Jeff Goldblum is currently selling sausage out of a food truck
And what a time to be alive.
04.30.17, 1:13 am est
These Pictures Of Vintage Detroit Will Surprise You
Detroit, before all the murder.
04.30.17, 1:01 am est
Tomislav Jagnjic - Concept Artist & Illustrator
Some good looking art. Some fantastic names for the art.
04.30.17, 12:58 am est
Hartford Civic Center / XL Center - Hartford, Connecticut
The Whalers used to play in a mall. I never saw the pictures until now. "Hey, where is the arena?" "Oh, just before you get to the food court."
04.30.17, 12:47 am est
Wesley Willis Songs
It lists 697 songs, but some are duplicates, some are covers, and some are not even Wesley Willis songs. I'm not sure how this list was compiled, but if you search around, you'll find a lot of legit WW songs in here.
04.30.17, 12:18 am est
Lullaby Versions of 311
I have the string quartet versions, but I don't know how I feel about these.
04.30.17, 12:05 am est
Night person
Since 1998.
04.29.17, 3:59 am est
Confidence cat
I haven't seen him in awhile.
04.29.17, 3:54 am est
California drought: then and now
The photos of the lake amaze me the most.
04.29.17, 3:47 am est
Zelda Milk (1:38)
I am disturbed.
04.29.17, 3:40 am est
Did you lose?
Now you did.
04.29.17, 3:38 am est
Spaghetti Noodle Donuts
This is weird but I want one.
04.29.17, 3:37 am est
Giant Chocolate Geodes With Edible Sugar Crystals Inside
These are AMAZING. They were made by students who had to grow the sugar crystals inside the chocolate egg. I'm super impressed.
04.29.17, 3:36 am est
Tokyo Flooding - The Defences Protecting the City
I wonder how many miles or square feet of open space like this is under major metropolitan areas.
04.29.17, 3:34 am est
The Guide to Being a Detroit Sports Fan
A pretty good list that hits most of the major points.
04.29.17, 3:33 am est
Think twice before you mess with me
Our economy depends on it.
04.29.17, 3:25 am est
What's the most simple thing you've ever had to explain to a fully competent adult?
Do people still use fax machines?
04.29.17, 3:22 am est
Love and PowerPoint
Throw in a couple Excel spreadsheets and I'm sold.
04.29.17, 3:20 am est
Super Trash Man
Revenge is best served with a side of traaaaaaash.
04.29.17, 2:27 am est
Henry Shrapnel
This is the guy who invented shrapnel. Also, what a badass name.
04.23.17, 5:22 am est
TIL Water is used in rice fields to prevent weeds
I did not know this. The more you know.
04.23.17, 5:20 am est
Sharks vs Humans - Who Really Kills Who?
Everything on this planet is going to go extinct, the only question is when?
04.23.17, 5:19 am est
Casually Explained: Flirting
I feel like I learned a lot, and I also didn't learn a lot.
04.23.17, 4:22 am est
The Big Bend, A Proposed NYC Skyscraper Shaped Like A Giant Upside-Down U
Why not, let's make America weird.
04.22.17, 3:12 am est
Spoiler: dongers. Nothin' but dongers.
04.22.17, 3:08 am est
Sobro: A Coffee Table With Fridge, BlueTooth Speakers, LED Lights And Charging Ports
Another item on the list of things I don't need but want.
04.22.17, 2:46 am est
Grumpy Life
I might need a dose or two of this.
04.22.17, 2:31 am est
Deep Fried Pork Loin BLT Sandwiches
I need to make these, they look *amazing*.
04.22.17, 2:29 am est
LGR - PC Turbo Buttons (6:10)
I did not know what that actually did. I think that was the equivalent of the performance mode switch on my old Saturn.
04.11.17, 4:41 am est
Flippy, A Burger Flipping Robot That Can Identify Different Ingredients On Grill, Cook To Perfection (1:08)
04.11.17, 4:25 am est
Goldfish With Buoyancy Issue Gets Floating Wheelchair
That's some quick thinking, Lou.
