April 13, 2009
Fake Celebs on Twitter - this was going to be a link to Mr. Walken's supposed Twitter feed, but it turns out it was a fake. A shame, because the way it was written, it could have passed for him without question. There's a small blurb in the article about it.
FotoFlexer - The world's most advanced online photo editor - I haven't used it, but the page I found the link on suggested it as a wonderful online tool.
eBoy pixel art - pixel art fascinates me.
I LEGO NY - a very amusing interpretation of NYC with Lego bricks.
Scrabble keyboard mod - I enjoy people who have lots of time on their hands, imagination, AND motivation. I only possess 2 of the 3, haha. Jaime, you'd enjoy this!
Pushpin Mario - very neat rendering of the most recognizable video game character. I am beginning to think that Mario is the usual starting point for all new art mediums.
The Seven Best Capers of 2008 - The Snohomish Smokescreen = "Inside Man".
95 Old School Games You Can Play Online - never be bored again. Aside: if I ever buy an arcade machine, Centipede is my first choice.
142 Fantastically Funky Modern Furniture Designs - it makes your furniture look BORING.
Scientists extract images directly from brain - how awesome is this? We are now one step closer to creating Holodecks.
FMyLife - legit or not, they are amusing.
"S. Darko" - the sequel to the original "Donnie Darko". Not meant to be a series, it's a project by a fan of the previous movie that wanted to direct a second movie to continue on the story. It does star Daveigh Chase who is reprising her role from the first movie.
You Fell Asleep Watching A DVD - dot com. Actually, it's a neat idea for a site. I hope they expand their selections.
Awful Announcing - I've been missing out. This looks to be a solid blog about sports in general, with a much closer look at horrid sports analysts.
Paid To Do It 72 Times - don't care if it's fake! It's brilliant!
40 per cent of Australian women wear a bra with a cup size DD or bigger - note to self: Australia is apparently AWESOME.
The Obama Action Figure - Japan is equally AWESOME. I want one!!!
Etsy seller diffractionfiber has a few neat throw pillow sets for sale.
Le Whif chocolate inhaler - "We call it whiffing." Yeaaahhh.

PHOTOS - Beautiful places - spiffy photography of places we many never visit.
PHOTOS - 12 fantastic photos of factories in Japan - I applaud everyone who can pull off nighttime photography correctly.
PHOTOS - 101 Absolutely Breathtaking Infrared Photographs - some gorgeous shots here.
PHOTOS - 60 Beautiful Examples Of Night Photography - once again, more gorgeous photography.
PHOTOS - Chernobyl Today: A Creepy Story Told in Pictures - creeepy.

Woman is vilified for selling a pedigreed pup to the Bidens - PETA is out of their GODDAMNED minds. This short article angered me. You're going to tell me that a person shouldn't have a CHOICE to pick what kind of dog they want? You HAVE to get a shelter dog or fear BACKLASH for going through a breeder? That's fucked in the head. It's not any of the parties involved fault that there's too many shelter dogs. Add this incident to the long list of reasons why I hate people.

YouTube user JPPraterCO08 has a bunch of 311 songs and videos, and some demos that even I hadn't heard before.
311's new single "Hey You" has dropped, take a listen! It's a happy slam-jam song. Looking forward to the new album!

VIDEO - Samsung SSD Awesomeness - simply amazing technology. Windows Mobile will be on your toaster before you know it.
VIDEO - World Builder - a strange man builds a world using holographic tools for the woman he loves. Sappy.
VIDEO - Mother of All Funk Chords - these mash-up videos are neat.
VIDEO - Bernard "Pretty" Purdie: 16th Note Shuffle - this dude is BOSS.
VIDEO - Ogre, the LEGO tank - BEAST.
VIDEO - Quattro Super Toilet! - Forget "Will It Blend?", "Will It Flush?" is superior!
VIDEO - Ninja Bear! - lookout!
VIDEO - Mac 'n Cheese Expert Ian Golder - wow.
VIDEO - NES controller mod for the DS - neat!
VIDEO - Jen Stark's Paper Art - amazing art using only colored paper. And she happens to be a hottie. Unf.
VIDEO - Hip Hop Violin - dude has SKILL. Where you at, P. Diddy?
VIDEO - Best. Action. Scene. EVAR. - that is all.

VIDEO - Welcome to the show! YAY!!!
VIDEO - Intermission! YAY!!!
VIDEO - End of the show! YAY!!!

VIDEO - Lego Wii - a short film.
VIDEO - Unbelievable can throwing skills - reminds me of the Amazing Soccer Shots video I linked to earlier this year.
VIDEO - The Matrix Runs on Windows - snarky!
VIDEO - The Great Office War - if I ran a company, this would happen every Friday.
VIDEO - How Ice Hockey Rinks Are Made - I actually had no idea. Very interesting!
VIDEO - EXTREME SHEPHERDING - the craziest sheep LED art you'll see all day.
VIDEO - Hand Thing - are you still doing that hand thing?
VIDEO - Field Microwave - with handy self-destruct mechanism!
VIDEO - Denver Nuggets Cheerleader Makes Announcers Go Speechless - baby loves milk...
VIDEO - Hamster in a Wok - no, it's not what you think. Or is it?
VIDEO - Shii - The Wii for Women - HAHAHA!
VIDEO - Mow the lawn! - this should be a PSA.
VIDEO - Cock Shot! - the Slap Chop parody!
VIDEO - Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 Jesus Shot - a user found a supposed glitch in the game. EA thinks differently.

And now, ridiculously sick shootout goals:
VIDEO - Linus Omark (SWE v SUI)
VIDEO - Nick Lindberg (PH v KAL)
VIDEO - Mike Ribeiro (DAL v COL)

By the way, when it comes to pedaling his wares, Vince doesn't accept voice dub-overs. No, instead, he speaks the language HIMSELF!
VIDEO - Shamwow! en Espanol!
VIDEO - Slap Chop! en Espanol!

Kym Johnson - I might have a reason to start watching "Dancing With The Stars". Those pro women dancers are HOT. Speaking of other people on "Dancing..." with the last name Johnson...

This just in: Anna Kournikova is still ridiculously hot and delicious:
Video of her playing "beer pong" against Jimmy Fallon, more coverage here as well. Damn you Enrique Iglesias, damn you!!!

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