Mark Jenkins photography
Some art is very strange.
06.30.11, 8:49 pm est
Creative Flowerpot
Kinda neat.
06.30.11, 8:48 pm est
Caterpillar with penguin pattern
Transformers, always in disguise.
06.30.11, 1:36 am est
Mr. Tea
Puns are fun.
06.30.11, 1:35 am est
Coolest. Aquarium. Ever.
No fish? A hamster is fine too.
06.30.11, 1:35 am est
White Obama?
Photoshop is the greatest tool ever.
06.30.11, 1:33 am est
MANSOUR BAHRAMI - Tennis' Greatest Entertainer (8:04)
This guy is incredibly awesome.
06.30.11, 12:41 am est
The Loveliest Ladies in This Year's World Cup
More blonde Germans, please.
06.29.11, 9:26 am est
The secret of Isla Pascua
I knew it!
06.29.11, 1:25 am est
Broccoli treehouse
Playing with your food is fun.
06.29.11, 1:24 am est
STUCK (2:02)
I guess if I can't sleep, I could go kill an hour or two at Dulles.
06.29.11, 12:54 am est
Transparent eel (6:08)
That is freaky and awesome at the same time.
06.29.11, 12:47 am est
Zelda Adventure Trailer (2:17)
Minecraft is the internet game these days. If you can make a Zelda game with it, what can't you do?
06.29.11, 12:24 am est
Ferris Bueller's Last Day Off (4:36)
With bonus "Abe Froman"!
06.28.11, 8:35 pm est
What Pinkie's Song Actually Sounded Like (4:37)
This might only amuse me. I'm posting it anyway.
06.28.11, 7:53 pm est
Euclid's on the Block
06.28.11, 7:52 pm est
What a child's skull looks like when adult teeth are formed
Teeth are STRANGE.
06.28.11, 7:50 pm est
Zero (12:32)
"Born into a world of numbers, an oppressed zero discovers that through determination, courage, and love, nothing can be truly something."
06.28.11, 7:42 pm est
Jon Stewart on 'Fox News Sunday' (24:11)
Once again, he's making Fox News look silly.
06.28.11, 7:30 pm est
Problem solving
Who said school never taught anything useful?
06.27.11, 11:22 pm est
Traveling Camera Mail: The Results
I'm surprised there's no dong shots.
06.27.11, 11:21 pm est
Is Goldeneye Reloaded Just a Fancy Word for Rereleased?
Start up the rumor mill. I don't want improved graphics. I want the same game, with MORE levels, and MORE characters. That would be epic.
06.27.11, 10:00 pm est
The Portal Bra
Now this is *truly* thinking with portals.
06.27.11, 9:34 pm est
Mellow Brick Road (Wizard Of Oz Remix) (4:19)
A neat remix with accompanying video.
06.27.11, 9:32 pm est
Mar 11, 2011: Japanese tsunami from the point of view of a car (4:25)
It's insane how much water accumulates so quickly.
06.27.11, 9:29 pm est
Making a Wiffle Ball
The story behind the wiffle.
06.26.11, 11:16 pm est
Korean grocery store uses clever marketing campaign (2:30)
That is a brilliant idea.
06.26.11, 1:57 am est
Girl discovers all US Presidents except one are related to a former king (1:44)
I think she should get an A for every class until graduating high school for such a feat.
06.26.11, 1:45 am est
The Oomphalapompatronium instrument (0:57)
I just wanted to post the word Oomphalapompatronium.
06.26.11, 1:43 am est
Showering with girls (2:03)
What are the ground rules?
06.26.11, 12:48 am est
Freezer Meals on the Cheap
How to spend about $95 on 46 meals.
06.26.11, 12:06 am est
And that’s why you should learn to pick your battles
Amusing short story.
06.25.11, 11:59 pm est
Sick Door (1:05)
You're a door that gets sick.
06.25.11, 11:46 pm est
Black Metal Babysitting (2:02)
What that might look like.