04.11.17, 4:19 am est
Wintergatan - Marble Machine (4:32)
A music instrument using 2000 marbles cranks out a pretty neat song with the help of an operator.
04.11.17, 3:48 am est
Boaty McBoatface, From Internet Joke to Polar Explorer
They ended up using the name after all, good on them!
04.11.17, 3:37 am est
Who Framed Roger Rabbit - The 3 Rules of Living Animation (7:22)
This picks apart all the hard work that went into making the film that we might have taken for granted.
04.09.17, 2:42 am est
Rush - Tom Sawyer Guitar, Drums, Vocals SIMULTANEOUSLY! (3:45)
This dude has SKILL.
04.09.17, 2:22 am est
MIDI Drawing no. #13 - Super Mario! (2:51)
People are making coherent music while making pictures out of the notes. It's pretty neat.
04.09.17, 2:20 am est
Jaden Smith Reads Mind-Blowing Facts About the Universe | Vanity Fair (2:19)
When celebs become self-aware of memes about them, it's kind of amusing.
04.09.17, 2:17 am est
Awesome Space Themed Birthday Cake With Planets And Galaxies Inside
This can't be real, because HOW?!?! It's absolutely amazing.
04.08.17, 5:00 am est
Family Farm's Hen Lays An Egg Inside An Egg (1:12)
Yo dawg, I herd you like eggs...
04.08.17, 4:57 am est
Mesmerizing Rainbow Wave LEGO Ball Moving Machine (1:31)
Also doubles as a white noise machine.
04.08.17, 4:52 am est
Nokia Allegedly Relaunching Their Indestructible Classic 3310 Mobile Phone
This can't be real. I mean, it's a great marketing ploy, but they wouldn't build it as well as it was originally made.
04.08.17, 4:51 am est
Beauchemin's clearing attempt hits fan through camera hole (1:57)
I don't know if I've ever seen this before, what a freak accident.
04.08.17, 4:49 am est
Locomotive Bogie Cam (11:04)
This video was mesmerizing. I know how track switches work, but I am convinced it's dark magic that actually keeps the train on the track while watching this video.
04.08.17, 4:44 am est
Explosm Presents: Channelate - The Talk (3:39)
I'm pretty sure this is all entirely accurate.
04.08.17, 4:37 am est
How streets, roads, and avenues are different (4:02)
I've wondered this off and on over the years. This kind of clears things up a bit.
04.08.17, 4:29 am est
410 Square Foot House 3-D Printed In 24 Hours For $10,000
I am SOLD on this technology, especially at that price. Like, I want to build my own house tomorrow if I could.
04.08.17, 4:27 am est
Mechanical Oldschool Typewriter Style Keyboard
I don't think I want one, but I am very curious to see how it would feel to type on it.
04.08.17, 4:14 am est
For Sale: 3-D Printed And Colored Planets Of The Solar System, To Scale
Pricey, but a neat addition to any shelving or display unit.
04.08.17, 4:01 am est
Beastie Boys - Sabotage - David Letterman - 1994 (4:08)
So good. So freakin' good.
04.08.17, 3:56 am est
MLS will reportedly "address" the LA Galaxy's viral video poking fun at Portland's diving
I didn't get the meme at first until I stumbled upon another variation of the meme two weeks later. Now that I understand it, it's a pretty cheeky jab at the Timbers players that I think is pretty accurate.
04.08.17, 3:19 am est
Caspar Babypants - Stompy the Bear (2:40)
My new favorite song, haha!
04.08.17, 3:09 am est
The Kid-Friendly Ballad of Caspar Babypants
The frontman of "The Presidents of the United States of America" has been making kids music for almost a decade.
04.08.17, 3:07 am est
Ford designed a smart crib that replicates car rides
I kind of want them to make one for a queen size bed.
04.08.17, 3:05 am est
Seinfeld Apartment Set Replica
It's $400, and it's kind of awesome.
04.08.17, 3:01 am est
The Price is Right Music Cues - Showcase 1 (1:19)
The good memories, they flood back immediately.
