5sf - Planking (0:08)
But it's really big on the internet!
05.31.11, 8:31 am est
50 State Stereotypes (in 2 minutes) (2:03)
Not too shabby.
05.31.11, 2:18 am est
Goldfish - We Come Together (4:21)
This music video has so much 8-bit/current meme/all around goodness smashed into it. Can you recognize everything in this?!?!
05.31.11, 1:57 am est
Is Tropical - The Greeks (3:25)
Crazy music video, worth checking out.
05.29.11, 3:49 am est
Doom... Doom... DOOM!
05.29.11, 1:19 am est
05.29.11, 1:18 am est
Kid with diabolo skills (4:10)
This kid should win ever talent show ever.
05.28.11, 12:43 am est
Best license ever
The name says it all.
05.28.11, 12:32 am est
05.28.11, 12:27 am est
House, MD
It's basically every episode.
05.28.11, 12:17 am est
Pizza Rolls
The actual cooking instructions.
05.27.11, 11:47 pm est
What you need to get your dream job
Also to the point.
05.27.11, 11:27 pm est
Speed dating
To the point.
05.27.11, 11:23 pm est
10 Incredible Infrastructure Images
Humans do amazing things.
05.27.11, 2:36 am est
LEGO-Walled Kid's Room
I now have a reason to have a child. To provide them with the best room ever.
05.27.11, 2:30 am est
The Definitive Super Mario Soda Box Display
05.27.11, 2:29 am est
Gummi Shot Glasses
Drink liquor. Eat evidence.
05.27.11, 2:26 am est
Cats in Tanks (1:11)
They do the darnedest things.
05.27.11, 2:22 am est
I'm Just a Cat and I'm Doing Cat Stuff (1:32)
He's just a cat and he's doing cat stuff.
05.25.11, 11:52 pm est
Ostrich Pillow Thingy For Napping At Work
Kind of want.
05.25.11, 11:15 pm est
Tents that turn into concrete in less than 24 hours (2:10)
Not if, but *when* the zombie apocalypse happens, you'll want one of these.
05.25.11, 10:22 pm est
Tosh.0: Web Redemption - Boom Goes the Dynamite (8:04)
With Gus Johnson!
05.25.11, 9:43 pm est
Taste the Rainbow
Apparently it tastes like beer.
05.25.11, 9:27 pm est
It's Hard Getting A Job (6:30)
05.25.11, 7:29 pm est
Daily Drop: Pudding Condom (1:48)
This was hilarious for some reason.
05.24.11, 1:52 am est
Star Wars Branding Wars
Amusing mashup of sorts.
05.24.11, 1:39 am est
Get Blake Griffin in RAGE (1:35)
Tiger jump!!!
05.24.11, 1:15 am est
I kinda want this.
05.23.11, 2:21 am est
How Smoke Detectors Work (3:44)
I actually had no idea how they truly worked. Very interesting.
05.23.11, 2:00 am est
Guitarists Rodrigo Y Gabriela on the Craig Ferguson Show (4:21)
The two are guitar wizards.
05.23.11, 1:51 am est
Dry ice bubbles (2:42)
Neat experiment.
05.21.11, 5:49 pm est
Tactical Sammich
The Ultimate Survival Sandwich.
05.21.11, 5:13 pm est
Epic Meal Time - Kids Edition (Parody) (3:06)
Don't be a hater!
05.21.11, 4:50 pm est
15 Hilarious NHL GIFs
NHL gifs: always amusing.
05.20.11, 1:02 am est
Here Is A Hilarious Yet Heart-Warming Story About Dick Vitale
I want that book.
05.20.11, 12:35 am est
Do you want this octopus to have fewer legs?
Act now!
05.20.11, 12:35 am est
Burj Khalifa
It's a really tall building.
05.20.11, 12:34 am est
I don't remember red rover being like this (2:47)
They do things differently on the other side of the world.
05.20.11, 12:30 am est
Don West - Beanies, Part 1 (9:57)
Only a couple people I know will appreciate this as much as I do.
05.18.11, 4:38 am est
Ephixa - Song Of Storms Dubstep Remix (4:16)
I'm not really keen on anything "Dubstep", but this remix of "Song of Storms" from Ocarina of Time is fantastic.
05.17.11, 6:48 pm est
NAPOLEON DYNAMITE - First Look Trailer (1:08)
I am *ECSTATIC* about this!
05.17.11, 6:45 pm est
The 20 Ugliest Caps Licensed By Major League Baseball
Aren't Yankees and Red Sox hats required to be on here anyway?
05.16.11, 8:20 pm est
Epic JACK Time (EpicMealTime Parody) (3:05)
Best. Parody. Evar.
05.16.11, 7:49 pm est
In case you don't have one in your home
The internet: it has everything.
05.16.11, 9:06 am est
Iceland Soccer Celebrations (4:03)
Greg Garber profiles the players of Stjarnan FC, whose post-goal celebrations have made them a world-wide sensation.
05.16.11, 6:48 am est
Post-apocalyptic California: The Accidental Sea by Ransom Riggs (6:34)
Kind of an ominous video.
05.15.11, 4:35 am est
Fun ways to die
05.14.11, 2:35 pm est
When The What?
It's timeline time! (Something I would have totally done as a kid.)