06.25.11, 11:44 pm est
Scratch Off World Map
Step two requires traveling places to be able to use the map.
06.25.11, 11:30 pm est
Awesome fountain... awesome.
06.25.11, 11:28 pm est
It's the worst.
06.25.11, 11:28 pm est
New Friend
Welcome to the kitc... awwww.
06.25.11, 11:19 pm est
Super Mario Chess Set
Everything is Super Mario. You are Super Mario.
06.25.11, 7:49 pm est
Captcha art
Inspiration is everywhere!
06.25.11, 2:26 pm est
That's what she said
Said that, she did.
06.25.11, 2:23 pm est
Don't have an iron?
06.25.11, 2:23 pm est
Will it blend?
Or rather, will he blend...
06.25.11, 2:22 pm est
He chose poorly
Maybe next time.
06.25.11, 2:21 pm est
Jamaican Bathrooms
Yeah mon.
06.25.11, 2:20 pm est
The gift that keeps on giving
My new present to everyone for every occasion.
06.25.11, 1:37 pm est
Space program
You've got to start somewhere.
06.25.11, 1:34 pm est
Clear Water
I need to visit places like these.
06.25.11, 1:33 pm est
Ferdinand GT3 RS (3:31)
The world's slowest Porsche.
06.25.11, 1:32 pm est
If I was God...
Help those with disabilities.
06.25.11, 1:27 pm est
Definition: Nutella
This is what Nutella tastes like.
06.25.11, 1:24 pm est
The Original Transformers
Runs on pieces of bread.
06.25.11, 1:10 pm est
Amazing Art from Soda Can Pull Tabs
Art that really pops!
06.25.11, 1:01 pm est
Should I Change My Password?
Seems legit. With as many security breaches recently, I'm beginning to become worried about all that I have out there on the net.
06.25.11, 3:32 am est
Sounds Like a Hell of a Party
This church means business.
06.25.11, 3:13 am est
The sleeping bag you wear.
06.25.11, 3:08 am est
LEGOLand General Manager Pranked With LEGO Version Of His Volvo
06.25.11, 2:56 am est
Branch Holder Turns Any Stick Into A Sword
Think like a kid, make a small fortune.
06.25.11, 2:54 am est
Koopa Crusher: A Mario/Nintendo Themed Car
Not gonna lie, this is pretty badass.
06.25.11, 2:54 am est
Diet Coke + Mentos [WIN] (0:51)
Accidents are always hilarious!
06.25.11, 2:43 am est
Russian woman dies at her own funeral after being mistaken for dead
She must have been running Windows.
06.25.11, 2:39 am est
Bobby Ryan vs. Ryan Getzlaf, Part Deux (3:14)
What happens in the rematch?
06.24.11, 6:32 pm est
Bobby Ryan vs. Ryan Getzlaf (3:08)
With a surprise ending!
06.24.11, 6:31 pm est
Pretty ladies of tennis
I'd double their fault. If you know what I mean. Because I don't know what that means.
06.24.11, 6:30 pm est
Like A Bosh (1:48)
And oldie but goodie.
06.23.11, 2:03 am est
NHL Players as Kids
To the time machine!
06.23.11, 2:02 am est
Football Cops (2:38)
Manning face laying down the law.
06.23.11, 1:58 am est
It's Friday
Uh oh.
06.22.11, 1:49 am est
Clever shirt.
06.22.11, 1:49 am est
Jewelry Sign FAIL
One person's fail is another person's win.
06.22.11, 1:48 am est
Brains: Soon With Memory Expansion Slots
However, we still lack the ability to punch people in the face over TCP/IP protocol.
06.21.11, 6:07 pm est
Pengin logic
There's no 'u' in pengin.
06.21.11, 5:38 pm est
Get Drunk, Not Broke
If cash > calories, then this chart is for you.
06.21.11, 8:17 am est
Get Drunk, Not Fat
The chart below shows alcoholic beverages sorted by their calorie to alcohol ratio.
06.21.11, 8:16 am est
Everybody chill
This guy has it under control.
