The precision is astounding.
01.17.18, 2:30 am est
Traffic flow measured on 30 different 4-way junctions (6:07)
This is right up my fascination alley. A few different types of interchanges I never heard before.
01.17.18, 2:14 am est
Glowing plants (2:07)
01.17.18, 1:54 am est
Gallery of Random Stuff On a Rabbit
Pancake bunny is not amused.
01.17.18, 1:44 am est
Breast Health: Interesting Facts And Trivia About Boobs
Here's a subject I could never stop learning about.
01.10.18, 1:25 am est
Half Your Brain Stands Guard When Sleeping In A New Place
You never know when you're going to get stabbed.
01.10.18, 1:22 am est
5 Scientific Reasons Why Women Love Fat Guys
This is dumb, but the kind of dumb that gives me hope.
01.10.18, 1:21 am est
Keeping Quiet May Help You Achieve Your Goals
I think I'm often guilty of saying things and not doing them.
01.10.18, 1:20 am est
Today's weather
I hate winter right now.
01.06.18, 10:21 am est
The Michelangelo of Microsoft Excel (2:28)
Dude has SKILL.
01.04.18, 8:41 pm est
Inflating Evacuation Slides (0:35)
Only, this one is not attached to the plane.
12.31.17, 12:27 am est
Man Accidentally Texts Wife With Voice Recognition While Playing The Trombone
The resulting texts are hilarious. To me, at least.
12.31.17, 12:04 am est
House on the Rock, Spring Green, Wisconsin
The "Infinity Room" looks absolutely amazing.
12.30.17, 11:56 pm est
Someone made faux Washington Post, ESPN, B/R, SI sites to spread fake news about Redskins name change
I mean, they changed the Bullets to the Wizards, what's the big deal?
12.30.17, 2:33 am est
Tired of Negative News, Man Tweets Positive Things That Happened In 2017
Everything isn't all that bad... maybe?
12.30.17, 2:17 am est
Nobody Reviews Restaurants On Yelp Quite Like This Man
"Double Deeeelicious" food. Brilliant.
12.30.17, 2:15 am est
Bowl Week (1:00)
Don't miss out on any of these prestigious matchups.
12.30.17, 2:14 am est
Bad Thief
They can't all be winners.
12.29.17, 4:20 am est
Relationship milestones
I got to #2 once, but definitely missed out on #3.
12.22.17, 1:55 am est
Unfortunately Necessary
Shoveling snow in Michigan: serious business.
12.19.17, 10:25 pm est
Horrible Christmas Design Fails
Lots of accidental peen here.
12.16.17, 1:35 am est
Birth Miracle
That's some solid parenting right there.
12.16.17, 1:35 am est
Pavement cracks
12.11.17, 1:18 am est
900 percent profit
How capitalism works.
12.10.17, 3:54 am est
You got knocked out
The future will require nothing but tokens.
12.10.17, 3:53 am est
Never again.
12.10.17, 3:52 am est
Do you like me?
How I approach dating.
12.10.17, 3:51 am est
News of inventions
Think about your friends, Kevin.
12.10.17, 3:50 am est
Damage control
Results may vary.
12.10.17, 3:47 am est
You too
The worst social mistake.
12.10.17, 3:46 am est
Inspirational quotes
Bad for your health?
12.10.17, 3:42 am est
Too close to real life.
12.10.17, 3:40 am est
A full life for Mario
No one completes World 1-1.
12.10.17, 3:39 am est
Pickup artistry
The Mormons have a plan.
12.10.17, 3:36 am est
Free disappointment
So ignorant.
12.10.17, 3:33 am est
Competitive board games
Me with Carcassonne.
12.10.17, 3:32 am est
Bad mood thesaurus
Yeah, take that!
12.10.17, 3:29 am est
Estudio Galera - concrete house - Argentina
I'm fascinated with this kind of concrete architecture.
12.10.17, 2:33 am est
Underground auditorium at the University of Lausanne
Amazing what you can build into the side of a hill.
12.10.17, 2:29 am est
Logo No Go
Watch out, Bury.
12.09.17, 2:29 am est
Navy admits its crew drew sky phallus
Sky penis in flight... afternoon delight!
12.08.17, 3:43 am est
Swedish man survived in snowed-in car for two months
From 2012. Dude is lucky as I don't even know what.
12.08.17, 3:42 am est
Robot Can Milk 70 Cows a Day (5:06)
Amazing technology.
12.08.17, 3:41 am est
30 Days Timelapse at Sea (10:00)
One of those timelapse videos that I felt was totally worth it after watching it.
12.08.17, 3:04 am est
RAIN (22:37)
Music to chill out to.
12.08.17, 2:51 am est
GoPro Camera Versus 1,100-Degree Lava Flow (2:05)
Place bets now!
12.08.17, 12:56 am est
Archipods: Spherical Outdoor Office Domes
Office dome, sex pod, tomato, to-mah-to.
12.08.17, 12:55 am est
An Anti-Scamming Artificial Intelligence System To Automatically Jerk Scammers Around For As Long As Possible (2:20)
Yesssssss, fight scammers with bots. Now you're thinking with SCIENCE!
12.08.17, 12:55 am est
Back to the Future Mr. Fusion Car Charger
That's pretty neat. I don't know if I'd give up a cup holder for it, but it's neat.
12.08.17, 12:54 am est
Teamwork: Astros Fans Work Together To Toss Hat Back To Lady Who Dropped It from 7th Story Parking Garage
A couple short videos of the feat. That's good teamwork.
12.07.17, 1:37 am est
The phonetic alphabet
Try spelling your name!
12.06.17, 9:19 pm est
Applaud This Win
I'd like to rename this one to "ignorant white people".
12.06.17, 9:18 pm est
A Program Has Stopped Responding
Do what needs to be done.
