'I Did My Best,' Says Student Who Flubbed 'Wheel of Fortune'
Well, if that's his best, I'm wondering how this guy was accepted into college. High schools across the nation should show this video to their students to remind them that reading, writing, and pronunciation of the English language is vital. At the end of the video, 75% of the people GMA polled said the guy should have won the money anyway. These people are also mysteries of the education system. If you can't pronounce Achilles, you get NOTHING, you LOSE, GOOD DAY SIR.
04.15.14, 2:44 am est
Tax time
Funny that I just did my taxes and this comic came out. I need to go back and redo a couple things now...
04.15.14, 2:10 am est
What time is it???
You know what they say...
04.15.14, 2:02 am est
Hopeless Romantic
Hahaha, crushing loneliness.
04.15.14, 2:01 am est
Stupid heart
04.15.14, 2:00 am est
Find your eye's blind spot
04.14.14, 9:08 pm est
Party Time: Viagra-Dosed Champagne Flavored Ice Cream
Not going to lie, I'd try that flavor.
04.14.14, 9:05 pm est
The Future: Land Rover's Invisible Hood Concept
That's kind of a neat and useful technology. Can't wait until my 17 year old SATURN gets fitted for one, haha.
04.14.14, 9:03 pm est
Polar bears suck
Wait for it...
04.14.14, 8:58 pm est
United Steaks of America
As is should be.
04.14.14, 8:57 pm est
The story behind the wallpaper we'll never forget (8:50)
Just a little background info about your background.
04.14.14, 8:49 pm est
Danger in the Deep: Chemical weapons lie off our coasts
This is how stupid our country was.
04.14.14, 8:39 pm est
38 Priceless Twitter Reactions to That NSFW US Airways Tweet
Hahaha, this one slipped through my radar. The internet is there to provide the snarky replies.
04.14.14, 8:34 pm est
Jeff Francoeur's teammates prank him into thinking pitcher is deaf (7:05)
04.13.14, 11:16 pm est
Dance until the sun comes up
So romantic.
04.13.14, 11:14 pm est
Clippy, the office assistant
Fantastic job, person that did this.
04.12.14, 4:17 pm est
Meet the Bag Man
"How to buy college football players, in the words of a man who delivers the money." Interesting article on college football recruiting.
04.12.14, 2:53 am est
New 30-Second Cell Phone Charger
I am curious to see if this becomes a staple of our future in the next 10 years.
04.12.14, 12:54 am est
21 Times Chorizo Made Everything Better
Chorizo and bacon? MY GOD THE POSSIBILITIES.
04.12.14, 12:52 am est
"The strawberry, blueberry and lemon-flavored joy derived from the suffering of others." Brilliant.
04.12.14, 12:44 am est
The Brendan Rodgers Relaxation CD (2:00)
I'm going to start listening to this before each game I play.
04.12.14, 12:37 am est
What Every Escalator Needs
Watch the previous video if you need additional tips.
04.12.14, 12:35 am est
Safe-T-Rider (8:40)
You don't know how much joy this brings me.
04.12.14, 12:34 am est
Bad Joke Eel (The Best Of)
He's a good guy with some good jokes.
04.12.14, 12:20 am est
XKCD - Heartbleed Explanation
And that's been a vulnerability for two years, according to some reports. Update your web passwords!
04.12.14, 12:17 am est
Stand Up Comedy - One Liner Comedian (5:51)
Full marks for this short stand-up session by Chris Turner.
04.11.14, 3:19 am est
Bubble P0rn (1:10)
Ahh, I see what they did there.
04.10.14, 4:35 am est
Unbelievable Bus Shelter - Pepsi Max (1:36)
Well done, Pepsi.
04.10.14, 1:33 am est
Little Gordon - part 3 (1:10)
This kid is awesome.
04.09.14, 3:51 am est
Little Gordon - part 2 (1:51)
I cackled at this one, gold!
04.09.14, 3:49 am est
Little Gordon - part 1 (0:46)
Oh, here come the water works...
04.09.14, 3:47 am est
Korean teaching american curse words (8:11)
You son of bitch!
04.09.14, 2:53 am est
What is Ringette? (5:54)
This was my question when I ran across it for the first time the other day. It's hockey, except it uses a ring instead of a puck, and a straight stick without the blade.
04.05.14, 10:40 pm est
Pizza buns
Food is amazing.
04.05.14, 3:58 pm est
Traffic sign makes people do the Monty Python Silly Walk (1:50)
Norwegians know how to lighten things up.
04.05.14, 12:11 am est
Toronto Maple Leafs Penalty Box Guy is Looking Good (0:08)
This guy knows when it's time to shine.
04.04.14, 3:41 am est
Movie Trailer Voice Drive-Thru Prank (3:41)
Smiles all around for this video.
