The Little Rooster
This one is for the ladies.
11.30.11, 2:53 pm est
Rx Booze Flask
For your health!
11.30.11, 2:52 pm est
Recycling’s Where It’s At
Beck knew all along.
11.30.11, 2:52 pm est
S*it My Dad Says has an opinion on the town.
11.30.11, 2:51 pm est
How tiny we all are
One of those Earth-to-universe graphics.
11.30.11, 2:50 pm est
Oh, that's why
How I would program Windows error messages.
11.30.11, 2:49 pm est
Chuck Norris has a Gmail account
Guess what it is!
11.30.11, 2:48 pm est
How to get your swag on
I need to take notes.
11.30.11, 2:47 pm est
Just one sheet...
Cool paper art creations.
11.30.11, 2:47 pm est
Sexy Star Wars Pinup Recruitment Calendar - additional shots
Still kinda hot...
11.29.11, 12:15 am est
Sexy Star Wars Pinup Recruitment Calendar
Kinda hot...
11.29.11, 12:14 am est
Clever yearbook cover
11.27.11, 2:38 am est
Man and Polar Bear
11.27.11, 2:37 am est
Greatest A/V rack ever
Do want.
11.27.11, 2:36 am est
Bacon Egg Pancake Cups
Mother of god is right.
11.27.11, 2:36 am est
Best. Book. Ever.
He just wants his hat back.
11.27.11, 2:34 am est
Who played this?
There's a bygone game from my childhood.
11.27.11, 2:33 am est
Underwater bedroom
That'd be a fun place to do it.
11.27.11, 2:32 am est
The owner of the most famous hill in the world
Look familiar?
11.27.11, 2:31 am est
The first thing men notice...
True story.
11.27.11, 2:30 am est
...I heard you like spoilers...
11.27.11, 2:29 am est
Pablo Osvaldo offside bicycle kick (0:43)
It's not offside, and it's an amazing goal.
11.25.11, 2:07 am est
Old Spice - Motorcycle (0:31)
11.23.11, 1:37 am est
Alpine coaster with no brakes (3:58)
I need to do this.
11.22.11, 8:49 pm est
The Oops in the 'O' for Oregon
The "O" stands for vagina.
11.22.11, 2:18 am est
The legend of Tim Tebow, volume 2: Fark it, I'm going full derp
A lot of good comments in this thread.
11.22.11, 2:17 am est
My Dad's car (5:03)
A feel good story.
11.22.11, 1:57 am est
Awesome pen drive is awesome
11.22.11, 1:25 am est
Powerpoint Meltdown (2:04)
I kinda know how this feels.
11.21.11, 9:25 pm est
xkcd - Money
It's ridiculous when you look at it this way.
11.21.11, 9:22 pm est
Homemade Pizza Slice Sleeping Bags
And a baked potato beanbag chair!
11.21.11, 9:15 pm est
Mario piano score given to man who's never heard it in his life (3:48)
Songs that always make me happy.
11.21.11, 1:12 am est
Earth | Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over | NASA, ISS (5:00)
Turn off the lights and full screen the video for ultimate chill mode.
11.21.11, 1:05 am est
The greatest game of snooker ever played (4:56)
That's freakin' impressive.
11.21.11, 12:57 am est
Stomachless Sticky Cake - Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time (2:21)
11.21.11, 12:40 am est
USB Stick Contains Dual-Core Computer, Turns Any Screen Into an Android Station
Straight up ridiculous technology.
11.20.11, 4:28 pm est
Mind f**ked
Well done, Mr. Photographer.
11.20.11, 3:37 pm est
Soup Of The Day
For a classier crowd.
11.20.11, 3:36 pm est
Goose army in Ghent, Belgium (0:40)
More geese goodness!
11.20.11, 3:07 pm est
The Doors Sing 'Reading Rainbow' Theme (3:11)
Jimmy Fallon is pretty good at these musician impersonations.
11.19.11, 5:58 pm est
House protects pizza as a vegetable
We might be the stupidest nation on the planet.
11.19.11, 2:32 am est
Nintendo hires West Coast Customs to make IRL Mario Karts
Freakin' awesome. DO WANT.
11.18.11, 8:12 pm est
The Internal Anatomy Of A LEGO Minifig
Open one up yourself, you'll see.
11.18.11, 1:34 am est
16 rebranded AFC logos
Winner: Denver.
11.17.11, 1:33 am est
16 rebranded NFC logos
Winner: Philly.