12.06.17, 1:04 am est
A to B, but not C
They ain't bullshittin' ya.
12.06.17, 1:03 am est
What To Do If a Bear Attacks You And All You Have Is a Knife
Go for the high score.
12.06.17, 1:03 am est
Experiment! How Does An Owl Fly So Silently? (4:13)
12.03.17, 5:04 am est
Lehrer's official response to 2 Chainz
Next to last paragraph under Musical legacy. Tom's the man.
12.03.17, 5:03 am est
Kalamazoo Wings defenseman explains moonwalk celebration (0:35)
That's a solid celly.
12.03.17, 4:57 am est
Gary Miller's Soccer Breakdown | The Dan Patrick Show | 10/11/2017 (3:23)
In 3... 2... 1...
12.03.17, 4:53 am est
AHL mascot captures 'Wrestling Night' spirit with memorable table smash
I need to see more mascot wrestling in sports.
12.03.17, 4:50 am est
Naturopathic Vaccines: The Beaverton (1:47)
"Canada's doctors find a new way to convince people to get vaccinated."
12.03.17, 4:10 am est
Bad Kids Jokes - By Yourself
It's what happens when you don't pick a human.
11.30.17, 12:00 am est
One And Only
Is that how it works? I have no idea.
11.29.17, 11:59 pm est
The Best Bacon Sandwich - Epic Meal Time (8:34)
One of the weirdest videos I've watched. But I want that sandwich like so much volleyball.
11.29.17, 11:57 pm est
When IS it okay to whip my dick out?
A guide for those that didn't already know this basic concept.
11.29.17, 11:17 pm est
Account muted permanently
Worth it.
11.29.17, 11:16 pm est
Guy Produces Professional Quality Commercial To Sell His Girlfriend's $500 1996 Honda Accord (1:12)
I've always enjoyed these kind of ads over the years.
11.29.17, 11:15 pm est
Super Mario Chain Chomp Desk Lamp
Kind of neat.
11.29.17, 11:15 pm est
A Back To The Future DeLorean Inspired Gullwing Door Volkswagen Bus
A fantastic use of the flux capacitor.
11.29.17, 11:14 pm est
Hurricane Season Animated (2:12)
Extremely neat video. This is why we need to fund our sciences.
11.28.17, 3:06 am est
Nobody Dies in Longyearbyen (9:06)
Hey, maybe, let's take care of the environment?
11.27.17, 1:44 am est
Arquivo Mortal Kombat
Behind the scenes videos of the motion capture sessions for the original Mortal Kombat game.
11.27.17, 1:27 am est
Basketball reporter Chance the Rapper has to cover hockey in Saturday Night Live skit (4:58)
"As they say in hockey, 'let's do that hockey.'"
11.26.17, 8:21 pm est
A Pedal-Electric Hydrofoil Bike You Can Ride On Water (1:41)
I'm drawn to this and want to try it, but I'm not sure why.
11.26.17, 4:05 am est
The tag line at the bottom of the can is truly amazing.
11.26.17, 4:04 am est
Got a great view of Donskoi's goal (0:20)
There are some sharp people running SJ's social media accounts.
11.21.17, 2:11 am est
The Great Takeover
"Exotic mussels have pilfered the Great Lakes' food supply, creating a vast aquatic desert."
11.19.17, 4:27 am est
Arecibo Observatory
I remember this Goldeneye level.
11.18.17, 6:06 pm est
Taiwan dog poo lottery proves a 'big success'
There's a lot going on here and I don't know where to start. From 2011.
11.15.17, 1:41 am est
$36,000 Houses Made From Shipping Containers
I'm always intrigued by minimal living spaces.
11.15.17, 1:32 am est
People Who Took Halloween Costumes To The Next Level
Some top notch Halloween ideas here.
11.14.17, 2:16 am est
Republicans accused of obstructing satellite research into climate change
Idiots? In my congress? It's more likely than you think.
11.12.17, 9:13 pm est
Chuck E. Cheese's full name
*the more you knooooooooooowwwww*
11.12.17, 7:42 pm est
MariFlow - Self-Driving Mario Kart w/Recurrent Neural Network (5:49)
The only scenario where only I would be able to take down Skynet.
11.12.17, 1:51 pm est
GM's Autonomous, Modularly Reconfigurable Truck Platform
Closer to what I thought the future would look like.
11.12.17, 1:32 pm est
The Experience Tube
The hottest gift for the upcoming holiday season.
11.12.17, 1:30 pm est
A Happy Sky over Los Angeles
Really like this picture a bunch.
11.12.17, 1:13 pm est
Island for sale
Convenient location!
11.12.17, 5:18 am est
State Borders
This never bothered me before. Now it's going to bother me.
11.09.17, 4:54 am est
Fresh Start
The technology is still in the development stage.
11.09.17, 4:51 am est
Early and Late
I'm the even later bird.
11.09.17, 4:49 am est
Common name abbreviations
Your name is always short for something else.
11.09.17, 4:42 am est
NES case for Raspberry Pi
In case you want to make your own retro NES.
11.09.17, 4:41 am est
Abandoned States: Places In Idyllic 1960s Postcards Have Transformed Into Scenes Of Abandonment
I am fascinated by before/after photo sets, and this one is mesmerizing.
11.09.17, 1:17 am est
Line Rider - Mountain King (2:45)
That's pretty goddamn impressive.
11.09.17, 1:12 am est
A Floating Raft Tent
Added to the list of places to do it in.
11.09.17, 12:50 am est
Nick Cage Complete Pachinko Commercial Collection (2:31)
Cage + Japan = some quality wtf did I just watch.
11.09.17, 12:40 am est
This Year's Wara Art Festival - Giant Straw Animals From Japan
Pretty amazing works.