04.04.14, 3:05 am est
Innovative Chef uses Power Drill to peel apples in seconds (0:36)
Give this man a trophy for being brilliant.
04.04.14, 3:05 am est
NPR's Epic April Fools' Day Prank
Headline trollers, you just got jammed.
04.04.14, 3:00 am est
Playing the Long Con at the Office
This guy pulls off a fantastic prank.
04.04.14, 2:51 am est
A Complete Ranking Of (Almost) Every Single Mitch Hedberg Joke
Or, a list of 275 Mitch Hedberg jokes. Either way, we win.
04.03.14, 5:13 am est
Gotta find some meaning in my life
Inspiration sometimes comes from the least likely of places.
04.03.14, 5:06 am est
Sinfest - Hiring 2
That's usually my reaction when applying for jobs.
04.03.14, 5:05 am est
How to use LinkedIn
It's full of nerds!
04.02.14, 2:27 am est
Anna Kendrick has the funny tweets
Good times.
04.02.14, 2:20 am est
PRANK MY DAD! (1:05)
I got a dad, prank him!
04.02.14, 2:19 am est
Bacon bacon lemon
Dogs are dumb.
04.02.14, 2:10 am est
2014 FIFA World Cup on ESPN - Ian Darke Calls a Date (2:41)
Ian is the MAN.
04.02.14, 1:57 am est
Viewing Watertower St Jansklooster
A water tower converted into a watch tower. It looks really neat.
04.01.14, 2:13 am est
Inside Amy Schumer - Finger Blasters (1:30)
My friends are here, and they're hungry!
04.01.14, 1:22 am est
Bacon Popcorn (1:28)
04.01.14, 1:20 am est
Jay & Dan's first LA Earthquake (1:04)
This is fun!
03.30.14, 10:20 pm est
This Edible Blob Is A Water Bottle Without The Plastic
It's called the "Ooho". Yeah, besides the obvious challenges, at least there are people out there trying to come up with something that will cut down on the insane amount of plastic water bottles we produce.
03.29.14, 4:59 pm est
Bop It
That took a strange turn.
03.29.14, 4:54 pm est
Artificial Microclimates: Inca Experimental Agriculture Station at Moray, Peru
These landscaping feats are vastly impressive.
03.29.14, 4:47 pm est
Teen to government: Change your typeface, save millions
I want this kid to save us from ALL the money. What a brilliant idea.
03.29.14, 4:32 pm est
Pharrell Williams - Happy: Trombone Loop (4:20)
This guy is a wizard!
03.29.14, 4:27 pm est
We Gather Today to Mourn the Wacky, Wavy, and Inflatable
Putting the "fun" back in funeral.
03.29.14, 5:46 am est
Stop sign blooming
Spring must be here.
03.29.14, 5:45 am est
Finally, the Hose-TV Connection I've Been Looking for
HDMI to garden hose connector. Because, you know, that's something.
03.29.14, 5:43 am est
LEGO Miniscale Resume
BRILLIANT! Who wouldn't hire her?
03.29.14, 5:40 am est
Street Fighter Red Tape: Chun-Li (3:13)
There are very few things I like more than Chun-Li.
03.29.14, 5:22 am est
Toe Poke Top 10: Alternative list of football's strangest injuries
Number 1 might be the most insane I've ever heard of.
03.29.14, 5:08 am est
Do It For Denmark! (2:00)
No one has found out how to help Denmark's falling birth rate. Until now. I'll move to Denmark if I can land girls like that!
03.29.14, 4:08 am est
Fast Knife Skills Compilation (4:34)
One of those videos that I have no interest in at the beginning, but then I become hypnotized by it.
03.29.14, 4:07 am est
The Human Condition
Let us make haste.
03.29.14, 4:03 am est
Street Art by Oakoak - In Saint Etienne, France
A few funny pieces.
03.28.14, 5:40 am est
Porn for the Blind
It's basically a TTY relay service, except it involves doin' it.
03.28.14, 4:31 am est
Redneck Road Rage / Instant Karma (1:54)
And we all shine on...
03.28.14, 4:26 am est
Gunshot victims to be suspended between life and death
I'm kind of excited to see how this turns out. It could be a giant leap for science and saving lives.
03.28.14, 4:25 am est
Freddy Scott - This Is A Trent Reznor Song (2:47)
Pretty good rendition.
03.28.14, 4:14 am est
FootGolf (2:48)
I kind of want to play this now.
03.28.14, 3:04 am est
Warning sign
Someone was at least courteous enough to set one up.
03.28.14, 2:48 am est
LEGO Unveils A Whole Set Of Simpsons Minifigs
I definitely want an "old man yells at could" 2x2 flat tile.
03.28.14, 2:34 am est
Fire Near AIG Campus (2:27)
Here's an intense 2 minutes for ya, mainly because of the INSANE RESCUE OPERATION.