11.17.11, 1:33 am est
Detroit's New Bridge Is Going Nowhere
I tried writing a small blurb here. I just end up shaking my head in disgust.
11.16.11, 11:57 pm est
Have your accounts been compromised? Find out.
Seems legit. At least, I hope so.
11.16.11, 11:48 pm est
This might be the best 35 seconds of your day (0:35)
Good times with geese.
11.16.11, 11:31 pm est
Nick Jays (1:53)
Don't forget to kill yourself!
11.16.11, 11:23 pm est
Robotic Bear Pillow Claws At Face To Prevent Snoring
Welp... that's... different...
11.16.11, 10:58 pm est
This is how I feel when I reset people's passwords.
11.16.11, 10:50 pm est
Your Future Husband (3:01)
This guy is a mad chick magnet.
11.16.11, 9:23 am est
Would I Survive A Nuke?
Find out now!
11.14.11, 1:11 am est
Strippers vs. Werewolves (1:39)
Who said cinema was dead?
11.13.11, 10:53 pm est
World Map Made from Recycled Computers
Neat concept.
11.13.11, 10:49 pm est
How to dubstep like a boss
A handy guide.
11.13.11, 10:24 pm est
It's a couch!
Better, it's a CAKE.
11.13.11, 10:23 pm est
This is the law of the land.
11.12.11, 2:50 pm est
A song made of insane Mike Tyson quotes is surprisingly relaxing (2:37)
11.12.11, 1:19 pm est
Best door to door salesman EVER (7:13)
This guy has the most hilarious sales pitch I've ever heard.
11.12.11, 1:08 pm est
Skinemax (55:05)
I don't expect anyone to watch this all the way through, but it's quite the nostalgia bomb when it comes to movies of the 80's and 90's.
11.12.11, 1:02 pm est
Saints Row: The Third - Tim & Eric & Genki (12:43)
This is so incredibly awesome that there's no need to explain it.
11.12.11, 12:56 pm est
Blacktop 360 Party Hub Grill-Fryer
Apparently, this is "tailgating turned up to 11". Why not just make 10 louder?
11.12.11, 3:05 am est
Guy Stacks 3,118 Coins On A Dime (4:36)
It's nice to have hobbies.
11.11.11, 6:22 pm est
Magical Superhydrophobic Spray (1:04)
It's ridiculous how amazing this works.
11.11.11, 6:18 pm est
Fantastic cake designs
Would you really want to eat them?
11.11.11, 1:19 pm est
The Jagerbomber
Another Halloween costume winner.
11.11.11, 1:18 pm est
Purity Ring - Lofticries (3:58)
I think this is a real chill song. I love it.
11.11.11, 12:48 pm est
Awesome wedding cake
They are doing it right.
11.11.11, 1:26 am est
That's what Bill said
He's got a point.
11.11.11, 1:26 am est
It's been a good month...
A couple people came to mind, haha.
11.11.11, 1:25 am est
Successful ad
11.11.11, 1:25 am est
What Girls Think About During Sex (2:07)
God damn this cracked me up.
11.11.11, 12:48 am est
Chevelle - Face To The Floor (3:44)
I didn't realize that they had a new album coming out next month. Great track, I want more!
11.10.11, 7:23 pm est
The GAG Quartet - le Internet Medley (3:53)
If you're in the know, then you'll recognize everything.
11.10.11, 2:17 am est
Ultra Minimal Glass House
Not practical, but neat looking.
11.10.11, 2:12 am est
Epic bags are epic
Crazy bag designs.
11.10.11, 2:11 am est
Scientists To Produce Human Blood Component From Genetically Modified Rice
Does anyone else want to dip chips into this?
11.10.11, 1:58 am est
Herman Cain's Campaign Promises with Mike Tyson (1:42)
11.09.11, 11:17 pm est
Will I Fit
Surprisingly, not an adult themed blog, haha.
11.09.11, 1:38 am est
Good times...
The nostalgia train rolls on.
11.08.11, 12:44 am est
Must Be Photoshopped
Because that's impossible.
11.08.11, 12:44 am est
What News Anchors Do During Commercial Breaks (2:48)
What... the... f...
11.08.11, 12:39 am est
The Real Househusbands of Philadelphia Occupy Philly (5:52)
This has a couple funny parts.
11.08.11, 12:30 am est
Pool Game Fail (0:48)
This self-knockout if brutal.
11.07.11, 7:44 pm est
Wrong Kind of Countdown FAIL
Going to hell has never been so hilarious.
11.07.11, 7:43 pm est
Probably Bad News: That Was My First Reaction Too
Only in Oklahoma.