06.21.11, 8:15 am est
IRL Trolling
This is sort of a brilliant idea.
06.21.11, 8:14 am est
Perfect timing
Well done.
06.21.11, 8:14 am est
12 Gauge Shot Glass
Takes the term "getting loaded" to a new level.
06.21.11, 8:13 am est
Studio Killers - Ode To The Bouncer (3:27)
The video is BIZARRE, the song is AWESOME.
06.21.11, 1:18 am est
Fried Kool-Aid (1:18)
06.21.11, 1:16 am est
Jedi LEGO chess
Let the wookie win.
06.20.11, 6:56 pm est
This Is SportsCenter: Abby Wambach (0:31)
Well done.
06.20.11, 6:55 pm est
Current Year FAIL
While it is a fail, it made me ponder. I'll be in my 60's if I live that long to see that same date when it is accurate. Deep thoughts.
06.20.11, 6:54 pm est
Every Sixty Seconds On The Internet...
Stats are fun.
06.20.11, 6:47 pm est
Meanwhile in Belgium... (0:17) dot dot...
06.19.11, 2:23 am est
Japanese [gel state] picker-upper (3:02)
This blows my mind every single time.
06.19.11, 2:22 am est
Tim Thomas all-time top saves (2:52)
Very Brodeur-ian, I must say.
06.19.11, 2:13 am est
Alec Baldwin On Tracy Morgan And Kim Jong-il (Team America) (2:15)
Funny snippet from an interview.
06.19.11, 1:59 am est
'Welcome to the Jungle' on cellos (3:24)
This is a pretty badass cover.
06.19.11, 1:46 am est
Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus (3:21)
Serious virus is serious.
06.19.11, 1:28 am est
Cereal Killer (2:45)
Another Freddie Wong gem.
06.19.11, 1:17 am est
Alien abduction lamp
Now that's just fun.
06.19.11, 1:16 am est
Night Motion Timelapse: Outer Banks (3:58)
Timelapse videos are still all the rage. I liked this one.
06.18.11, 2:51 pm est
Admiral Snackbar
You know what's coming next.
06.18.11, 2:38 pm est
Heavy-Duty Playground Opens in Las Vegas
Now I have to go!
06.18.11, 3:49 am est
The Love Mattress: Modern Sleeping Solutions for Couples
"You gotta put the other arm somewhere. You can either lay on it or shove it between your bodies. The only other option is to stretch it above your head. But sometimes my arm pops out of socket when I'm sleeping like that. So I was constantly searching for someplace to keep my arm while still laying close to her."
06.17.11, 10:39 pm est
Moneyball - Official Trailer (2:31)
I don't usually watch movies. But if I did, this might be one of them for some reason.
06.17.11, 6:16 pm est
Hot Chicks Eating Tacos dot com
I have stumbled upon the only website I'll ever need.
06.17.11, 6:15 pm est
Boxed water is better
Less plastic used = less oil used.
06.17.11, 5:43 pm est
A period-by-period look back at the Stanley Cup finals
An amusing article.
06.17.11, 4:06 pm est
Turd Burgers (2:25)
I like recycling and all, but even I have limits as to how far I will go.
06.17.11, 3:34 pm est
Christopher Walken
And his many states of being.
06.17.11, 12:21 am est
Scroll bookshelf
Holding books in place with tensioned metal rolls. Kinda neat.
06.17.11, 12:20 am est
Jessica Rabbit
How to do cosplay properly.
06.17.11, 12:19 am est
The correct way to order breakfast
Ron Swanson will teach you.
06.17.11, 12:18 am est
The Bender Brewer Project
You could easily mass market these.
06.17.11, 12:18 am est
Ouka - Ringarts (2:36)
Sorcery, I proclaim!
06.16.11, 8:21 pm est
Which Seat Should I Take? w/ Rebecca Black (1:17)
It's time to learn an important lesson.
06.16.11, 3:54 pm est
The worst cover band in the world (6:02)
They will be on tour starting in the fall at your local LensCrafters.