03.27.14, 4:03 am est
Prisoners 'could serve 1,000 year sentence in eight hours'
If the technology can be proven to work and be effective, the debate on its use is going to be outrageous.
03.27.14, 3:34 am est
The World's 15 Most Amazing Stadiums
#'s 14, 11, and 9 are my runners up to #4 being the most amazing to me.
03.27.14, 3:33 am est
Sharp photobombs newlyweds during warmups
What a jokester.
03.27.14, 3:33 am est
Let's study the effects of stress on a tiny animal
Oh, c'mon, jeez...
03.26.14, 2:25 am est
This Bar Will Ban Tipping And Just Pay A Living Wage
"It's a bold strategy Cotton, let's see if it pays off for them."
03.26.14, 2:14 am est
You've Got Mail (1:07)
Oh damn it's that dude.
03.26.14, 2:12 am est
Two Factor Authentication
A list of websites and whether or not they support 2FA. Trying to make the web a more secure resource.
03.25.14, 3:45 am est
Jordan Soccer League Produces Ridiculous 35-Yard Backheel Goal (1:18)
The skill and coordination and luck in this goal is astounding.
03.25.14, 3:42 am est
Chocolate Chip Cookie Stuffed Cinnamon Rolls
The ideas this guy keeps rolling out are fantastic.
03.25.14, 3:11 am est
Time to make the donuts
This is where the magic happens.
03.24.14, 2:30 am est
Happy Gilmore - 8 Bit Cinema (2:45)
These 8-bit movie remakes are growing on me. Also, I'd totally play this if it were an actual NES game.
03.23.14, 5:09 am est
Habs Fan Pays For Banging on the Glass (0:28)
This is hockey fan karma for those glass-smashers in the front row. KARMA!!!
03.23.14, 5:04 am est
The Dessert to End Them All
It looks pretty got-damned amazing.
03.23.14, 5:02 am est
How much beer are in those "cups"?
03.21.14, 1:53 am est
Legend of Zelda factoid
Mind = blown.
03.21.14, 1:24 am est
Enough chitchat
Make sure you know who you are texting.
03.21.14, 1:17 am est
The Definitive Bloody Mary Garnishes
I would most likely eat all that in one sitting.
03.20.14, 3:15 am est
Cinnamon rolls in a waffle iron
Is this even possible? Because it looks AMAZING.
03.20.14, 3:13 am est
If other famous cars could tranform
My childhood could have been much different.
03.20.14, 3:10 am est
Christopher Walken Dance Now (4:46)
The Christopher Walken dance montage. You're welcome.
03.20.14, 2:58 am est
Photo: George Washington Posterizes Kim Jong-un
03.20.14, 2:57 am est
San Jose Sharks Give Youth Hockey Player with Heart Condition the Experience of a Lifetime
Lots of feels in this post. Why am I cutting onions?
03.20.14, 2:56 am est
If Google Was a Guy (Part 2) (2:00)
03.20.14, 2:40 am est
How A UVa Fan Bluffed His Way Into The Huddle At The ACC Title Game
"Well kid, you threw one by me. Savor the flavor, cause it sure as hell won't happen again."
03.20.14, 2:34 am est
This makes me giggle.
03.16.14, 7:47 pm est
11 Scariest Moments in NHL History
I had forgotten about a few of these until seeing this list. Cringe-worthy stuff ahead.
03.15.14, 3:29 am est
Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile. I am not as good at this as I should be.
03.14.14, 3:26 am est
Mario Kart (Honest Game Trailers) (2:53)
"Winning and being the best driver don't always go hand in hand." Couldn't have said it better myself.
03.14.14, 3:18 am est
The Secret of My Success
And now you know, and knowing is half the battle.
03.14.14, 3:16 am est
First Handjob (First Kiss Parody) (3:10)
Bringing people together with an old fashioned HJ.
03.14.14, 3:15 am est
Long-lasting device protects against HIV, pregnancy
Science will never cease to amaze me.
03.13.14, 3:30 am est
Funny WWE Prank Call (Z Morning Zoo) (8:12)
I wasn't going to give this a chance, but I was crying from laughter by the end of it.
03.09.14, 6:36 pm est
Mirror Fence
It's not practical, but it looks pretty.
03.09.14, 12:25 am est
Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot Glasses
America is alive and well, I tell ya. I want ONE MILLION of these, haha.
03.09.14, 12:21 am est
VectorBelly - Craft Beer
There's only one cure.
03.09.14, 12:17 am est
XKCD - Now
My new favorite internet clock.
03.06.14, 2:42 am est
Guy Mods Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Into Ecto-1 For Nephew
This kid instantly has a better childhood than mine.
03.06.14, 1:55 am est
How to make s'mores dip - VINE (0:06)
I need this in my life.