04.08.17, 2:53 am est
A skeptic faces possible charges for debunking Mumbai’s miracle statue
From 2012, a church had a crucifix leaking water, and a guy debunked the "miracle", finding the source of the water, and was going to be thrown in jail because he "ruined it" for everyone. He moved to Finland to avoid prosecution. I am completely sheltered from how absolutely insane the world still is about religion.
04.08.17, 2:48 am est
Terror Group Gets 'A' Rating From Better Business Bureau?
The article is over 6 years old, but I wouldn't be surprised if this still goes on today with the "BBB".
04.08.17, 2:41 am est
The Hidden FM Radio Inside Your Pocket, And Why You Can't Use It
TL;DR: because people can't make money off of it. But it's there and it's unlockable in some cases!
04.08.17, 2:40 am est
First, Second and Third World
I have been misinformed my entire life as to what it meant to be a third world country. Enlightening information.
04.08.17, 2:39 am est
Can I talk to that William fellow? He was so helpful
Bill Gates once took a product support call, and didn't disappoint.
04.08.17, 2:38 am est
American Pharoah has retired to a life of sex, sex, and more sex
I envy the life of a Triple Crown winning race horse.
04.08.17, 2:35 am est
Fortune cookie payout
A bunch of people bet numbers off of the same mass produced fortune cookie and won second prize money.
04.08.17, 2:34 am est
The Fascinating Architecture of Cooling Towers by Reginald Van de Velde
This is some dystopian level scenery.
04.08.17, 2:21 am est
Hey Dano
I hope this is real, because it's hilarious.
04.08.17, 2:20 am est
21st Century Bastards
Collect them all!
04.05.17, 2:03 am est
Finally: You Can Get Married At A Taco Bell In Las Vegas For $600
New strategy: the first woman I find who's down with this is the keeper.
04.04.17, 9:33 pm est
This Man Spent 5 Years Building the Ultimate Bottle Cap Bar
This is a *fantastic* idea, I like the outcome.
04.04.17, 3:29 am est
19 Wonderful Recreations of Childhood Photos
Another fun internet inspired activity I enjoy seeing people do.
04.04.17, 3:26 am est
Guy Creates "Passive-Aggressive Art Gallery" For His Roommate's Mess
A tasteful way to try to get through to the roommate.
04.04.17, 3:25 am est
Visions Of The Future: A Giant Robotic Arm Constantly Trying To Mop Up A Bloody Floor
Hey, Skynet likes to tidy up, that's all.
04.04.17, 2:55 am est
Some fans can really get in your face when it comes to heckling
There's some gems in here about the fans from these NHL players.
04.04.17, 2:51 am est
Designer Repackages Products To Appeal To Hipsters
The new packaging would be kind of cool looking...
04.04.17, 2:45 am est
Tiny black seas barracuda in the bottle by Bangooh
Now I want to make something like that.
04.04.17, 2:41 am est
This is the best video on the Internet currently (1:42)
Dammit, I can't argue with that. Watch the whole thing, at 1:13 I crack up every time.
04.04.17, 2:39 am est
Sketches vs. Objects Mashup
Created by Christoph Niemann.
04.04.17, 2:35 am est
Green Car Parking Only
Can't argue with that.
04.04.17, 2:32 am est
JULIAN SMITH - Malk (1:54)
This genuinely made me laugh audibly.
04.04.17, 2:30 am est
Pixel Sketch - Workspace
I like pixel art. This was a neat recreation.
04.04.17, 2:25 am est
Before it's too late
"A photographer visits the Arctic, which scientists say is warming more than twice as fast as the rest of the planet." Some beautiful shots here.
03.21.17, 12:51 am est
Equinox on a Spinning Earth (0:13)
I thought it was fascinating for such a short video.
03.20.17, 10:44 pm est
EB Enterprises - Flux Capacitor
Probably a leftover easter egg, but I hope they never remove it.
03.16.17, 3:15 am est
The Faraday Future FF91
A possible future competitor to Tesla with a car that looks like it's straight out of Hill Valley in 2015.
03.12.17, 3:30 am est
Play guitar
Women love men that can play an instrument.