11.07.11, 7:42 pm est
Hey loser...
I swear, I *never* do this...
11.07.11, 7:40 pm est
Web 2.0 Summit 2011: Chris Poole, "High Order Bit" (8:04)
Good speech on web identity.
11.06.11, 12:45 pm est
Stupid jerk
Engineers gotta go ruin everything.
11.05.11, 11:54 pm est
Moon phases
Educational AND delicious.
11.05.11, 7:27 pm est
Just the start up sound of Windows 95
Oh my nostalgia.
11.05.11, 7:27 pm est
Just look at the center of the picture and it will dissapear
11.05.11, 7:26 pm est
Just a siamese turtle twin
11.05.11, 7:25 pm est
For a healthy heart
Clever advertising.
11.05.11, 7:25 pm est
Perfect weather
Finally, an accurate forecast.
11.05.11, 7:24 pm est
So you don't get confused.
11.05.11, 7:23 pm est
Awesome leaf art is awesome
Yes it is.
11.05.11, 7:23 pm est
Rare behind the scenes Star Wars pics (31 photos)
Lots of fun shots in here.
11.05.11, 6:50 pm est
People Are Awesome 2011 (4:31)
One of those compilation videos of amazing feats and whatnot, with some faked ones mixed in.
11.05.11, 6:25 pm est
Helmet Cam Footage From Upcoming Documentary Titled "Burn" On Detroit Firefighters (3:06)
Interesting, I'd like to see the whole thing.
11.05.11, 6:16 pm est
A fast-paced montage of short video clips that obsessively isolates a single element from its source, usually a word, phrase, or cliche from film and TV.
11.05.11, 6:12 pm est
Yeess... your shirt...
It's a great shirt.
11.05.11, 5:31 am est
Washing Machine Sounds (8:33:09)
Yup. 8 1/2 hours of washing machine noises.
11.05.11, 5:27 am est
Purity Ring - Lofticries (3:58)
Neat song; strange, strange video.
11.05.11, 5:20 am est
15 Movie Scenes Recreated With LEGO
I couldn't get them all. The link after the photos has the titles.
11.04.11, 6:32 pm est
Women Struggling to Drink Water
First there were hilarious salads, now this? What is happening?
11.04.11, 6:27 pm est
Have Sex With a Guy With a Mustache Day (2:19)
It's that time of year again!
11.04.11, 4:55 pm est
BR Handskills 01 (1:20)
Bonus WTF? Don't mind if I do!
11.04.11, 1:28 am est
Balisong Dancing (0:37)
Your weekly does of WTF, right here.
11.04.11, 1:27 am est
Ghost Pig
You can identify them easily.
11.04.11, 1:11 am est
Tony Beltran's amazing clearance (1:15)
One of the best non-goaltender saves I've ever seen in my life.
11.04.11, 12:56 am est
UFOs during Sunday Night Football (2:54)
They were just requesting a fly-by. The pattern wasn't full yet.
11.04.11, 12:52 am est
They win Halloween
Give them the trophy, because that is brilliant.
11.03.11, 1:50 am est
Pillow fight!
That's one way to do it right.
11.03.11, 1:49 am est
Talk about timing.
11.03.11, 1:49 am est
...a strange photo set.
11.03.11, 1:48 am est
Bacon strips and bacon strips...
...and bacon strips and bacon strips...
11.03.11, 1:47 am est
The Bucket of Bacon...
It's famous!
11.02.11, 8:17 pm est
Let's brown it
Color by number, but stay in the lines!
11.02.11, 12:20 am est
Best. Halloween. Costume. Ever.
11.02.11, 12:20 am est
The drunk me
Is drunk you a good person?
11.02.11, 12:19 am est
Family Fun FAIL
You can bet on anything these days.
11.02.11, 12:02 am est
Classic Simpsons
"Oh I really shouldn’t, but when am I going to be here again?"
11.01.11, 11:59 pm est
Corolla (1:37)
Because you need to get to the Renaissance fair.
11.01.11, 9:16 am est
Finally, A Decent Rotisserie In A Briefcase
Step up your tailgating game.
11.01.11, 12:37 am est
Costume idea FAIL
It must be tough times for the children's Halloween costume designer.
11.01.11, 12:33 am est
How many different pictures are on this page
Hint: one.
11.01.11, 12:31 am est
Hold on there
No way I'm eating that... okay, that looks delicious now.
11.01.11, 12:30 am est
Pig USB Hub
Freakin' awesome.
11.01.11, 12:29 am est
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