03.06.14, 1:54 am est
Seven-man attacking kick-off results in goal for Red Bull Leipzig in under 9 seconds (0:37)
Taking a page out of the ol' American football playbook.
03.04.14, 2:46 am est
Cheap Beer Reviewed By A Wine Expert (2:07)
I hate Buzz Feed, but it was amusing to see someone trying to review cheap beer.
03.03.14, 12:58 am est
Ravers dancing to Benny Hill (0:47)
Yakkity Sax makes everything funnier.
03.03.14, 12:53 am est
Cork Globe
It's neat, but not $200 neat. And I've only been out of the eastern time zone once.
03.02.14, 10:50 pm est
Finland Spraying Reindeer Antlers With Reflective Paint To Prevent Car Accidents
I, for one, welcome our new radioactive looking overlords.
03.02.14, 10:49 pm est
Turkish car insurance commercial featurine Street Fighter bonus round (0:50)
I wonder if they really got permission to make that. At any rate, it's brilliant.
03.02.14, 10:33 pm est
ZeldaVR: The Legend of Zelda BETA on the Oculus Rift (6:37)
I can understand how this could make you nauseous, but the concept it pretty neat.
03.02.14, 10:27 pm est
74,476 Reasons You Should Always Get The Bigger Pizza
I only needed one: more pizza.
03.02.14, 2:47 pm est
Sabres Trade Ryan Miller, Forced To Dress Former Video Guy As Backup
He didn't play, but to get to say you were part of a professional hockey team for a day has to be such a huge thrill.
03.02.14, 3:02 am est
Surprise Motherfuker vine Part 2 (0:05)
I hope he makes more of these.
03.02.14, 3:01 am est
Surprise motherfucker Vine (0:05)
03.02.14, 2:59 am est
James Van Der Beek is "Asshole for Hire" (1:53)
It's the least he could do.
03.02.14, 2:40 am est
Goose Attack (0:27)
Any time, any place!
03.02.14, 2:08 am est
This Might be the World's First Photographed Selfie
Or, just a clever instagram filter.
03.01.14, 4:44 am est
Life-Size Super Mario Kart Ride-On Vehicle for Kids
Now, make an adult version and we're SET.
03.01.14, 4:43 am est
Also Works Well if You Have Any Ancient Castles Lying Around
Bus station glass + properly placed decal = funny outcome.
03.01.14, 4:42 am est
David Olenick t-shirt art
Funny stuff for you to wear.
03.01.14, 4:38 am est
Moss Bathmat
I don't know if something like that would catch on.
03.01.14, 4:37 am est
Great Place to Have a Drink
Unreal scenery in Murren, Switzerland. What a great location for a bar!
03.01.14, 4:35 am est
He is not the 'help'
Scene from 'Malcom in the Middle' tells it how it is.
03.01.14, 4:33 am est
Exterminator vans from the 4th season of Bob's Burgers
Wonderful puns.
03.01.14, 4:30 am est
21 Hottest NHL WAGs of 2014
NHL players are involved with some beautiful women.
02.28.14, 4:32 am est
Minor league team unveils new logo with bacon hats, scratch-and-sniff T-shirts
I must have a bacon hat.
02.28.14, 4:05 am est
The Army's Giant Hidden Treasure Room
Very interesting collection the Army has.
02.28.14, 2:19 am est
'Jaw-dropping' breakthrough hailed as landmark in fight against hereditary diseases as Crispr technique heralds genetic revolution
Basically, let's edit DNA to remove genetic diseases with a precise method. Science is amazing.
02.28.14, 2:10 am est
EDEKA - Supergeil (feat. Friedrich Liechtenstein) (3:16)
Germany takes the lead for the weirdest music video of the year.
02.28.14, 1:30 am est
Flappy Bird ported to a Commodore 64 (1:07)
Bravo, computer programers of the world, bravo.
02.28.14, 1:25 am est
Do penguins have knees?
Wow, I have never pondered this, and the x-rays prove it's true.
02.28.14, 1:24 am est
World Cup 2014 broadcast schedule on ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC
I am so flippin' excited for this.
02.28.14, 1:14 am est
10 borderline genius thoughts
The serial killer one had me cracking up.
02.27.14, 3:05 am est
They didn't have a flag at the game...
Gotta make do with what's available.
02.26.14, 10:55 pm est
42 Kilobytes Unzipped Make 4.5 Petabytes
Beware of 42 dot zip.
02.22.14, 1:43 am est
Movies vs Life 2 (3:05)
They are quite different, here are the subtle differences.
02.22.14, 1:37 am est
Regular Car Reviews: 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 (8:29)
The reviews this channel produces are hilarious, and they did an excellent job describing this famous car.
02.22.14, 1:00 am est
Usain Bolt Ate 100 Chicken McNuggets a Day in Beijing and Somehow Won Three Gold Medals
I should be the fastest person in the world if that is the secret.
