The 100 Best Signs At The Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear
Some fantastic stuff here.
10.31.10, 4:56 pm est
The latest commercial for the Vivitar Film Camera!
Are you old? Do you hate technology? Don't worry, we haven't forgot about you.
10.31.10, 9:32 am est
4-Year-Old Can Be Sued, Judge Rules in Bike Case
Clearly, justice is being brought to the most serious offenders. Good job, guys.
10.31.10, 9:31 am est
Web Exclusive: Dana Carvey During The Commercial Break
Dana Carvey is absolutely hilarious.
10.29.10, 3:42 pm est
For the First Time, the TSA Meets Resistance
An article I found slightly humorous about the TSA at airports.
10.29.10, 2:59 pm est
Olivia Wilde Communicates From The Future
I definitely don't want Palin declaring ULTRAWAR against Botswana.
10.29.10, 2:51 pm est
Anime North 2009 - Organ Grinder
One of the best costumes EVAR.
10.29.10, 10:08 am est
Boba Fett's Invoice For Han Solo Bounty
Small price to pay for such quality work.
10.28.10, 3:17 pm est
The Cartoon Medley
The cartoons we grew up with have the best theme songs.
10.27.10, 7:56 pm est
Swagger Wagon
An oldie but goodie!
10.27.10, 10:23 am est
10.27.10, 9:06 am est
Firesheep In Wolves’ Clothing: Extension Lets You Hack Into Twitter, Facebook Accounts Easily
Be careful out there, kids.
10.27.10, 9:05 am est
10 More Great Announcing Calls
USA v Algeria is definitely deserving.
10.27.10, 9:00 am est
Thirty-Two Great Calls
The drama that is sports.
10.27.10, 8:58 am est
People Are Awesome
There's some fakes mixed in this compilation, but it's still a fun video.
10.27.10, 8:05 am est
749 NES Games in Under 15 Minutes
10.27.10, 8:01 am est
Intermission Sled Bowling Can Be Painful
10.26.10, 2:43 pm est
This Puck Is Headed Straight For Your Living Room
Yes, 3D would have been wonderful in this instance.
10.25.10, 1:29 pm est
"Coppin' a Feel" by Rhune Kincaid
Music video about touching boobs. Sounds good to me!
10.25.10, 10:52 am est
Spoiled system: Eating healthier comes with a price for families
The infographic at the bottom of the article tells the tale.
10.25.10, 5:35 am est
10 Things You Didn't (or Did?) Know About Jägermeister
Jager and OJ? Jager and root beer? I'm going to have to try these.
10.23.10, 4:21 pm est
How much cable channels cost per subscriber on average
The first cable provider to use the a-la-carte menu system wins. Because I don't need many channels to survive.
10.23.10, 3:58 pm est
Pizza boxes from around the world
Prepare your stomach to set sail on the virtual sea of pizza.
10.23.10, 3:54 pm est
Animals people tried to ride before horses
Not everything works out the first time around.
10.23.10, 1:44 pm est
25 Ipod Parody Ads
Some good ones mixed in here.
10.23.10, 1:43 pm est
Famous Logos & Brands Unevolved
I got quite a few of these. Neat concept.
10.22.10, 6:29 pm est
Neverending Micro Machines Track
That's fun.
10.22.10, 3:27 am est
Human Jumbotron
Koreans are insanely good at this kind of stuff.
10.22.10, 3:22 am est
How A Co-Ed Built The Van From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
One of the few vans worth owning.
10.22.10, 3:08 am est
Student Hides Rick Astley's Song In College Paper
That's worth a passing grade!
10.22.10, 3:06 am est
The most adorable youth hockey goal celebration ever?
Hahaha, I was at the game and cracked up when I saw this happen.
10.21.10, 6:51 pm est
Young Me Now Me
Find an old picture of yourself and recreate it.
10.21.10, 8:04 am est
Jordan Eberle, Who does he think he is?
TSN has a fantastic sense of humor :)
10.20.10, 7:22 pm est
Elvira's Not a Witch
She's just like you...
10.20.10, 12:06 am est
"The Rent Is Too Damn High" Party's Jimmy McMillan at the NY Governor Debate
This man needs to be elected, stat!
10.19.10, 1:59 pm est
Kids React to Viral Videos!
It's the first one, but there's potential for many laughs here.
10.18.10, 7:56 pm est
'Build Anything' LEGO Ad
Nicely done.
10.18.10, 3:06 pm est
Holy Fuck - Red Lights
Fantastic song, fantastic music video.
10.17.10, 7:18 pm est
Creed Shreds 3
More proof that Creed is a solid band. BWAHAHAHAHA.
10.17.10, 5:55 pm est
Nugget experiment with kids
The lesson is: if it looks like a chicken nugget, people will eat it.
10.17.10, 5:23 am est
Google campaign humor
Well played, Google.
10.17.10, 4:48 am est
I'm at the Pizza Hut, I'm at the Taco Bell
10.16.10, 10:15 pm est
The Colors Of The Web
Blue is where it's at.
10.16.10, 5:15 am est
No No Mario Bros.
10.16.10, 2:47 am est
Wunderland in 4 minutes
This model railway located in Hamburg is freakin' amazing. I loved this stuff as a kid, and this model takes the cake.
10.15.10, 11:46 pm est
The Greatest Sports Broadcasting Of All Time
Even if it's just some random dude playing Madden, it's gold.
10.15.10, 10:45 pm est
Dying Girl, 7, Taunted by Neighbors in Trenton
Another white trash family south of Detroit with a classy display.
10.14.10, 11:36 pm est
Very Mary-Kate: Back to School
I want to major in ponies.