05.14.11, 2:26 pm est
Frozen Coca-Cola, Only In Hong Kong (1:52)
I'd like to know how that works.
05.14.11, 5:31 am est
Holocaust Remembrance Day Siren (3:55)
Powerful and moving.
05.14.11, 4:19 am est
Time Machine (4:23)
This. Is. Bizarre. And. Hilarious.
05.14.11, 2:53 am est
David Fleming has 50 reasons why he's hooked on all things hockey
A fun little article that amused me.
05.14.11, 2:20 am est
Obi-Wan Kenobi Is Dead, Vader Says
The Empire got their guy.
05.14.11, 1:00 am est
How to stop cats pissing on your car (8:51)
Stupid cats, they get what they deserve!
05.14.11, 12:37 am est
Cause and Effect
Consequences abound!
05.14.11, 12:23 am est
F5 2011 RE:PLAY Film Festival: Inductance (1:22)
That's pretty damn neat.
05.14.11, 12:20 am est
Brodie Smith - Frisbee Trick Shots (4:53)
He just raised the bar for trick shot videos.
05.13.11, 11:01 pm est
Incredible Star Wars Propaganda Posters
I feel like I've posted a similar link before. Good stuff nonetheless.
05.13.11, 10:51 pm est
Celebrities Eating
I originally found this site back in 2003, then promptly forgot about it. Well, it's still there, and that amuses me.
05.10.11, 1:05 am est
You're Gonna Need a Bigger Shirt
Show me the way to go home...
05.10.11, 12:35 am est
Fenway Park In Lego Form
I'll refrain about making a joke about Red Sox fans.
05.09.11, 10:04 pm est
Wile E Coyote kills the Road Runner (2:09)
Hahaha, the end was hilarious.
05.09.11, 12:14 am est
They Sure Don't Make Pyrex Like They Used To
Companies making items with lesser quality material to save money. Who knew.
05.08.11, 10:55 pm est
The house from "Home Alone" is up for sale
I hear the neighborhood is in a crime area though...
05.08.11, 2:08 pm est
Sci-Fi Ikea Manuals
These always amuse me.
05.07.11, 12:38 pm est
Dinosaur Comics - May 6th
The best idea in the history of cartography.
05.07.11, 4:57 am est
Motoneige 0 - Montagne 1 (3:43)
Can't stop the rock. Or the snowmobile.
05.07.11, 4:35 am est
How Lightning fan outwitted petty HOA over playoff sign
What he wrote on his sign is hilarious.
05.07.11, 4:26 am est
Munamies - Pomppufiilis (2:26)
Dear Finland, keep being awesome.
05.06.11, 1:17 am est
Insane stick balancing art (8:46)
Dude + skills = this.
05.06.11, 1:05 am est
Crazy modified consoles
Some fantastic modding to video came consoles.
05.06.11, 12:46 am est
The Star's Lee Judge gets hit with a pitch (4:26)
A writer takes one for the team.
05.06.11, 12:32 am est
Book xylophone (1:48)
Love to hear percussion.
05.06.11, 12:09 am est
The worst plays in Australian soccer (15:29)
Are you a bad enough dude to sit through it all?!?
05.05.11, 11:48 pm est
A Brief Look at Washington-Area Sports Failstory
All the way back to 1791.
05.05.11, 11:29 pm est
Don't Thinko de Mayo (0:08)
It's what it's all about.
05.05.11, 11:24 pm est
A SETI Infographic
Ah, money, the made up thing that we base goods and services on.
05.05.11, 1:54 am est
An Alice In Wonderland Themed Restaurant
Go down the rabbit hole. Order the goulash. Delightful!
05.05.11, 1:51 am est
The Slow Mo Guys - Giant 6ft Water Balloon (5:23)
Somethings are more amusing in slo-mo.
05.04.11, 11:52 pm est
Another "WTF" winner.
05.04.11, 11:45 pm est
Pendulum Waves (1:46)
Watching this will make you TRIP BALLS.
05.04.11, 11:42 pm est
"Poolball" (2:13)
I would be at the bar EVERY NIGHT. And I don't even drink that often.
05.04.11, 11:40 pm est
America (0:49)
This sums up what other countries think about us.
05.04.11, 12:48 am est
Stupid comics that make me laugh out loud.
05.04.11, 12:46 am est
La Mesa Woman, 91, Determined To Continue Selling Suicide Kits
The first thing that comes to my mind: "Dying is now illegal, and you will be prosecuted."
05.03.11, 7:10 pm est
Anatomy of a Fake Quotation
So many derps using Twitter. Has no one learned the art of cross-checking their work?
05.03.11, 7:00 pm est
Dad is a B.A. (0:16)
No further explanation needed.
05.03.11, 6:35 pm est
NHL Forces Vancouver 'Green Men' to Stop Touching Glass
A complaint was filed? Dude, *everyone* complains about something, you don't have to ruin it for everyone else.
05.03.11, 8:30 am est
America, FUCK YEAH
The video portion was made back in November of '04, glad to see someone still has it hosted! Trey Parker and Matt Stone: always relevant.
05.02.11, 4:17 am est
Canvas Rider
This one takes some time to get the hang of.
05.01.11, 3:00 am est
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