but there are some hilarious ones in here.
11.04.14, 8:15 am est
Upside-down running hamster (0:15)
Is it lazy, or a genius?
11.02.14, 4:21 pm est
Hear the Spanish Call of Scottie Upshall's Late Go-ahead Goal (0:30)
It is as amazing as I thought it would be.
11.02.14, 1:29 am est
Free Bacon Today at Arby's!
I missed out on this one. I never even heard of it! Next year, Arby's... next year.
11.01.14, 2:31 am est

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