06.16.11, 3:47 pm est
Romo Wedding Marred By Sack During Exchange of Vows
Gotta hate when that happens.
06.16.11, 2:12 am est
Montserrat vs Belize (2:5)
Qualifying for World Cup 2014 began today with a big match between Montserrat (202) vs Belize (172). How was this NOT televised?!?!
06.16.11, 1:56 am est
1939 Transparent Pontiac Up For Auction
It just looks neat.
06.15.11, 6:25 pm est
Very popular techno song?
It's best to be as descriptive as possible.
06.15.11, 2:15 am est
Orange Slice Jello Shots
Cheeky idea.
06.15.11, 2:13 am est
Sweet Sprout Cupcake Toppers
Isn't that something. (Spoiler: it is something.)
06.15.11, 2:12 am est
The Bermuda Triangle of Productivity
I'd replace Gmail with Google Reader, and Twitter with Tumblr.
06.15.11, 1:50 am est
Gruesome Hockey Player Injuries
With "Meanwhile, in Baseball" goodness between each item.
06.15.11, 1:25 am est
Alleged Metrorail bomb-scare suspect from McLean being held at mental-health facility
I forgot to follow up on this., as I only heard this in passing the other day. Crazy to say the least.
06.15.11, 1:10 am est
Go The Fuck To Sleep - video (6:20)
I don't know how long this will be up, catch it if you can.
06.15.11, 1:03 am est
Meme Drink Menu
06.15.11, 12:59 am est
And I'm so curious, and I'm so curious, and I'm so curious,
and I've got laser eyes!
06.15.11, 12:54 am est
Humans + Jellyfish DNA = Laser Vision?
I've got laser eyes! And I know what you're thinking! It comes as no surprise! Christmas lights are blinking!
06.15.11, 12:53 am est
Go the Fuck to Sleep (6:20)
Academy Award nominee Samuel L. Jackson rocks this mock bedtime story, capturing a hilarious range of emotions as the voice of a father struggling to get his child to sleep.
06.15.11, 12:44 am est
Bill Maher: The Weinerlogues with Jane Lynch (3:58)
This is Emmy winning stuff right here!
06.15.11, 12:26 am est
Authorities in Awe of Drug Runners' Jungle-Built, Kevlar-Coated Supersubs
Still no cure for cancer.
06.15.11, 12:17 am est
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - The Golden Age (3:56)
TAGT with another catchy tune. Check it out!
06.15.11, 12:07 am est
There's nothing this shredder can't shred (5:02)
Prepare to be mesmerized for the next 5 minutes.
06.15.11, 12:01 am est
It's the Dad Life (2:53)
How a father might roll.
06.14.11, 11:55 pm est
Chinese Money Egg (Stone) Sculpture
Step one: look for the perfect dozen.
06.13.11, 11:47 pm est
Here Is A Gallery Of Canucks Cleavage
Ladies show their team spirit.
06.13.11, 11:36 pm est
Solar powered boobs
This is an idea I would support. With both hands.
06.13.11, 9:16 pm est
Eric Hassli scores the MLS goal of the season so far (1:05)
I'm going to have to agree. Circle gets the square.
06.13.11, 2:08 am est
Florence Fight Club trailer (3:27)
06.13.11, 12:41 am est
Sand Grains Gallery
I didn't think sand was this pretty.
06.13.11, 12:32 am est
Cracking The Credit Card Code
The more you know.
06.13.11, 12:31 am est
He's only 16: Steven Rossitto (2:43)
That's some serious talent.
06.12.11, 11:59 am est
Remarkable tripod that follows your every move (2:48)
This is actually a pretty ingenious device.
06.12.11, 11:41 am est
How a hard drive is engineered by Engineer Guy (5:03)
I learn something new every day.
06.12.11, 11:34 am est
Harry Caray Impression by Chicago Cubs Pitcher Ryan Dempster (1:15)
06.12.11, 11:24 am est
Walt Disney's multiplane camera (7:20)
Filming tricks from the old days.