11.09.17, 12:36 am est
Town in Iceland Paints 3D Zebra Crosswalk To Slow Down Speeding Cars
Interesting idea.
10.26.17, 3:59 am est
Music genre: video game 2 (2:29)
He's back and it's as good as the first one.
10.26.17, 2:48 am est
Pork Tenderloin Gyros With Bacon Tzatziki Sauce
I need this in my face.
10.26.17, 12:45 am est
A Die Hard Christmas: The Illustrated Holiday Classic
"A delightful Christmas storybook for adults based on the action-packed Die Hard movie."
10.22.17, 4:09 pm est
Second coming
That's a deal breaker, dude.
10.22.17, 3:58 pm est
Nutella doughnut from Doughnut Time (0:20)
Two, please! I need to get to Australia.
10.21.17, 3:26 am est
Pizza Cake and Other Giant Foods (1:30)
I need to get to NYC and check this place out.
10.21.17, 3:22 am est
Current mood.
10.21.17, 3:17 am est
10 years ago
I am upset I did not think of something like this already.
10.20.17, 12:55 am est
A comic for my self-esteem.
10.20.17, 12:53 am est
Relatable retrospect
This is going to be a common theme for me for the rest of my life.
10.20.17, 12:51 am est
10 Popular Black Stereotypes
See if you can point out what they did there.
10.20.17, 12:50 am est
Chemical elements vs. US States
"This information is so satisfying but idk what to do with it."
10.20.17, 12:49 am est
Stefan Draschan
Has a few interesting tumblrs with "matching" themes.
10.20.17, 12:48 am est
Still in use
File this under "things that get me fired up".
10.16.17, 11:03 pm est
This goes against my standards as well.
10.16.17, 11:02 pm est
Step off, son.
10.16.17, 11:02 pm est
Old habits
Not even once.
10.16.17, 11:01 pm est
Halo Top - Eat the Ice Cream (1:34)
All you need is ice cream.
10.15.17, 11:07 pm est
The good boy
Be a happy.
10.15.17, 2:33 am est
See Hummingbirds Fly, Shake, Drink in Amazing Slow Motion | National Geographic (2:21)
Happy little bird.
10.15.17, 2:27 am est
This guy is an actual magician (0:38)
10.15.17, 2:08 am est
AUTOMATICA 4k - Robots Vs. Music - Nigel Stanford (4:15)
Hell yeah robot music!
10.15.17, 2:03 am est
Michigan Beer Chair (0:30)
I know a few people that would enjoy this.
10.15.17, 2:01 am est
Watch these thrilling underwater marble races (4:18)
It reminded me of when I was a kid and did something similar with the tons of Matchbox cars I had.
10.10.17, 1:30 am est
How an MS Paint artist made this picture (7:52)
Another dude with SKILL.
10.10.17, 1:27 am est
Bigman - Asia Beatbox Championship 2017 Solo Battle Wildcard (2:03)
Dude has SKILL. Sick beat, yo.
10.10.17, 1:24 am est
China dad hires virtual 'hitman' to take out unemployed, video-gaming son
This is the world we are living in now.
10.10.17, 1:21 am est
Federal Express Flight 705
This whole story is insane.
10.10.17, 1:21 am est
I'm dying of thirst. Can I start drinking seawater?
I knew that you couldn't, but I didn't know WHY until now.
10.10.17, 1:18 am est
25 Fun Facts About Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Seems like a legit list.
10.10.17, 1:17 am est
Missing: hard drive containing Bitcoins worth £4m in Newport landfill site
Would you dig through 12,000 cubic yards of trash for 5 million dollars?
10.10.17, 1:08 am est
20,000-Year-Old Human Footprints Found in Australia
"[They] calculate that one hunter was running at 23 miles (37 kilometers) an hour, or as fast as an Olympic sprinter." Science is amazing.
10.10.17, 1:06 am est
A Sprinkle of Seaweed Could Deflate Gassy Cows
Scientists are working to curtail the seven billion metric tons of CO2 equivalents cattle spew into the atmosphere every year. I am very excited by this revelation.
10.10.17, 1:04 am est
Man who pretended to be senator charged
Man, so many people dropped the ball on this one, it's actually hilarious.
10.10.17, 1:00 am est
#VANLIFE - Guilty Subconscious (3:12)
Not enough space so we dance with our hands and we don't have a bathroom.
10.10.17, 12:07 am est
Freelancer Achievement Badges
Try to collect them all!
10.10.17, 12:05 am est
Grandma Accidentally Buys Inappropriate Book For Her 6-Year-Old Granddaughter
Hilarity ensues.
10.10.17, 12:04 am est
Extra Spicy
They aren't messing around.
10.09.17, 11:57 pm est
Winter storms have names as well
What might becoming this winter.
10.09.17, 11:56 pm est
What's the point of living if you can't wear cargo shorts?
10.08.17, 8:14 pm est
Say my name
It's hard to cheat as a father.
10.08.17, 8:13 pm est
Dying wish
What's the point of dying if you can't dictate the burial?
10.08.17, 8:12 pm est
Choose happiness.
10.08.17, 8:11 pm est
You're Kinda Like a Honey Bee
Also crack-up worthy.
10.04.17, 1:13 am est
Double Trouble
This cracked my shit up!
10.04.17, 1:12 am est
Results for "no way to prevent this says only nation"
The Onion has this article at the ready for all the future mass shootings our country will have to endure.
10.04.17, 1:10 am est
Clever: Origami Crane Fried Wontons
Hell yes I want these in my face right now.
10.04.17, 1:09 am est
DOOM Running On A Cell Phone, Running Inside Unreal Engine 4
Yo dawg, I herd you like games, so we put a game in yo game so you can game while u game.
10.04.17, 1:09 am est
Finally, Die Hard Is Getting The Children's Christmas Book It Deserves
The perfect stocking stuffer.