02.21.14, 11:18 pm est
High res photos of action figures (and the like) doing some strange things. It's a bit mesmerizing.
02.21.14, 10:48 pm est
Sewer blocked by large pooh
Headline and story of the year.
02.20.14, 3:09 am est
Fish (Rémi Gaillard) (0:45)
Classic Remi.
02.19.14, 10:08 pm est
Military nears holy grail: Pizza that lasts years
Because when you have pizza in your rations, you can have pizza anytime.
02.15.14, 2:54 pm est
Why Engagement Rings Are a Scam (3:53)
Going to keep posting this info until I'm blue in the face.
02.14.14, 6:07 pm est
Nicolas Sassoon - On-going mixed media project
I don't know what I'm looking at, but it's been awhile since I've seen a webpage this strange.
02.14.14, 4:28 pm est
Shower porn
As in, these are lavish showers with interesting construction; beautiful pieces of architecture.
02.14.14, 4:24 pm est
Play FlappyBird with a bunch of other people at the same time. Yay?
02.14.14, 4:17 pm est
HAHAHA, this amuses me greatly.
02.14.14, 4:12 pm est
Taco Bell will start taking orders via smartphone later this year
Hell. Yes.
02.14.14, 4:11 pm est
THE LEGO MOVIE - Official "Bloopers" Clip (2014) [HD] (2:32)
Now I have to go see this movie.
02.14.14, 4:10 pm est
Valentine's Lies (2:42)
This is my new favorite video of the moment.
02.14.14, 4:00 pm est
The Truth About Being Single (1:49)
Hahaha, yeaaaah... not really... kind of, sorta... maybe...
02.13.14, 5:45 pm est
How These Magical, Gravity-Defying Doors Actually Work
I kind of like these fancy doors. Maybe they're not the most practical, but they are neat to watch in motion.
02.13.14, 5:45 pm est
Ultimate BEST VINES 2014 Compilation (February Vine Compilation) (12:15)
I apparently can't get enough of these Vine compilations. There's a few gems in here.
02.11.14, 2:36 pm est
Carpool Lane (6:29)
The kids keep making juggling acts more impressive as time passes by. Great stuff here.
02.11.14, 2:19 pm est
Guy Spends Commute Drawing Cartoon Heads On His Fellow Passengers
Alright, that's kind of funny.
02.10.14, 11:00 pm est
STAR WARS 80's High School
If this was an animated or live action movie, I'd watch it.
02.10.14, 12:53 pm est
Imagine Making $2000 A Day From Something You Did 30 Years Ago, That's What Sting Did
Royalties until the year 2053. That is insane.
02.08.14, 4:51 pm est
The McDonald's Blitz Box: An Experiment in Stupidity
A "play-by-play" of someone trying to consume 2900 calories during a Chiefs game. It kept getting funnier for me.
02.08.14, 4:26 pm est
Air Hockey Robot made from a 3D printer (2:30)
I'm amazed at how fluid the robot plays the game. Also, robot got skills.
02.08.14, 10:08 am est
Comedian Jordan Peele Tweets His Favorite Names of National Signing Day
These real names are just as funny as the ones they come up with for their East-West Bowl sketch.
02.08.14, 10:03 am est
See Every NFL Team's Helmet Re-Imagined "Star Wars" Style
These are really well done. Dathomir Rancors are going to have another disappointing season this year.
02.06.14, 4:41 pm est
KGET Sportscast to Die For (2:10)
You get your money's worth of death puns in this game highlight.
02.06.14, 4:38 pm est
Nano Quadcopter
This looks infinitely better than those mini rc helicopters.
02.06.14, 4:33 pm est
The Shadow Cube
I haven't seen anything like this before, pretty neat light projection idea.
02.06.14, 4:21 pm est
Where in the U.S. will you find the most "pleasant" days in a year?
My original and current homes average in the mid-60's. The winners: LA and SD? Go figure.
02.05.14, 10:14 am est
CVS Caremark to Stop Selling Tobacco at all CVS/pharmacy Locations
Is this the beginning of something big?
02.05.14, 10:12 am est
How much snow it typically takes to cancel school in the U.S.
There are other factors, but this is a good rough estimate.
02.04.14, 11:51 am est
Robert Downey Jr Sings With Sting And Absolutely Kills It (4:24)
There's nothing the guy can't do.
02.04.14, 6:06 am est
Oreo Cookie Glazed Bacon
I'm still amazed at all these ideas that the internet is able to come up with.
02.03.14, 12:48 pm est
Felix Baumgartner's record setting freefall jump, the Go-Pro camera version (8:18)
Absolutely intense.
02.03.14, 6:24 am est
Old Hollywood Moviestars Made from Layers of Packing Tape
These are a lot more awesome than they initially sounded.