06.12.11, 11:18 am est
Slow Motion Carlton Draught ad (3:00)
It got a chuckle.
06.11.11, 3:04 pm est
Legos imitating life.
06.11.11, 2:49 pm est
Over or under? Your toilet paper, the infographic!
Over, obviously.
06.11.11, 2:49 pm est
8 Actors You Won't Believe Voiced Famous Cartoon Characters
There were a couple surprises in there.
06.11.11, 2:47 pm est
Trojan War
Let it be a lesson to all.
06.11.11, 2:27 pm est
Added to the list of "places to do it in".
06.11.11, 2:24 pm est
Portable Clone Systems (4 videos)
These are so incredibly awesome.
06.11.11, 2:44 am est
Camera fail (0:15)
To piggyback off what the announcer said, I'd like them on my package too.
06.11.11, 2:40 am est
Lionel Messi 2010-11 - All his 53 Goals (15:00)
The greatest player in the world today.
06.11.11, 2:39 am est
Pizza vending machine
This has "profits from college kids" written all over it.
06.11.11, 2:18 am est
Dice art
I am impressed.
06.11.11, 2:16 am est
Inside the rainbow
"Your Rainbow Panorama" by Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson.
06.11.11, 2:13 am est
T-Mobile Angry Birds Live (1:40)
This simple phone game has gone through the roof.
06.11.11, 2:03 am est
Wanna Play Doctor? (2:02)
I've never heard of Atomic Shopping, but they have a few gems like this.
06.10.11, 11:55 pm est
Funny Infomercial Bloopers (9:03)
Mays and Sully at their best.
06.10.11, 11:30 pm est
The power of boobs should not be underestimated.
06.10.11, 9:24 am est
Bike lanes (3:04)
Best biking related video ever.
06.10.11, 2:29 am est
You Just Don't Get It, Do You? (8:10)
A montage of cinema's worst writing cliché.
06.10.11, 2:25 am est
HULA HOOP 2.0 (1:08)
06.10.11, 1:57 am est
The Drug Metyrapone to Erase Bad Memories?
Sign me up if it works.
06.10.11, 1:49 am est
54 International Cuties!
Me likes.
06.10.11, 1:42 am est
Should I have a cookie?
Flow charts: always helpful.
06.10.11, 1:39 am est
Bird's Nest Tree House
Tree houses: always fun.
06.10.11, 1:38 am est
U mad?
A riddle for you.
06.10.11, 1:36 am est
Tetris notepads
These are fun.
06.10.11, 1:35 am est
Acronym FAIL
Tempe, you so dumb.
06.10.11, 1:34 am est
The test ALL myths. (Animated gif ahead.)
06.10.11, 1:33 am est
I like this one
If life gives you melons...
06.10.11, 1:32 am est
Texas movie theater makes an example (and a PSA) of a texting audience member
If people can't shut their phone off for TWO HOURS and watch a movie, they deserve to be ridiculed and thrown out of theaters.
06.09.11, 10:46 pm est
Tricks to teach your pet cow
06.09.11, 10:42 pm est
I would totally buy this if I cooked.
06.09.11, 9:53 pm est
Human-powered shovel
Best playground equipment ever.
06.09.11, 9:33 am est
Lamebook - Dumb Bels
Well played, clerks. Well played.
06.09.11, 9:28 am est
The Baby Bullet featuring Drunk Grandma (0:54)
Can we please give an award to whoever wrote this? A+++
06.09.11, 1:40 am est
What group projects teach me
At least we learned something.
06.08.11, 8:51 am est
Well played.
06.08.11, 8:50 am est
I can finally replace some duct tape and cardboard that's currently doing a decent job.
06.07.11, 11:12 pm est
6 Glitches That Accidentally Invented Modern Gaming
Pretty neat list of factoids.
06.07.11, 11:11 pm est
SlapShot XT (1:09)
A dynamic hockey stick robot capable of delivering a slap shot at up to 110 mph. Next: a robot that can properly dump-and-chase.