10.04.17, 1:04 am est
Testing A Massive Foam-Based Fire Suppression System (5:27)
Pssh, this is RAVE TESTING, BABY!!!
10.04.17, 1:03 am est
Water bugs react to sound (0:56)
10.04.17, 1:02 am est
Binging with Babish: Szechuan Sauce Revisited (From Real Sample!) (6:22)
Dude gets a sample of the limited release of McDonald's szechuan sauce and recreates it almost perfectly. Amazing.
10.04.17, 12:58 am est
4.69 Rubik's Cube World Record | Patrick Ponce (1:16)
What I like the best about this is after he beats the record, the excitement slowly builds up to absolute amazement from everyone around him.
10.04.17, 12:55 am est
Interactive animated wind, rain and temperature maps
These are pretty sweet. Bookmark this one for sure.
10.04.17, 12:49 am est
Ant Support
Cute little story.
09.30.17, 1:48 am est
What Specific Energy Sources Do Different States Draw Their Electricity From?
A chart, map, and percentages to inform you of our energy consumption. Needs more renewables.
09.27.17, 2:30 am est
Work Meeting Achievement Badges
Try to collect them all!
09.26.17, 10:30 pm est
The Rodeo Boy: A Bull Riding, Core-Strengthening Exercise Machine
I have the weirdest boner right now.
09.24.17, 11:51 pm est
Ukraine Bakery's 'Galactic Eclairs'
If eclairs weren't already amazing enough, now they're interstellar.
09.24.17, 11:50 pm est
Impressive 90,000 Piece LEGO Recreation Of Wooden Roller Coaster
Two videos of the entire project in action.
09.24.17, 11:49 pm est
Fast food furniture
For that room you don't quite have a theme for yet.
09.24.17, 11:48 pm est
Batman Remembers (1:31)
Never forget, that Batman never forgets.
09.24.17, 3:48 pm est
How to Identify that Light in the Sky
A handy flow chart.
09.24.17, 3:47 pm est
Smell of success
Never miss an opportunity to compliment others.
09.24.17, 3:45 pm est
Follow your dreams
Make tomorrow happen today.
09.24.17, 3:44 pm est
Transition to autumn...
...with the delightful taste of Iced Gravy.
09.24.17, 3:42 pm est
Inside the country where Down syndrome is disappearing
That country is Iceland. It's plain to see why it might be controversial. I am of the thinking that there isn't anything wrong with the process.
09.21.17, 2:17 am est
Small ways to feel happy
When you need some help in a pinch.
09.21.17, 2:13 am est
Funny Comics by Nathan W. Pyle
A couple gems in this bunch.
09.21.17, 2:11 am est
A Total Solar Eclipse Close-Up in Real Time (2:56)
09.20.17, 3:15 am est
I feel like this game has been on the internet for 40 years.
09.20.17, 3:14 am est
Man Goes To Jail Because Best Buy Employee, Police Officer Had Never Seen $2 Bills Before
It makes the Taco Bell story seem like it's actually legit.
09.20.17, 3:10 am est
Boy & Bear | Pogo (3:25)
Pogo continues to turn out amazing music that leaves an emotional impact.
09.20.17, 3:09 am est
Man In Dragon Ball Armor Solves Rubik's Cube With Eyes Closed, Tossing From Hand To Hand (0:39)
Also, headline that you'd never thought you'd read in your lifetime.
09.20.17, 3:01 am est
The World's Smallest Keychain Bottle Opener
Also, the easiest to lose.
09.20.17, 3:00 am est
How to do the Peasant
A dance lost to the ages.
09.20.17, 1:47 am est
Got over-excitement for #NHL exhibition games? (0:57)
Try preSEASONAL delayed release capsules today.
09.20.17, 1:41 am est
Tinder Dates (Choose Two)
Well, that narrows it down.
09.20.17, 1:39 am est
If you are lost in the woods, remember to STOP
It could save your life.
09.20.17, 1:37 am est
These Pretzels are Making Me Thirsty (0:38)
These pretzels are making me thirsty.
09.11.17, 4:17 am est
Here is a list of things that millennials are killing
I'm fine with all of this.
09.11.17, 4:14 am est
Hurricane Irma is literally sucking the water away from shorelines
These visuals are insane to me.
09.11.17, 4:13 am est
Step back in time with ‘Greetings from Detroit’
Postcards of famous Detroit streets and landmarks, before all the murder.
09.10.17, 2:00 am est
Insane soccer goal (0:07)
That face tho.
09.10.17, 1:56 am est
Awesome But Expensive: Levitating Cloud LED Lamp
Going to have to wait for that to come down in price.
09.05.17, 4:23 am est
Archer Skewers Two Bottle Swinging In Opposite Directions With One Arrow (0:09)
Dude has SKILL.
09.05.17, 4:20 am est
There Are 16 Circles Hidden In This Graphic
What kind of wizardry is this?!?
09.05.17, 4:19 am est
'YAKKO'S WORLD' Sung by 168 Movies! (2:03)
Classic internet right here.
09.05.17, 4:13 am est
Conceptual Minimalist Casette Tape Player
It's neat, and 35 years too late.
09.05.17, 3:54 am est
Guy Balancing On Tower Of Pool Triangle Racks And Balls Trick Pool Shot
I have so many questions.
09.05.17, 3:38 am est
Lego In Real Life (Stop Motion) (2:07)
Breakfast edition.
09.05.17, 3:37 am est
This deal won't last forever!
09.05.17, 3:34 am est
Did Facebook Shut Down an AI Experiment Because Chatbots Developed Their Own Language?
False. But who wrote this entry? WAS IT A ROBOT? Don't let Skynet off the hook that easily.
08.31.17, 2:07 am est
IBM and Sony cram up to 330 terabytes into tiny tape cartridge
This technology would be an incredible advancement at the rate we store data these days.