02.03.14, 6:12 am est
Auto Aerobics by Chris Labrooy
Weird looking 3D renderings of entwined cars.
02.01.14, 9:55 am est
Ocean currents map
Shown in the same format as the the wind maps posted previously. Pretty neat display.
02.01.14, 9:47 am est
Irina Akimova - insane hula hoop skills (4:41)
She is crazy hot, crazy bendy, and crazy skilled.
02.01.14, 9:39 am est
Let Banks Fail Is Iceland Mantra as 2% Joblessness in Sight
"It's a bold strategy Cotton, let's see if it pays off for them."
02.01.14, 9:21 am est
Snow rose
So pretty.
02.01.14, 9:16 am est
Psychostick - Obey the Beard (4:31)
Perhaps this is the greatest song of our generation.
02.01.14, 9:12 am est
Champagne Taste (5:15)
Great song, or greatest song?
02.01.14, 9:03 am est
Guy Builds Adult-Size, Street-Legal Little Tikes Car
This replica is spot-on, what a well done "adult" clone of a kids toy.
01.31.14, 4:25 am est
Set Yourself Free (1:46)
PSA's are hitting a lot harder these days.
01.31.14, 4:19 am est
The Pancake Troll
This guy is now my favorite troll.
01.31.14, 4:10 am est
The ads running during the Super Bowl
I still don't know why they release them ahead of time, but here you go anyway.
01.31.14, 4:06 am est
This is What Company Slogans Would Look Like if They Were Honest
Some new ones I haven't seen in the bunch. Red Lobster FTW.
01.31.14, 4:05 am est
Opera Singer Can't Stop Farting After Surgery, Loses Job
Headline of the year? In January? Here's the frontrunner.
01.31.14, 3:26 am est
The Reality Workout (1:48)
I've been on this workout plan for YEARS.
01.29.14, 2:53 am est
Van Cleef & Arpels "Midnight Planetarium Poetic Complication" wrist watch
If I had this, I would be walking into walls and driving into mailboxes because I'd be staring at my wrist in awe of this watch.
01.29.14, 2:25 am est
Pinata Cookies
Uh, how ridiculously amazing are these? Answer: very.
01.29.14, 12:04 am est
Shopping For Groceries Like You're Not Single (2:14)
Posted for the "Goya aisle" reference.
01.29.14, 12:03 am est
Laid-Off Man Finally Achieves Perfect Work-Life Balance (1:17)
If you know me personally, this becomes a bit more hilarious.
01.29.14, 12:01 am est
Rail Pictures - Elizabeth, PA
Trains have always fascinated me. It's more fascinating to see a town where a train line runs through on a street in a subdivision. Like, it thinks it's traffic.
01.28.14, 7:42 am est
Wait a second...
01.27.14, 11:26 pm est
Portable storage devices made out of NES/SNES games and controllers
There's so many things that I want to buy on this page. So, so many.
01.27.14, 11:15 pm est
Cannibal Rat-Infested Ghost Ship
It may have sunk. It may still be floating out there. At any rate, that's a great name for a metal band.
01.27.14, 11:05 pm est
One Amazing Person Shirt
Damn, way too many calories to have in one sitting, that needs to be spread out over 50-60 years.
01.27.14, 11:01 pm est
If The Cable Guy In Porn Was From Time Warner (1:57)
This is quite NSFW, but it's pretty effin' hilarious, especially having worked in customer service for a television provider before.
01.27.14, 10:59 pm est
For Sale: Scrooge McDuck deposit box safe with money
Please save us, from all ze money!
01.27.14, 10:52 pm est
Golden Age of Insect Aviation: The Great Grasshoppers (0:10)
Giddy up!
01.27.14, 4:43 pm est
Soccer broadcaster Ray Hudson really likes hockey
YouTube Ray Hudson if you don't know who he is. Actually, add "Messi" to that search as well. This guy has the best color commentating in soccer.
01.27.14, 4:41 pm est
Report: NHL won't get record for fans
I was there, and it will be a record IN MY HEART. IT WAS REAL FOR ME, DAMMIT!
01.27.14, 4:39 pm est
Every conference call ever
Sometimes when a conference call feels like it will never end, it never ends.
01.26.14, 9:44 am est
Your friends behind your back when you're talking to the person you like
01.26.14, 12:15 am est
What's the best way to woo a lady?
It always starts with chocolates.
01.26.14, 12:09 am est
Slow Benny
Today is the day not to be slow.
01.26.14, 12:06 am est
The Pontiac Stinger - The Most Ridiculous Concept/Future Car Ever (2:00)
A 2 million dollar concept car from 1989.
01.25.14, 12:53 am est
House with a private mini train outdoor setup (2:23)
I want to go to there.