03.12.17, 3:01 am est
Let's talk about space without using numbers
A quick cliff notes about outer space.
03.12.17, 3:00 am est
Bird governement
It didn't work out.
03.12.17, 1:53 am est
There is no escape
Sad beep.
03.12.17, 1:42 am est
Paint me, Julio
PBF: still making quality comics.
03.12.17, 1:41 am est
Earth Temperature Timeline
Mail it to your congress person.
03.12.17, 1:40 am est
How to win an introvert's heart
In three easy steps.
03.12.17, 1:36 am est
I don't know what you think about me
I'm going to give this out as a valentine to a special someone next year.
03.12.17, 1:35 am est
Autocorrect tragedy
You have to leave, it wasn't a mistake.
03.12.17, 1:33 am est
Number of computers
A helpful graph.
03.12.17, 1:29 am est
The last NASA mission
And clearly, the most important.
03.12.17, 1:27 am est
Shapes club!
This sums up a lot about life.
03.12.17, 1:14 am est
Chicken Attack // SONG VOYAGE // Japan (3:59)
Go chicken go!
03.12.17, 1:01 am est
Family Spends $250 To Have Tumor Removed From 20-Year Old Pet Goldfish
Insert political discussion about state of health care in our country.
03.12.17, 12:45 am est
Beautiful Retro Video Game Shadow Boxes For Sale
Some fun art for your walls.
03.12.17, 12:43 am est
Vertical Forest Towers In China To Produce Over 132 Pounds Of Oxygen Daily
I hope it works and is sustainable. Our climate changing world needs them.
03.12.17, 12:42 am est
LEGO Bun Hamburgers From The Philippines
I want to go to there.
03.12.17, 12:40 am est
Your Favorite TV Shows Brought To Life With Amazing 3D Floor Plans
I've seen top down views before, but never 3D views with this much detail. These are awesome.
03.12.17, 12:38 am est
Steven Jo - Ramen Noodle Soup! (3:31)
It tastes gooder than a mug.
03.12.17, 12:30 am est
¥ung ¢hef - TOP RAMEN Ft. Doughboi (3:18)
Who says you can't rap about noodles?
03.12.17, 12:28 am est
Fake Books on Subway: UNPRESIDENTED EDITION (3:23)
Gotta take some jabs at the current political situation.
03.12.17, 12:25 am est
Fake Book Covers on the Subway PART TWO (3:29)
More fantastic fake books.
03.12.17, 12:22 am est
Taking Fake Book Covers on the Subway (1:46)
A great subway prank.
03.12.17, 12:20 am est
It's time to shake things up and go old school for the Stanley Cup playoffs
Ideas that I'm not totally against, surprisingly.
03.12.17, 12:19 am est
15 years ago today at a McDonald's
You may have been one of the lucky ones.
03.12.17, 12:17 am est
All Bones Matter
If you need some perspective on "all lives matter".
03.12.17, 12:16 am est
Have You Ever Wondered How Many Animals You Are?
I am 0.233 polar bears, which is 0.051 polar bears too many.
03.11.17, 10:26 pm est
Book covers lined up with faces
These are always neat to look at.
03.09.17, 4:59 am est
Camera's shutter speed syncs up perfectly with the helicopter rotor (0:27)
It's a witch, burn it!
03.08.17, 2:55 am est
Seal jumps on boat to escape orcas (0:40)
Poor Mr. Seal!
03.08.17, 2:54 am est
Every vehicle in the president's motorcade, explained (12:02)
The basics, but not all the secrets.
03.08.17, 2:53 am est
Tampa Bay’s Nikita Kucherov just pulled off the dirtiest shoot out move of the year (0:45)
I've been wondering when someone would attempt this, I've had this in mind for awhile now. Well done.
03.07.17, 1:51 am est
Nike Write The Future - World Cup 2010 Commercial (3:03)
Still a fantastic commercial.
03.05.17, 3:47 am est
Phipps Bend Nuclear Power Plant (Tennessee Valley Authority) Cancelled in 1981
Welcome to creepy town.
03.04.17, 7:18 pm est
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
The caption made me bust out laughing. Bust!