08.31.17, 12:53 am est
Street Artist Adds Fake Shadows To Confuse People
That's a fun approach to street art.
08.31.17, 12:50 am est
Red Bulls troll NYCFC with the Hartford Whalers over their game in Hartford
Any time is a good time for some Brass Bonanza.
08.31.17, 12:37 am est
Players find out their coach used to tour with MC Hammer... (0:45)
...and make him do the Hammer Time dance. He nails it.
08.31.17, 12:36 am est
Neat barcodes
"Genius" is a little too strong for me.
08.31.17, 12:32 am est
Ta-Ta Towels, Towels Specifically For Your Breasts
08.30.17, 4:20 am est
Guy 3D Prints M.C. Escher's 'Impossible Cube' (0:28)
08.30.17, 4:19 am est
Fancy Business Suit Pinstriped With Tiny 'EFF YOU's
Dress for the job you want.
08.30.17, 4:18 am est
Big time
I can't lie like that to my friends.
08.20.17, 5:35 pm est
The last panel always cracks me up.
08.20.17, 5:33 pm est
It's worse than we thought.
08.20.17, 5:30 pm est
Also me IRL.
08.20.17, 5:29 pm est
Peak performance
Not many people see it.
08.20.17, 5:24 pm est
On the etiology of fuckers
Your math lesson for the day.
08.20.17, 5:20 pm est
Up is North
I need everyone to get on board with this asap.
08.20.17, 5:17 pm est
Bury ourselves
Truly the most generous species to ever live.
08.20.17, 5:10 pm est
My biggest regret
I've been doing this for years already.
08.20.17, 5:05 pm est
How to be a great roommate
There's always room for Jell-o.
08.20.17, 5:02 pm est
Don't jump
I jive with morbid humor.
08.20.17, 5:00 pm est
Mentally prepared
I don't think I've ever been.
08.20.17, 4:58 pm est
Dinner's ready
Nobody hates taco night.
08.20.17, 4:56 pm est
Impossible to keep.
08.20.17, 4:54 pm est
YouTube algorithm
You can't get enough of them.
08.20.17, 4:53 pm est
Who wakes up that early anyway?
08.20.17, 4:52 pm est
We all win. Or lose. Maybe.
08.20.17, 4:50 pm est
Ice cream novelties
I want my dessert in hurricane form.
08.20.17, 4:49 pm est
Robo Brother
Another one in the feels.
08.20.17, 4:46 pm est
The one device for almost anything.
08.20.17, 4:43 pm est
Everything is on fire
I may have done this a time or two.
08.20.17, 4:41 pm est
It's important to exercise
Remember to reward yourself, too.
08.20.17, 4:40 pm est
Don't be that guy.
08.20.17, 4:38 pm est
This is how I plan on quitting my job, haha.
08.20.17, 4:35 pm est
Right in the feels.
08.20.17, 4:34 pm est
The troll toll
Seriously, America, wake up.
08.20.17, 4:33 pm est
Pretty sure that's how it went down
Pretty accurate, if you ask me.
08.20.17, 4:31 pm est
Site is down
Hits too close to home, haha.
08.20.17, 4:30 pm est
It's got to be snack related.
08.20.17, 4:27 pm est
Bad news
Soften it with good news first.
08.20.17, 4:25 pm est
Australia - speak like a local!
08.17.17, 2:52 am est
A See-Though Glass Pool Table That's Supposed To Play Like Felt
If I was ever rolling in hovercraft money, I'd totally purchase one of these.
08.17.17, 2:50 am est
Clients from Hell - Backups
I feel like this is a fabricated story, yet, somehow equally believable.
08.17.17, 2:44 am est
Photographer Shoots Formula 1 With 104-Year-Old Camera
Dude has some major skill.
08.13.17, 1:57 am est
Erta Ale south lava lake activity - speedup x6 (2:04)
It's like a toilet bowl, but for lava.
08.13.17, 1:56 am est
Antipodes Map
What's on the exact other side of the world from you? Water. Probably water.
08.13.17, 1:55 am est
Sun Day, What Day
Someone call the derp police.
08.13.17, 1:53 am est
NYPD Blue Cooler
Nice try, officer.
08.13.17, 1:52 am est
Teddy bears always have eyes wide open
Don't mess with them.
08.13.17, 1:52 am est
There's a world championship for Excel spreadsheets
This kid is a national hero.
08.13.17, 1:50 am est
Micropolis projects by lingonils
I love these miniature landscape pieces.
08.11.17, 12:03 am est
Timelapse Of Some Super Janky Teeth Being Corrected With Braces
08.06.17, 3:56 am est
Bob Ross Heat-Activated Coffee Mug
08.06.17, 3:41 am est
The World's Largest LEGO Ball Moving Machine, With Over 200 Individual Modules (51:05)
I skipped around a lot and did not watch the whole thing, but I do like the LBMMs.
08.06.17, 3:25 am est
"Baby-cut" carrots
They were born out of a need to reduce waste from imperfections. Genius.
08.04.17, 6:31 pm est
Brain Wound Eliminates Man's Mental Illness
Story from 1988. A bullet to the brain actually improved this guy's life.
08.04.17, 6:30 pm est
Research suggests eating beans instead of beef would sharply reduce greenhouse gasses
I disagree, the number of greenhouse gasses I'd release alone would make up for it.
08.04.17, 6:27 pm est
Star Maps Capture The Night Sky On The Date And Location Of Your Choice
A gift like that would be sentimental AF.
08.04.17, 6:13 pm est
Programmer Writes Script To Call IRS Phone Scammers 28 Times/Sec To Tie Up Their Lines (10:04)
Oh man, this is *FANTASTIC*. Score one for the good guys.