06.07.11, 11:10 pm est
YO DAWG, I herd you like pools... we put a pool table in yo' pool so you can sink pool balls while u cannonball.
06.07.11, 12:48 am est
Awesome People Hanging Out Together
Another celebrity candids site.
06.06.11, 11:31 pm est
A selection of some of the most awesome behind-the-scenes shots from some famous movies.
06.06.11, 11:28 pm est
Dildo Sport (1:20)
The first strap-on athletic accessory that helps you play hard and win big!
06.06.11, 8:13 pm est
Bank Of America Raided By Deputies To Seize Homeowners Property (3:00)
Large banks are some of the worst run businesses in this country.
06.06.11, 1:53 am est
Aziz Ansari explaining his encounter with 50 Cent (1:26)
This is great.
06.05.11, 8:58 pm est
NVDRS Tape by Stefano Pertegato
It's a cassette tape... no, it's an mp3 player!
06.05.11, 2:32 pm est
A Pulled Scoop Shows U.S. Fought to Keep Haitian Wages Down
And on the other end of the spectrum, we have a story like this.
06.05.11, 2:31 pm est
Meet America's Richest Counties
Awesome, I live smack dab in the middle making half as much. I need to mine more minerals.
06.05.11, 2:25 pm est
Public restroom rules
No hadoukens allowed.
06.04.11, 11:22 pm est
Drive Thru Floating Money (2:11)
This is brilliant.
06.04.11, 8:01 pm est
I love bible coloring books!
Color your own adventure!
06.04.11, 7:19 pm est
Mario, the cruel
It's all about points, you've got to get the points.
06.04.11, 7:18 pm est
Mario Kart IRL
06.04.11, 7:18 pm est
The Mountain Dew Pinball Skate Park in New Zealand (1:36)
I like the concept.
06.04.11, 7:06 pm est
Are You Ready For ‘The Summer Of Sax’? (3:25)
All these songs should be on your playlist.
06.04.11, 2:56 am est
Incubus' new single "Adolescents" (4:49)
This came out a little earlier this year. 'salright. Their new album comes out July 12th.
06.04.11, 2:00 am est
Knock knock!
Who's there? Awwww.
06.04.11, 1:52 am est
A Digital Reconstruction of the Capital ca. 1814 (6:38)
This is immensely fascinating to me.
06.03.11, 7:29 pm est
Another Day, Another Ball-Juggling Robot (1:15)
Clowns are one step closer to being unemployed.
06.03.11, 7:17 pm est
Impressive 10,000-Piece, 3-Ft R/C LEGO Sandcrawler
This is a very impressive Lego model.
06.03.11, 7:14 pm est
311's new single "Sunset In July"
Have a listen! The album will be releases on July 19th.
06.03.11, 6:28 pm est
Typography movie posters
Not bad.
06.03.11, 9:28 am est
My plan for the day
Don't hate.
06.03.11, 9:22 am est
Emergency Toilet For Disaster Afflicted Areas (1:59)
Japan: worldwide leader in crazy inventions.
06.03.11, 1:43 am est
Ocarina Goes Western (3:28)
I enjoyed this for some reason. Also: Ocarina still proving to be one of the best games ever.
06.03.11, 1:38 am est
Bradley Cooper Speaking French... Who Knew? (3:32)
More strange: what the name of the movie is called in France.
06.03.11, 1:35 am est
Six Story Wall Of Cicadas (0:32)
This is what turned out to be the actual rapture.
06.03.11, 1:31 am est
Denmark: Real Footage Of Real Cops, Real People, Real Love (1:07)
Denmark is 2 for 2 in awesome videos today.
06.03.11, 1:27 am est
Futuristic DJ Desk (6:37)
With bonus awesome trance song.
06.03.11, 1:21 am est
We Wanted To Give A Bunch Of Kids An Amazing Day (2:58)
An instance of people being awesome.
06.03.11, 1:18 am est
How to get in a car fast (0:10)
But was that his car?