03.04.17, 4:05 am est
Watch A Massive Hawaiian Lava 'Fire Hose' Pouring Straight Into The Pacific Ocean
Three stunning videos of lava just pouring into the water below.
03.04.17, 4:03 am est
Hostess Snack Ice Creams And Frozen Treats
I want to try these regardless of outcome. They just have to be good.
03.04.17, 4:03 am est
When you have to argue with an illogical person
This is why I hate the internet.
03.02.17, 3:01 am est
This is why I love the internet.
03.02.17, 3:00 am est
The Japanese Museum of Rocks That Look Like Faces
I would be shocked if they didn't have it!
03.02.17, 2:59 am est
Hollywood Tales: Aliens
I swear this is one of the best things ever and I rediscover it every few years.
03.02.17, 2:58 am est
Trojan Room coffee pot
It provided the inspiration for the world's first webcam.
03.02.17, 2:56 am est
On Giant Blue Alien Planet, It Rains Molten Glass
"Researchers say the blue color in the atmosphere likely comes from a rain of molten glass." I don't know, I feel like that's just made up.
03.02.17, 2:55 am est
Iceland Internet Users: 100%
They got everybody on the net. Amazing.
03.02.17, 2:53 am est
'Flushable' personal wipes clogging sewer systems, utilities say
Yeah, they're not flushable, shocker.
03.02.17, 2:52 am est
Organic honey is a sweet success for Cuba as other bee populations suffer
"When the Caribbean state was no longer able to afford pesticides – which have been linked with declining bee populations – it made a virtue out of a necessity."
03.02.17, 2:51 am est
Office Space with Michael Bolton (1:46)
He plays the part so well.
03.02.17, 2:34 am est
Lickster - Cunnilingus Training App (2:09)
A perfect night deserves a perfect finish.
03.02.17, 2:33 am est
Fret Zepplin: An LED Guitar Learning System That Attaches To Any Guitar
This was a long time coming, what a brilliant idea.
03.02.17, 2:32 am est
90s As Fuck! (0:42)
Old school!
03.02.17, 2:16 am est
The Greatest Joke Ever
Not the greatest. But solid.
03.02.17, 2:15 am est
Aku the seal
From Mombetsu Land in Hokkaido, Japan, happily hugs a plushie toy version of himself.
03.02.17, 2:14 am est
The Beard Bib, A Bib For Collecting Beard Shavings
I also need this for taco night.
02.23.17, 10:07 pm est
The Bacon Express: A Toaster Specifically For Bacon
America, fuck yeah!
02.23.17, 9:44 pm est
Raspberry SUPER Pi case
I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it
02.21.17, 1:16 am est
You know what this adultery needs?
02.21.17, 1:11 am est
If "Real People" Commercials Were Real Life (1:26)
Excellent "guy from New England" cameo.
02.20.17, 2:59 am est
Guangzhou Circle in China
What an amazing feat of architecture.
02.13.17, 2:13 am est
Dallas Has Now Lost 82 Cases Against Robert Groden
He's a JFK conspiracy theorist. Come on, Dallas, stop wasting your money.
02.12.17, 12:32 am est
Fucking, Austria
I laugh like a 12 year old every time someone brings this up.
02.12.17, 12:26 am est
Spite house
An alternative way to say "fuck you".
02.12.17, 12:25 am est
What is the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch?
"A huge sea of plastic trash is swirling in the North Pacific, part of an even broader plastic plague that's growing in oceans worldwide."
02.12.17, 12:24 am est
The evolving ice of Antarctica
Beautiful shots of Antarctica that may no longer exist in the near future.
02.11.17, 2:46 am est
Hilltop House
A neat idea for a house I've never seen before.
02.11.17, 2:39 am est
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Rockin'1000 That's Live Official (6:44)
Over 1000 musicians covering a Nirvana classic.
02.11.17, 1:17 am est
Simba loves to play Jenga (0:17)
Wascally wabbit.
02.11.17, 1:15 am est
Simple Kitchen Tool That Turns Radishes Into Super Mario Mushrooms
Kinda neat.