08.04.17, 6:11 pm est
Pizza Flavored Ice Cream Served On A Slice Of Pizza
I am intrigued by this concoction.
08.04.17, 6:08 pm est
Burger King Releases Froot Loop And Lucky Charm Shakes
That Lucky Charms shake looks too good to pass up.
08.04.17, 6:08 pm est
ESPNU to become ESPN8: The Ocho for one day on 8/8
It's not going to be as "all in" as I'd like it to be, so I'm curious as to what it will look like.
08.04.17, 2:33 am est
Nintendo Power Issues #1-#127
My name is featured in the Arena section in issues #90 and #100 for Super Mario Kart track Mario Circuit 2. My eternal claim to fame.
08.03.17, 3:26 am est
StarCraft Remastered
They are remaking the original StarCraft. I'm intrigued, even though this is just a money grab.
08.01.17, 11:12 pm est
Beautiful 3D Renderings Of Pop Culture Icons In A Post Apocalyptic World
Very neat concept.
08.01.17, 11:11 pm est
'Third Thumb' Prosthetic Adds An Additional Functional Thumb To Your Hand (1:55)
Jerkin' it just got an upgrade.
08.01.17, 11:08 pm est
Verily releases millions of mosquitoes to help combat Zika in California
We will defeat the mosquitoes... WITH MORE MOSQUITOES!!! Seriously though, I am interested to see if this works.
08.01.17, 11:00 pm est
There's a Brilliant Street Artist Running Loose In NYC, Let's Hope Nobody Catches Him
Steve-Dave approves.
08.01.17, 2:48 pm est
Archer/Bob's Burgers - "I Had Something For This Burger" (4:24)
A fan created crossover that is very well done.
07.24.17, 12:47 am est
Dog birthdays (0:18)
How Nikki Glaser feels about dog birthdays. I agree.
07.24.17, 12:44 am est
Best Driver Ever
This guy gets... all the stars!
07.24.17, 12:43 am est
The 'Rocko's Modern Life' Movie Trailer Has Just Been Released And The Internet Loves It
Oh man, I didn't even know this was in the works. A one-hour movie is coming out next year, and I am highly anticipating it.
07.23.17, 9:47 pm est
Painted Over NES Screenshots
Andres Moncayo takes screenshots from NES games and paints over them, with stunning results.
07.18.17, 11:56 pm est
Hi, I'm Guy Fieri
"These may be the most popular ones I've ever written and are probably the only thing I will be remembered for when I die."
07.16.17, 10:03 pm est
Are "killer" Africanized bees really that dangerous?
Debunk the rumors.
07.16.17, 10:00 pm est
The Role of Wind in a Tree's Life
"...the tree manages to grow something called the reaction wood".
07.16.17, 9:58 pm est
Sweet Marriage
I applaud this old man's effort.
07.16.17, 9:56 pm est
A highway interchange connects Interstate 310 and U.S Route 61 outside of New Orleans
Geometrically perfect.
07.16.17, 9:50 pm est
@drewtoothpaste's Top Ten Craft Beers
Number one sounds amazing, hahaha.
07.16.17, 9:48 pm est
How Amsterdam's Airport Is Fighting Noise Pollution
Worth another post because I find it to be interesting and aesthetically pleasing.
07.16.17, 9:46 pm est
I've Seen These Protest Signs For Years
I don't think they are working.
07.16.17, 9:43 pm est
Photos That Accidentally Look Like Renaissance Paintings
Or, just some interesting photography.
07.11.17, 1:41 am est
Fast learner
Not all recreational drug use is bad.
07.11.17, 1:40 am est
Kevin Smith: fortune teller
Something about election cycles...
07.11.17, 1:39 am est
DSC1101 by MiniGray!
Stormtroopers riding ducks? Stormtroopers riding ducks.
07.11.17, 1:38 am est
Folding Origami Paper Cranes The Size Of LEGO Brick Studs
Art you can accidentally breathe in.
07.11.17, 1:37 am est
The Ice Cream Burrito: Ice Cream Scoops Covered In Sprinkles, Wrapped In Cotton Candy
Where's my burrito! Where's my burrito! Where's my burrito!
07.11.17, 1:36 am est
WoodSwimmer (1:40)
Trippy time lapse made entirely from wood.
07.06.17, 4:15 am est
The Racial Dot Map
From the 2010 Census, but still fascinating.
07.06.17, 4:14 am est
MLS wants a Detroit expansion team, but Detroit City FC fans want them to get lost
MLS came calling and sparked a heated debate between a homegrown soccer mob and big money investors over who owns Detroit soccer.
07.06.17, 4:14 am est
Japanese Artist Layers 100s Of Photos Taken Over Time To Produce Stunning Multidimensional Landscapes
What it might look like if we could capture time in the palms of our hands.
07.06.17, 4:13 am est
Buffalo hockey marathoners break record on 11th day
I'd give that a shot if it was soccer.
07.04.17, 3:35 am est
July 4th Checklist
So you don't forget something!
07.04.17, 3:33 am est
Finally, A $378 Kate Spade Pink T-Rex Purse
If you're going to waste money on a purse, I would consider this acceptable.
07.04.17, 3:32 am est
The New DuckTales Cartoon Opening Sequence And Theme Song (1:12)
I like it, which is rare for me to say about something rebooted from my childhood. The animation looks great as well.
07.04.17, 3:31 am est
The Hilton Osaka Bar Offers Higher Discounts For Higher Heels
I fully endorse this idea.
07.04.17, 3:29 am est
Magnetic Drill Can Turn Screws Inside Pieces Of Wood To Create Invisible Joints
Magnets, what can't they do? Don't ask ICP.
07.04.17, 3:27 am est
How Earth Moves (21:36)
It's a longer video but I was sucked in the entire time.
07.04.17, 3:25 am est
How To Really Pronounce GIF
I feel like this should be posted once a month.