10.14.10, 5:24 pm est
Meet The Dallas Stars Ice Girls In All Their Bikini Glory (Video)
Ice girls FOR THE WIN.
10.14.10, 5:06 pm est
Lamebook - Miner Issues
Too soon?
10.14.10, 11:57 am est
What keeps a train on its tracks?
I am blown away that I didn't know this.
10.14.10, 2:20 am est
Like a boss
It's the only correct answer.
10.13.10, 11:24 pm est
ESPN Page 2's Lamest Trophies in Sports
The first one is the laaamest. So much that there is a theme song for the game. Posted below. Told ya.
10.13.10, 10:07 am est
A theme song for the "Great Lakes Classic", an NFL game between the Lions and the Browns. The winner is awarded a trophy. No I am not making this up.
10.13.10, 10:03 am est
The True Size of Africa
Perspective is a powerful teaching aid.
10.12.10, 1:18 am est
Bizarre video, Spanish music that's kinda catchy, and boobs. That's link worthy.
10.11.10, 6:53 pm est
Stayin' Alive in the Wall (Pink Floyd vs. the Bee Gees Mashup)
Well played.
10.11.10, 6:40 pm est
Koopa Troopa Gets a Star
Oh how the tables have turned.
10.11.10, 6:37 pm est
Ridiculous Infomercial for the Colgate Wisp
You mean, ridiculous AWESOME!
10.11.10, 12:24 am est
Wheel of Carpet Samples!
This is one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen. And I love it.
10.10.10, 2:11 pm est
Someone turned a N64 into aPC
Pretty sweet mod.
10.10.10, 2:01 pm est
Google cars drive themselves, in traffic
Google is currently the only company I'm comfortable with taking over the world.
10.10.10, 1:59 pm est
World inside out
Beautiful "chandelier" made of 15 world globes.
10.10.10, 1:36 am est
Experiment: Town in England turns off traffic lights, surprising results
This would *not* work in Tysons Corner.
10.10.10, 1:05 am est
For men who only have one penis.
10.09.10, 3:07 pm est
Awesome Reach
What some Halo fans might act like.
10.09.10, 3:06 pm est
Fast Food Chain Name Game
So that's where my favorite places to eat got their names, haha.
10.08.10, 11:09 pm est
Sesame Street: Smell Like A Monster
I didn't know SS was running with this kind of humor. I like it!
10.08.10, 11:06 pm est
10 Hottest Weather Girls Ever
I am all about some #8. Dibs!
10.08.10, 2:15 am est
An ode to the many evolved virtues of human semen
"I'm not a medical doctor, but my testicles are licensed pharmaceutical suppliers."
10.07.10, 9:06 pm est
Kids toy WIN
This is what I want for xmas.
10.07.10, 8:43 pm est
Comic book legend to create NHL superheroes
I'm curious to see how this turns out.
10.07.10, 8:39 pm est
Chart of important emotions
It's all you'll ever need.
10.07.10, 8:36 pm est
Many, Many Mega Men
100 video game characters if they looked like Mega Man.
10.07.10, 8:10 pm est
Hahaha, I remember those days.
10.07.10, 8:10 pm est
Futurama cake
Well done indeed.
10.07.10, 3:01 am est
Deep-fried Reeses Cups Wrapped in Bacon
I'll take two, please. Two... thousand.
10.07.10, 2:40 am est
Never Under
Always over.
10.07.10, 2:05 am est
Starry Night bra
I wouldn't mind grabbing a handful of this art!
10.06.10, 7:47 am est
Because your regular photos are BORING.
10.06.10, 7:44 am est
Homeless Man Performs Under Pressure with Muppets
How could he be homeless with this much talent?!?!
10.05.10, 8:19 pm est
If you do this in an email, I hate you - The Oatmeal
10.05.10, 12:21 am est
I has it.
10.05.10, 12:18 am est
10.05.10, 12:18 am est
Kyle Eschen at World Magic Awards 2008
I hope we see more of this kid down the road. Fantastic performance.
10.04.10, 3:49 am est
CARDBOARD, a cardboard animation!
Very... strange...
10.04.10, 2:59 am est
Project Intrepid
The USS Intrepid is an Essex Class aircraft carrier of the United States Navy. Here it is built with Legos.
10.03.10, 7:39 pm est
35 Jaw-Dropping Examples of High Speed Photography
10.03.10, 6:57 am est
The U3-X Honda rethinks the concept of personal mobility
I think I saw a porno that started out like this.
10.02.10, 6:44 am est
Meet the Billionaire Banana Heir Who Calls Himself 'Cobra McJingleballs'
Cobra McJingleballs. Brilliant.
10.02.10, 6:30 am est
What would you do??
There's some tough questions in this short.
10.01.10, 7:29 pm est
Drunk Science!!!
The best science!!!
10.01.10, 7:23 pm est
Life and death told in 8-bits.
10.01.10, 6:36 pm est
Look-a-likes to the max
This photo is amazing.
10.01.10, 10:28 am est
Nutella is really popular in europe
Enough that there are Nutellerias. I would eat everything on that menu. IN A SINGLE SITTING.
10.01.10, 1:49 am est
A hockey themed wedding intro
Looks like someone is going to get 5 minutes in the BOX!
10.01.10, 1:04 am est
Truck Turned Into Giant Driveable Radio Flyer
How awesome would it be to do it with a chick in the back of this wagon?
10.01.10, 1:03 am est
The art of cutting leaves by Nature's Art
The skill level portrayed here is OVER 9000!!!
10.01.10, 1:02 am est
PSA "And Now You Know" - Automated Phones
It needed to be said!
10.01.10, 1:00 am est
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