02.11.17, 1:13 am est
Behind the Meme: Left Shark (1:58)
It's been rough times for the one-time internet sensation.
02.07.17, 3:58 am est
Fake albums
But I kind of wish they were real.
02.07.17, 3:55 am est
Reverberation time of a balloon pop: reverb room vs. anechoic chamber (0:17)
I'm simply amazed.
02.07.17, 3:53 am est
Mike the Headless Chicken
This is a thing I think more people need to know about.
02.07.17, 3:49 am est
The Evolution of Disney Animation (1937-2016) (2:38)
A neat look back through the years with some epic music.
02.04.17, 6:13 pm est
Cool Court (3:12)
Gotta sweep that floor.
02.04.17, 4:02 am est
A polar bear cub discovering the joy of bubbles
So. Effing. Cute.
02.04.17, 3:43 am est
Flat Duct Tape Rolls That Fit In Your Pocket
What a smart idea. Well done.
02.04.17, 3:28 am est
Who Is JohnMalkovich.com? (1:17)
My new favorite commercial.
02.04.17, 3:22 am est
Christopher Walken Dance Now (4:46)
Walken in his natural habitat. Great montage.
02.04.17, 3:16 am est
Taro Tsujimoto
The Buffalo Sabres drafted an imaginary player in 1974.
01.28.17, 2:30 am est
Twinkies Ice Cream is now on grocery store shelves
I hope to find this at my local grocer very soon.
01.27.17, 10:23 pm est
The Netherlands welcomes Trump in his own words (4:04)
The Dutch just want to get along.
01.27.17, 10:19 pm est
Nevada Test Site
The aerial satellite shot on Google Maps of the site is interesting.
01.27.17, 10:18 pm est
Who ARE you?
That pengin dint eat sen sammiches.
01.27.17, 10:15 pm est
Attendance at the Dallas Stars game
It's an alternative fact.
01.24.17, 12:54 am est
Roses are red...
...violets are blue...
01.24.17, 12:53 am est
The art of Tomislav Jagnjic...
...has some fantastic names.
01.24.17, 12:51 am est
Some Of The Original Design Documents For The Legend Of Zelda
Interesting sketches. I cannot count how many times I played this game growing up, it's always a nostalgia bomb for me.
01.22.17, 1:16 am est
Dominoes with bricks (wait for it) (0:52)
I don't know how the recoil works, but it's crazy.
01.20.17, 1:15 am est
Google Timelapse
See a satellite time lapse of anywhere on the globe from 1984 until now. I need an amazing tag.
01.20.17, 12:32 am est
Public Access Santa 2006 (11:00)
If you like watching slow moving train wrecks, this is for you.
01.20.17, 12:28 am est
Construction Worker Hides Waldo On Site For Kids In Hospital Next Door
A heart warming story to brighten up your day.
01.19.17, 3:15 pm est
The World's Smallest Snowman
3 microns tall! Someone got bored in the science department.
01.19.17, 3:14 pm est
Homemade Bruce Willis In Air Vent Die Hard Christmas Ornament
Pretty ingenious idea.
01.19.17, 3:13 pm est
Original Legend Of Zelda Overworld Map Gets 3-D Printed, Painted
Neat replica, now I want someone to make a life-size version.
01.19.17, 3:13 pm est
Alien Abduction Hand Soap Dispensers
Neat marketing idea, like the milk bottles a few years back.
01.19.17, 3:11 pm est
Epic Battle Simulation Of 11,000 Penguins vs 4,000 Santas (8:04)
This is ridiculous and unnecessary and hilarious all at the same time.
01.19.17, 3:09 pm est
A Bed Tent For Extra Privacy And Darkness
Also for secret sexy times.
01.19.17, 3:08 pm est
Private 20,000 Gallon Reef Tank (3:20)
The dude made everything himself, which blows my mind. It's amazing.
01.19.17, 2:57 pm est
It's the sloppiest.
01.19.17, 2:35 pm est
A Woman's Guide to Woodworking - Building an End Table (4:08)
A lot of good tips in this video.