06.25.17, 1:46 pm est
Landmark Bob Peck Chevrolet sign, facade reappear on new glass tower in Arlington
Article from 2012. If you are an Arlington native, you'll know more about this than me. I just thought it was extremely thoughtful for the developer to keep a nod to the history of the area by integrating the facade of the old building into the new one.
06.25.17, 4:42 am est
A Sundial that Shows Solstice
06.24.17, 3:46 am est
Binging with Babish: Krabby Patty from Spongebob Squarepants (5:00)
Sans cheese, please.
06.22.17, 4:25 am est
A Timeline Of When Different Sci-Fi Movies & Games Take Place
Only two years to go until the Running Man takes over our airwaves.
06.22.17, 4:20 am est
Photo Calibration TargetsTerrestrial Test Patterns Used for Aerial Imaging
"Terrestrial test patterns used for aerial imaging". I enjoy finding hidden gems like this, they are fascinating.
06.22.17, 4:16 am est
100 Movies 100 Numbers 100 Seconds (1:53)
37 should have been Clerks. 9 should have been Tommy Boy, or rather, a 'niner'. But there were some other redeeming ones in there for me personally.
06.22.17, 2:45 am est
Video Of A Server Room With A Seismic Isolation Floor During An Earthquake (1:47)
This is amazing. I didn't know this technology existed.
06.22.17, 2:29 am est
LEGO Porsche Set Gets Crash Tested Like A Real Car (3:58)
06.21.17, 3:51 am est
Stationary Bike Powered Slot Car Track
I'm so competitive, I'd be in shape in no time.
06.21.17, 3:51 am est
How the KitKat became a phenomenon in Japan
"KitKat sounds similar to the Japanese phrase kitto katsu: 'you will surely win'."
06.21.17, 3:50 am est
The Nostalgia Machine
Select year. Pick music. Receive nostalgia.
06.21.17, 12:19 am est
When TV Logos Were Actual Physical Objects
How special effects worked before computers became mainstream.
06.21.17, 12:18 am est
Abandoned Drawbridge Control Room
The hidden offices underneath Memorial Bridge have been locked up since 1976.
06.21.17, 12:15 am est
Millennials are killing chains like Buffalo Wild Wings and Applebee's
The big thing lately is to blame poor business on the youngins. Do you know what's actually killing these chains? Capitalism. Pure, unadulterated, American capitalism. Sucks to be you, business owner!
06.21.17, 12:14 am est
Dad Fills Family’s Backyard With Water And Ends Up With Incredible Creation
It's a dumb slideshow, but the end product is amazing.
06.21.17, 12:05 am est
How People Shower Around The World
This meme is four years old, but I don't remember seeing it before, so it's new and funny to me.
06.21.17, 12:03 am est
Uncle Joe's Stories - Joe's Hemorrhoids (1:21)
You're welcome.
06.17.17, 1:30 am est
An Object at Rest (5:43)
Another fascinating animated short.
06.11.17, 2:33 am est
A fantastically weird animated short.
06.10.17, 11:51 pm est
Gotye - Somebodies: A YouTube Orchestra (5:52)
The guy from Gotye mixes everyone's cover of his song into a new remix. I thought it was neat.
06.10.17, 11:39 pm est
The Russians reportedly once used an ingenious tactic to break into US military computers not connected to the internet
A good portion of hacking relies on the stupidity of others.
06.10.17, 11:29 pm est
Italian Man, 99, Divorcing Wife of 77 Years Over 60-Year-Old Affair
From 2011. Chalk one up for the fallacy of marriage.
06.10.17, 11:28 pm est
Super Mario's World
The last panel cracks me up every time.
06.10.17, 1:57 am est
Rugs Made Of Felt That Look Like Stones
I want one, plus a house that it goes with.
06.09.17, 1:40 am est
The best home walkthrough I've ever seen (2:03)
06.08.17, 1:59 am est
Insanely Fast Data Entry Man (0:48)
Two videos: the original (2nd video on the page), and one with a bitchin' guitar solo (1st video on the page).
06.08.17, 1:22 am est
Man Makes Impressive Visual Effects Packed Commercial To Sell His 1996 Suzuki Vitara (1:57)
More action packed than ever before!
06.08.17, 12:54 am est
Mike "Doc" Emrick's Passing Synonyms: A Daft Punk Mashup (2:01)
Doc has the most verbs for moving a puck on the ice. Now, we can listen to those in a techno remix.
06.07.17, 3:48 am est
This is Las Vegas - Jersey Numbers (0:23)
UNLV does a fantastic "This Is SportsCenter" spoof. Well done.
06.07.17, 3:45 am est
Columbia Pictures Logo 25 Year Anniversary
I didn't know there was a legit person involved in the image.
06.07.17, 12:16 am est
Chinese firefighters skip over rope 577 times in three minutes (3:11)
Truly amazing. Is this a Guinness World Record yet?
06.02.17, 5:07 pm est
Designer Asked To Make Promo Poster For Bar's Music Nights
06.02.17, 5:04 pm est
Perforated Cityscape Roll-Up Blinds
What a neat idea, can't believe no one thought of this until now.
06.02.17, 5:03 pm est
On the Inevitability of the Camp Hand Job
Never went to camp. Feel like I missed out.
06.02.17, 1:28 am est
Hot Dogs Tacos Tostadas (1:57)
06.01.17, 1:03 am est
A fun story involving Roger Moore
The world lost one of the great Bond actors recently. This story shows what kind of guy he was off screen.
05.31.17, 6:51 pm est
A stunning contrast: 10 images capture rivers at their distinct meeting points
I feel like the rivers should mix more, but it's amazing how they kind of stay separate of each other.