01.25.14, 12:52 am est
Chicken Fried Bacon Two Ways With Sausage Gravy
My god this looks like the most fantastic snack on the planet.
01.24.14, 11:35 pm est
Bra Clasp Only Unhooks When 'True Love' Is Detected
This is the technology the past has been waiting for the future to invent for ages!
01.24.14, 11:24 pm est
Pigeon (Rémi Gaillard) (1:08)
Ol' Remi is at it again!
01.24.14, 11:20 pm est
The Farmer's Riddle
The answer is more surprising than you think.
01.24.14, 11:01 pm est
MORE NFL - A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL (3:47)
The next installment of lip reading hilarity.
01.24.14, 10:49 pm est
Barbed Bells
Neat article about how rural Americans without phone service in the 1900's created a local, free version using barbed wire.
01.24.14, 4:05 am est
TEO: The future of the padlock is here
It looks neat, I like the concept, but when I hear "Bluetooth" and "lock" used together, I think of someone figuring out how to hack it fairly easily. Not that you can't physically saw a real lock off, but that takes time and effort. I hope the security is sound on this.
01.24.14, 3:17 am est
Sad Keanu Becomes The Best Japanese Toy
I... I don't know what to say about this one. We live in such a wonderful time.
01.24.14, 3:10 am est
House Built Upside Down Grab The Attention of Olympic Tourists in Moscow
It's messin' with my mind, man!
01.24.14, 3:02 am est
The Upper Michigan Blizzard of 1938
Now *that* is a snowstorm.
01.24.14, 2:59 am est
Zelda Flask: Triangular Prism Flask
Kind of want.
01.24.14, 2:58 am est
14 Minutes of Pissed Off Goalies (14:21)
Quite the montage of goalie madness.
01.22.14, 2:23 am est
Legless pirate corkscrew
Next up: legless dogs.
01.21.14, 6:54 pm est
If All-Natural Products Had Ingredient Labels
I think everything should have an accurate label.
01.21.14, 6:53 pm est
The Vibrator Alarm Clock
Ladies, getting up in the morning just became... haha, that's the joke.
01.21.14, 6:52 pm est
Detroit Lions conference participants t-shirt
A shirt Lions fans can be proud to wear every year!
01.21.14, 6:49 pm est
Quicken Loans' Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge
Offers $1 Billion Grand Prize for Perfect College Basketball Bracket. This is my year, I can *feel* it.
01.21.14, 6:46 pm est
Instagram Experiments II
Combining real objects with illustrations, a second set of drawings.
01.20.14, 11:19 pm est
01.20.14, 10:39 pm est
NHL fan learns what karma is (1:43)
An oldie but still very amusing.
01.19.14, 10:41 pm est
A model of a 777 airliner made out of manilla folders
1:60 model of an Air India Boeing 777-300ER made entirely from manila file folders.
01.19.14, 3:17 am est
A Rare Connection: My Photo Shoot with John Schneider
A short, but good read with some great photography.
01.19.14, 3:15 am est
Cookie Perfection Machine (2:49)
How this guy is able to try 20 recipes in one afternoon.
01.19.14, 3:13 am est
Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Cupcakes
I want to eat these more than you can possibly imagine.
01.18.14, 5:06 pm est
Ice Fort!
A person in NW Ontario froze hundreds of blocks of ice and built a kick-ass fort in my backyard.
01.18.14, 4:25 am est
Bad British NFL Commentary (2:43)
The Exploding Heads with another smashing interpretation of American sports.
01.18.14, 1:46 am est
Beer Hockey with Drake (2:55)
Another Jimmy Fallon classic competition.
01.18.14, 1:31 am est
Zach King's 'Magic' Vine Compilation (7:39)
He is the digital editing king.
01.18.14, 12:15 am est
You're Off! - The Top 10 fastest red cards of all-time
2 seconds! Winner!
01.17.14, 2:35 am est
Doppelgangers: Unrelated Strangers Who Look Like Twins
There's some uncanny look-a-likes in this bunch.
01.15.14, 8:59 pm est
People Keep Stealing Colorado's '420' Mile Marker Sign And This Was The Hilarious Solution
Well done, CDOT.
01.15.14, 8:41 pm est
Hipsters Love Beer (2:11)
It's served in a bird feeder.
01.15.14, 1:39 am est
This Is Why I'm Gonna Be Fatter: Burrito Vending Machine
A vending machine just rolled out in West Hollywood that dispenses hot burritos in 60-seconds. I love that technology has made it even easier for me to get burritos.
01.14.14, 2:15 am est
Long Story Short - I Had a Movie Date (2:47)
Ah yes, the awkward movie date.
01.14.14, 1:59 am est
Effecitveness of your TV advertisement
That is as accurate as it gets.
01.14.14, 12:16 am est
Red Lightning Races Colin Cowherd In Cage Confessional (2:19)
An interview with Mr. Lightning.