01.16.17, 2:21 pm est
9 out of 10 doctors agree
Can't argue with that.
01.14.17, 2:31 am est
Pizza roll ice machine (0:04)
01.14.17, 2:30 am est
01.14.17, 2:28 am est
AxiDraw 3: Robot Drawing Machine Can Draw Or Write Anything With Perfect Penmanship (2:53)
It's mesmerizing.
01.14.17, 2:27 am est
Awkward Guy Makes Matching Sweaters of Places He Visits
Sweater game on point!
01.10.17, 12:50 am est
Lobster a la Lego by Siercon and Coral
I like this piece so much.
01.10.17, 12:49 am est
Free wireless printer
I hope this is really what happened.
01.08.17, 9:19 pm est
Japanese Man's Insane Coin-Stacking Skills
You can anything you put your mind to in the matrix.
01.05.17, 1:50 am est
KFC Original Recipe Flavored Candles
I like KFC, but I don't always have time to pick some up. I'd rather light a candle, and have my roommates wake up with false hopes.
01.05.17, 1:46 am est
OK Go - The One Moment (4:12)
The masters of the music video are at it again with another amazing concept.
01.02.17, 1:57 am est
New toy options at the toy store
Get ahead of the latest craze.
01.02.17, 1:29 am est
Polar bear dance
Don't be shy, Mr. Bear.
01.02.17, 1:24 am est
SNL - Dunkin Donuts (1:48)
They knocked this sketch out of the park. Gold!
01.02.17, 1:17 am est
This guy brought his 'A' game
Is it really that easy?
01.02.17, 1:13 am est
Wikipedia: High five
The link will take you to the "variations" section, with a pictorial of the "too slow". Finger guns.
01.02.17, 1:11 am est
SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now) (3:56)
"A Bad Lip Reading of The Empire Strikes Back." It's a catchy tune.
01.02.17, 12:57 am est
Nintendo Creates A Zelda Themed Escape Room
I wish this was touring near me, it sounds amazing.
12.15.16, 4:30 am est
Four states at once
It still counts.
12.15.16, 4:28 am est
Texture and flavor is exactly like real meat!
Keep it rollin'.
12.15.16, 4:27 am est
Papercraft Arcade Miniatures
These are so neat.
12.13.16, 2:12 am est
Nice catch blanco niño
Too bad your ass got saaaaaaaaaaaaaacked.
12.10.16, 6:44 pm est
Sandwich shop idea
The tag line on the first one cracks me up.
12.10.16, 6:42 pm est
Wikipedia: Monk's Café
"Throughout the show's run, the chance to sit in the first booth - and thus be included in a Seinfeld scene - was auctioned off for charity." I would have saved all my allowance if I knew about that.
12.10.16, 6:40 pm est
Who is driving?
Oh my god bear is driving, how can that be?
12.10.16, 6:36 pm est
Confirmed skunk home remedy
Knowing is half the battle. Hydrogen peroxide is the other half.
12.08.16, 1:23 am est
What images looked like during WWII compared to today
Amazing old photos from WWII that you can slide over to see what they places look like today.
12.07.16, 3:10 am est
Earth :: A global map of wind, weather, and ocean conditions
A visualization of global weather conditions forecast by supercomputers updated every three hours. Similar to hint.fm/wind which does wind for the United States, this does wind and ocean currents for the entire earth.
12.07.16, 3:03 am est
This underground military base holds a secret that could poison the environment
It could happen even sooner at the rate we're going.
12.07.16, 2:59 am est
Introducing Sadness Box! (0:33)
It's the time... of the season... for sadness!
12.07.16, 2:34 am est
0.637 seconds - a new Rubik's Cube machine world record! (0:40)
I welcome our new puzzle solving overlords.
12.05.16, 12:09 am est
The music is the perfect choice for this animated short.
12.04.16, 9:54 pm est
LEGO Nintendo Consoles
I thought these looked neat.
12.04.16, 9:48 pm est
Fox Sports Brasil honors victims of Colombia plane crash with 90 minutes of silence
This is a most fitting tribute for such a horrible tragedy.