05.31.17, 6:46 pm est
Transcontinental Airway System
The "Highway of Light" is a series of concrete arrows where airway beacons once stood to light the way for planes carrying mail 90 years ago. This is the kind of stuff that fascinates me.
05.31.17, 6:38 pm est
Researchers discover seaweed that tastes like bacon and is twice as healthy as kale
There's never been a news article more worthy of being called click-bait than this one.
05.30.17, 1:15 pm est
French law forbids food waste by supermarkets
I'd like to see this kind of legislation introduced in this country.
05.27.17, 5:49 pm est
Adjustable Ear Plugs With Four Levels Of Noise Control
Kind of want to try these out. It's still too late for my tinnitus, though.
05.27.17, 5:38 pm est
Room for rent: Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY: $800.00
This is why New York is stupid.
05.27.17, 5:37 pm est
Leading causes of death
Mambo Number Five.
05.27.17, 5:36 pm est
Henderson Island is a 14.4 square mile uninhabited landmass in the South Pacific Ocean
"It is estimated that the island's shores now contain 37.7 million items of debris that weigh a total of 17.6 tonnes." That is *INSANE*. Humans are terrible.
05.24.17, 3:02 am est
Towering 'mothership' storm mesmerizes and menaces Washington region
This pop-up storm rolled through the area on the evening of the 18th.
05.21.17, 4:22 am est
Lightning Storm Moves Across the USA (0:36)
An amazing satellite time-lapse of a recent storm to sweep through the nation.
05.21.17, 4:11 am est
Amazing Rube Goldberg Machine Starring Yellow And Green Balls Trying To Save Their Red Brother (4:08)
The planning that goes into something like this would amaze me.
05.19.17, 3:18 am est
ThinkGeek Adds New Two-Piece Swimsuits To Its Star Trek 'Trekini' Line
Insert joke about boldly going somewhere.
05.19.17, 3:16 am est
Russian Illustrator Draws Beautiful Murals In The Dirt On Cars
Even dirty cars can be a fantastic medium for art.
05.19.17, 3:15 am est
Crown Palace by GolPlaysWithLego
I really like this building.
05.19.17, 3:09 am est
history of the entire world, i guess (19:25)
The best 20 minute history lesson every created. I've watched this five times already, and it's my front runner for video of the year.
05.14.17, 11:48 pm est
New Nighttime Map Shows Earth in Whole New Light
Comparing satellite data from 2012 and 2016 reveals where the planet has dimmed and brightened.
05.13.17, 10:43 pm est
Langar: The Communal Meal
I don't know anything about the Sikh religion, but this meal sharing ritual seems to be on point as to what humanity should be about.
05.13.17, 10:13 pm est
An Army Of Little Package Sorting Robots In China (1:24)
I am mesmerized by this.
05.13.17, 5:27 pm est
Rage Against The Machine's 'Killing In The Name Of' Played On Toy Instruments (1:38)
You can rock out with anything.
05.13.17, 5:25 pm est
Quantum Mechanics in 5 Minutes (Now with Added Ducks) (5:21)
This got better as it went along. Educational!
05.13.17, 5:13 pm est
Ultra-Impressive Color Night Vision Camera (3:06)
This is technology I definitely want.
05.13.17, 5:07 pm est
Platonic Love Or Lust? The Science Behind Men And Women Being 'Just Friends'
So, I *don't* want to be friends with women I want to date. Noted. Let me know when the time machine is built so I can go back and tell my teenage self this, since that wasn't communicated to me in a timely manner.
05.08.17, 4:39 am est
Mets make big comeback, then tweet out big dick
Meet the Mets, Meet the Mets, step right up and greet the Mets! Bring your kiddies, bring your wife, guaranteed to have the time of your life!!!
05.08.17, 12:51 am est
Could you eat $1000 of McDonald’s food in 36 hours?
The 18 year old me is dying to try this.
05.08.17, 12:49 am est
Lego Cyana Ifremer - atana studio
I want this turned into a LEGO set I can buy.
05.08.17, 12:48 am est
McDonald's Monopoly game was rigged in the early days
From 2003: those men did not pass go or collect $200.
05.08.17, 12:45 am est
The Time Nikola Tesla Paid for His Hotel Room With a "Death Ray"
I mean, who's going to object to that?
05.08.17, 12:42 am est
Buy Nothing Day
An international day of protest against consumerism, held on the Friday after U.S. Thanksgiving, concurrent to Black Friday. I, for one, welcome this day and ideology.
05.08.17, 12:41 am est
The Solar System, To Scale, In A Pocket-Size Bottle
Kind of neat.
05.05.17, 1:25 am est
Drone-Shot Stunt Run Looks Like A Real Top-Down Video Game (4:05)
People look weird while running from an overhead view.
05.05.17, 1:24 am est
Timelapse Of A Digital Painting Made By 1000's Of Users Each Altering A Single Pixel Every 5 Min (10:30)
There is so much going on and so much coordination, I wonder how many people were involved with this.
05.05.17, 1:23 am est
The Japanese Sunrise Dovetail Joint
Sophisticated furniture.
05.05.17, 1:16 am est
Colin Furze Builds A 100+MPH Bumper Car (4:45)
This guy is still making insane contraptions.
05.05.17, 1:15 am est
Succulent Plant That Looks Like Little Dolphins
I want to eat one. Can you eat one? Probably not.
05.05.17, 1:15 am est
Existential Bug Reports
My current answer for life.
05.05.17, 12:19 am est
A single flower
05.05.17, 12:17 am est
S'mores Girl Scout Cookies S'mores
You're killing me, Smalls.
05.05.17, 12:15 am est
ESRB's new video game ratings are out
It doesn't look good for me.
05.02.17, 1:30 am est
Year 2038 problem
So, Y2K38 is the next technological apocalypse. At least we have 21 years to correct it.
05.01.17, 4:06 am est

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