01.13.14, 10:55 pm est
40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World
Another map pack with old and new maps. Posted this because of #19.
01.12.14, 10:55 pm est
Sloppy Joes made with... chicken gumbo soup?
I am *very* intrigued.
01.11.14, 3:42 am est
Techno Waffle Frisbee (0:07)
It's exactly what you think it is.
01.11.14, 3:41 am est
CUPHEAD - Teaser Trailer (0:43)
What an old-timey cartoon would look like if it were a video game. I like the visuals a lot.
01.10.14, 11:57 pm est
Tech Demo for Pillow Castle's First Person Puzzler (7:43)
One of the most interesting mechanics I've seen in game play in awhile.
01.10.14, 11:56 pm est
Herring Unmoved by Rolling Stones
"Herring in Kolgrafafjörđur, West Iceland, were unmoved when researchers attempted to scare them out of the fjord by playing 'Brown Sugar' and 'Satisfaction' by The Rolling Stones." Only in Iceland!
01.10.14, 7:24 pm est
Here's how crazy-long German words are made (2:10)
Rhababerbarbarabarbarbarenbartbarbierbierbarbärbel, a completely valid (and probably never before uttered) word. Kind of like the sentence Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
01.10.14, 2:31 am est
Man Moves Huge Blocks (6:12)
An oldie but goodie from 2006. Dude moves multiple hundred pound blocks with ease.
01.10.14, 2:29 am est
Bacon and egg hot tub
For toast people only.
01.10.14, 2:28 am est
NBA team logos redesigned as soccer logos
I like these mashups the internet has been churning out lately.
01.10.14, 2:25 am est
How to Make Jenga Way, Way More Fun
Naughty adult Jenga ftw.
01.10.14, 2:24 am est
Abraham Drinkin
4 score and 7 beers ago...
01.09.14, 3:40 am est
HELL ORBS - Arschersetzer feat. KC Green (3:41)
Drew of "Toothpaste for Dinner" fame has pumped out another classic.
01.09.14, 3:17 am est
A perfect stack of pancakes
I've never wanted pancakes more in my life.
01.09.14, 2:44 am est
Custom-shaped online noise machines.
01.07.14, 2:20 am est
How a secret government sweetheart deal for Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder wrecked a great park ranger's career
Dan Snyder sucks. The NPS sucks. I'm Batman.
01.07.14, 2:16 am est
Cleveland's Superpimp (3:22)
This guy is apparently for real.
01.07.14, 2:02 am est
Greek Rocket War (1:39)
One island. Two villages. Fifty thousand handmade rockets.
01.07.14, 1:49 am est
Key & Peele: McCringleberry's Excessive Celebration (4:10)
You can't have more than three pumps, you guys.
01.06.14, 3:50 am est
Baby's First Cake (1:56)
"That's so creative!"
01.06.14, 3:18 am est
The Tetris God (2:11)
Might have posted this one before. Still, do not anger the Tetris god.
01.06.14, 2:24 am est
Am I a spy?
That would *freak* me out.
01.06.14, 2:21 am est
Hello Bill
Just wanted to call and tell you...
01.06.14, 2:20 am est
The 124 States of America
'Cause this is my United States of Whatever!
01.06.14, 2:19 am est
Synthetic biology and the rise of the 'spider-goats'
Spider-goat, spider-goat, does whatever a spider-goat does. Can he swing from a web? No, he can't, he's a goat. Look out, he is a spider-goat.
01.06.14, 2:16 am est
Paul's Home Alone Christmas Card (2:27)
The video xmas card to end all future xmas cards.
01.06.14, 1:35 am est
KUNG FURY Official Trailer (2:20)
This is really how Hitler and his regime were taken down.
01.06.14, 1:29 am est
N64 Music Video (2:13)
I want some N-sixty-more.
01.06.14, 1:24 am est
Aaron Rodgers Photobombs
Some pretty funny ones in the bunch.
01.05.14, 11:43 pm est
AHL referee wears helmet cam (9:55)
I want this to be a camera feed I can subscribe to for all games.
01.05.14, 11:41 pm est
Sharks now tweet when they're close to shore
Who is giving all these sharks smartphones? What's next, sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads?
01.05.14, 5:58 pm est
Toon Bombing in Toronto
I would laugh my ass off if I found these in my city.
01.05.14, 5:47 pm est
10 realistic New Year's resolutions
I am already on board with a lot of these!
01.05.14, 5:46 pm est
Get dumb, get sexy shower times
I get by with a little help from my (hot) friends.
01.05.14, 5:13 am est
New Years
Fuck it, indeed.
01.05.14, 4:58 am est
He needs to get it together.
01.05.14, 4:56 am est
At least once a month
Advertising through the mail can still be effective if done right.
01.05.14, 4:55 am est

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