06.03.11, 1:05 am est
Richard Feynman on jiggling atoms, carbon and trees (4:42)
Dude is a genius.
06.03.11, 1:04 am est
Not your typical supermarket bag guy (0:15)
Dude is a B.A.
06.03.11, 12:59 am est
Global peace visualization for 2011 (3:01)
Arguable list is arguable. Yet, I still find it fascinating. Because I like ranking things.
06.03.11, 12:58 am est
The Art of Botjira
This guy makes a lit of neat little pieces.
06.03.11, 12:40 am est
Chinese Boy Sells Kidney To Afford iPad
Sometimes, the news writes itself.
06.03.11, 12:34 am est
Mario/X-Men Mashup
Mashups are some of my favorite internet gems.
06.03.11, 12:34 am est
Principal Lifts Suspension For Lightsaber Duel
I think this is the first time I've heard a school principal lifting a ridiculous suspension, and it's about time. Common sense? In my country? Amazing.
06.03.11, 12:33 am est
Descriptive shot glasses
In that order, it's very accurate.
06.02.11, 11:55 pm est
USB Mini Vacuum Cleaner
Also want!
06.02.11, 11:50 pm est
USB Battleship
Do want!
06.02.11, 11:49 pm est
Shaq Plays Scrabble by His Own Rules (0:31)
How did he get so many Q's?
06.02.11, 11:47 pm est
Boom goes the rainforest.
06.02.11, 11:45 pm est
Socket Deer: Antlers For Your Outlets
Not a bad idea either.
06.02.11, 11:44 pm est
The world's tallest Lego tower
It took so long because they had to keep searching through the boxes for the right pieces.
06.02.11, 11:43 pm est
Amazing goal from header off throw-in leads to state title upset (0:59)
Flip throw for the win.
06.02.11, 11:34 pm est
My Drunk Kitchen
I've only watched part of one of the videos as of this post, but it was a bit amusing.
06.02.11, 2:50 am est
Wookiee The Chew
Star Wars characters in the style of Winnie the Pooh.
06.02.11, 2:49 am est
5sf - Surprise Party (0:08)
This is what happens when you win an entire set of appliances on a game show.
06.02.11, 2:41 am est
5sf - A Chilling Revelation (0:08)
Some secrets are so shocking, not even the coolest appliances can keep from commenting.
06.02.11, 2:40 am est
It's the fat train (0:12)
06.02.11, 2:38 am est
Working Arcade Light Switch
The problem: wanting to turn the lights on and off constantly. Solution: rave party.
06.02.11, 2:33 am est
The Money Shredding Alarm Clock
I thought politicians already woke up this way on a daily basis.
06.02.11, 2:28 am est
Mr. Yoda Miyagi
More "what" for ya.
06.02.11, 2:22 am est
Useful invention
I know I've had this idea before.
06.02.11, 2:21 am est
06.02.11, 2:16 am est
YO DAWG, I herd you like swimming... we put a pool in yo' pool so you can swim while u swim.
06.02.11, 2:15 am est
Nude gaming party (1:33)
Some WTF for ya.
06.02.11, 2:10 am est
A marble being thrown through a bubble
06.02.11, 1:52 am est
SKITLETS 6 (0:55)
B&B back at it again!
06.02.11, 1:14 am est
Rock-It 2.0 (5:18)
Turns anything into a speaker. Kind of neat.
06.01.11, 3:30 am est
Pop Culture Cash
More fun artwork on our currency.
06.01.11, 2:53 am est
The 100 Greatest Movie Threats of All Time (11:37)
Incomprehensive list is incomprehensive. Still, it's effing amazing.
06.01.11, 2:52 am est
The many uses of cleavage
The possibilities are endless!
06.01.11, 2:51 am est
Best marriage proposal ever.
06.01.11, 1:37 am est
Boob reaction in Chatroulette
Brestases are the bestases.
06.01.11, 1:36 am est
Fried chicken
Wait for it...
06.01.11, 1:34 am est
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