12.04.16, 9:47 pm est
Quadsaw, A Power Drill Attachment That Cuts Square Holes (1:35)
Extremely handy.
12.04.16, 9:32 pm est
Guy Builds Real-Life 'Rick And Morty' Butter Passing Robot (0:28)
12.04.16, 9:29 pm est
Sad: Browns Lose Intra-Squad Scrimmage To Tackling Dummies
Brownies gonna Brown.
12.02.16, 12:18 am est
Fart Blamed for Causing a Fire During Surgery at a Tokyo Hospital
Do not eat Taco Bell before surgery.
11.30.16, 1:16 am est
Get to Know Your Audience
Boobs in the thumbnail. Gets me every time.
11.30.16, 12:25 am est
How to Medic in Battlefield 1
A brief tutorial.
11.30.16, 12:24 am est
Stabilized Footage Of A Mountain Biker Flying Down A Trail (2:03)
Beautiful chaos.
11.30.16, 12:22 am est
The Best Political Ad This Year, Made By The Candidate's Wife (1:01)
Gerald doesn't have any hobbies.
11.30.16, 12:20 am est
Man Invents Incredible Electric Bicycle Car
This needs to catch on, it's neat!
11.30.16, 12:19 am est
Brick Tales, A Buildable LEGO Pop-Up Book
Once again, is there nothing that can't be built with LEGO?
11.30.16, 12:16 am est
Soviet Cosmonauts Carried a Shotgun Into Space
The TP-82 was for shooting bears with both barrels. But not space bears.
11.26.16, 2:52 am est
The greatest president in the wooooorrrlddd...
11.26.16, 2:43 am est
Ring Scan
An up close look at the icy rings of Saturn.
11.26.16, 2:39 am est
"Trump Against Humanity" Is The Greatest Party Game That Was Banned
A shame this was shut down for "legal reasons". I'm sure someone will find a way around that.
11.26.16, 2:38 am est
Planetary String Lights
For all you astrology fans.
11.26.16, 2:36 am est
One Star
"I didn't receive my product"...
11.26.16, 2:18 am est
Oreo's New Chocolate Bars Are the Best Things They've Ever Made
I cannot wait to eat, like, a hundred of these things.
11.26.16, 2:15 am est
The Keytendo: A NES Themed Key Storage Solution
See, I don't leave my keys by the front door of my house, so this isn't practical for me, but I do think it's neat.
11.26.16, 2:13 am est
Music genre: video game (1:41)
Spot on, sir.
11.16.16, 3:12 am est
Japan Closer to Harvesting Solar Energy from Space
I've had thoughts just like this as to how we could harvest more solar energy. I wonder if this will ever succeed.
11.15.16, 2:34 am est
Busta Rhymes Island
"One man is on a singular quest to name an island after a famous hip-hop artist." I am 100% on-board with this idea.
11.15.16, 2:31 am est
Cunningham's Law
Cunningham's Law states "the best way to get the right answer on the Internet is not to ask a question, it's to post the wrong answer." Try it sometime, and see what happens.
11.15.16, 2:26 am est
Scientists find woman who sees 99 million more colors than others
The idea that the world could look completely different blows my mind.
11.15.16, 2:24 am est
There’s a Full-Scale Replica of the Statue of Liberty in Pieces Around NYC
There's a fun scavenger hunt.
11.15.16, 2:21 am est
Detroit TV Station Rips Matt Millen in Bottom Line Scroll During Super Bowl (0:37)
From 2009. And yes, Matt Millen is still the worst.
11.15.16, 2:13 am est
Man's Glove Compartment Door Plays Jazz (0:54)
Well done, internet.
11.15.16, 2:06 am est
Man Safely Lands Plane After Propeller Falls Off (3:32)
This dude is a BA. Balls of steel.
11.15.16, 2:05 am est
Beautiful Blue Glow In The Dark Bike Path Charged By The Sun
I'm in favor of doing this for all types of road markings.
11.15.16, 2:04 am est
Sisyphus - The Kinetic Art Table
Another item in the list of things that are totally useless but I would buy if I was rich.
11.15.16, 1:23 am est

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