Chemistry cat has a joke for you
Now laugh!
08.31.11, 7:18 pm est
Mario Portals (1:20)
This will eventually be a playable game. Awesome.
08.31.11, 1:05 am est
The picture really sells it
It's really inconvenient.
08.30.11, 11:20 pm est
It feels so good to be the first one in
Now you have to click the link.
08.30.11, 1:10 am est
Nevis Swing, World's Biggest Swing, Queenstown, New Zealand (1:38)
This looks FUN.
08.30.11, 1:04 am est
Flying Buisness Class
There's a correct way to do so.
08.30.11, 12:58 am est
I see...
That's the joke.
08.30.11, 12:58 am est
Eat for the Future
Another awesome recipe.
08.30.11, 12:57 am est
Can't Be Unseen
Just little oddities that you'll notice from now on.
08.29.11, 2:51 am est
Interactive 3D model of Solar System Planets and Night Sky
Neat interface to see how the solar system has been in the past, present, and future.
08.29.11, 1:05 am est
A Tiny World of Nano Origami
I'm impressed. Good stuff.
08.29.11, 1:02 am est
I'm so fresh you can suck my nuts.
08.28.11, 10:37 pm est
Squirrel dizzy on soccer pitch (0:49)
Crazy squirrel is crazy.
08.28.11, 1:26 pm est
Do all guys want a girl like this?
Best apology ever.
08.28.11, 1:23 pm est
One of the best rugby league tries ever (2:06)
Seriously, this score is impressive to the max.
08.28.11, 1:23 pm est
Alternate Reality Map Making Is Surprisingly Beautiful (10:40)
This is the epitome of the phrase "do what makes you happy". Totally something I would do.
08.28.11, 2:17 am est
Fall TV Preview: Calendar of Premiere Dates
I'm glad someone put a list together, tracking down all the premier dates was a hassle.
08.28.11, 2:00 am est
Speed Comparison: GT vs. F1 (0:43)
08.27.11, 10:32 pm est
Haters Gonna Hate
Aziz walking with an umbrella in the rain holding an ice cream cone. Your argument is invalid.
08.27.11, 2:00 pm est
What gaming will be like in 100 years.
08.27.11, 1:59 pm est
Woman's logic
Seriously, ladies. I'm just a big fan of the packaging.
08.27.11, 1:52 pm est
The generation gap
It's closing quickly.
08.27.11, 1:50 pm est
I nominate God as president-for-life...
I hate politics, and the humor that goes along with it, but this one got a chuckle out of me.
08.27.11, 1:50 pm est
Stocking: even better than planking!
This, out of all the derivatives of planking, is the only one that amuses me.
08.27.11, 1:49 pm est
Why are snakes so angry?
Now we know.
08.27.11, 1:45 pm est
University Friend leaving door unlocked over the weekend...
Shenanigans went down.
08.27.11, 1:04 am est
The Future According To Films
Man, the future is going to be crazy!
08.27.11, 12:59 am est
Aliens may destroy humanity to protect other civilisations, say scientists
Is this supposed to be a real article? This isn't satire? I can't tell.
08.27.11, 12:43 am est
Classic Video Games Reimagined With Criterion Collection Box Art
I kinda wish someone would actually make these.
08.27.11, 12:41 am est
Ray of Light (1:59)
Some old school TV Funhouse that's damn funny. Totally forgot about this one.
08.26.11, 8:17 pm est
Truth in labeling
Pretty much sums up all pizza from the frozen section.
08.26.11, 8:08 pm est
1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheatre
I think I've found... the stupidest name... for anything. And I thought Arena was the worst it was going to get.
08.26.11, 8:03 pm est
Blink-182 - Up All Night
New music from Blink. The song definitely has Blink and Angles & Airwaves mashed together. It's a'ight.
08.26.11, 8:00 pm est
D.C. earthquake causes Lego collapse at National Building Museum
Instead of making a joke, I'll leave that up to you.
08.26.11, 2:36 pm est
Perspective sure is awesome!
Pure mind bending insanity!
08.26.11, 2:35 pm est
Looks legit
No, don't do it!
08.26.11, 2:34 pm est
How much of these do you remember?
Video game nostalgia.
08.26.11, 2:34 pm est
Mutewatch (1:30)
This is kind of a spiffy gadget.
08.26.11, 2:46 am est
Han Solo In Carbonite Ice Molds
[Insert Star Wars reference here]
08.26.11, 2:43 am est
Ford's Theater Review
It's in a bad part of town.
08.26.11, 2:20 am est
Man pretends to be 911 to telemarketer (0:53)
This. Is. The. Best.
08.26.11, 2:15 am est
Parenting: If you sleep in at this house, you are "Doomed" (0:40)
Absolute gold.
08.26.11, 2:14 am est
Firefighter exam (0:16)
It's like Double Dare on speed.
08.26.11, 2:14 am est
Movie titles in movies (2:25)
This amused me.
08.26.11, 2:13 am est
What's it like being color blind? (0:52)
You're a dog?
08.26.11, 2:11 am est
Fruit Explosion (3:01)
Just... not the banana.
08.26.11, 2:05 am est
Deadly encounter
The carnage!
08.25.11, 1:19 am est
Talk To Your Kids PSA (1:13)
It's important to set your kids straight.
08.25.11, 1:10 am est
5sf - Ways to Say No (And Still Be Cool) (0:32)
This kid will show you how.
08.24.11, 1:45 am est
OK Go and The Muppets - Muppet Show Theme Song (3:44)
OK Go - great band or greatest band?
08.24.11, 1:42 am est
How I feel about it some days.
08.24.11, 1:12 am est
This is a neat mini-golf flash game to play.
08.24.11, 12:55 am est
Details in the Back to the Future movies
Looks like they were... (puts on sunglasses)... right on the money. YEAAAAAAAHHH
08.24.11, 12:30 am est
Just some cars
I want the Ghostbusters vehicle SO BAD.
08.24.11, 12:22 am est
Secret Knock Detecting Lock (2:12)
Pretty sneaky.
08.24.11, 12:19 am est
Get it While it's Cold
A most awesome dessert that I am totally going to make now.
08.23.11, 12:53 am est
'3-D' Trampoline Dodgeball
Now there's more ways to end up in the hospital!
08.23.11, 12:48 am est
One-Piece Game Boy Swimsuit
I'd like to push all her buttons.
08.23.11, 12:48 am est
Duck Tron (0:37)
One of the best cameos ever.
08.22.11, 8:23 am est
Manly recipe!
Smells like touchdowns.
08.21.11, 3:42 am est
Soccer goalie robot is impressive (0:39)
Proven to stop all MLS players.
08.21.11, 12:33 am est
How to properly hide booze in your Facebook photos
08.21.11, 12:32 am est
Women Gone wild
Louie C.K. clues us in.
08.20.11, 5:52 pm est
Natraps X Final (5:38)
The sequel.
08.20.11, 4:05 pm est
Natraps X (8:29)
8-bit mashup featuring the NES game Kung Fu.
08.20.11, 4:01 pm est
TFD: classical music eras
This does happen to me once in a great while.
08.20.11, 3:15 pm est
Best wedding pictures ever
Well done, I must say.
08.20.11, 3:00 pm est
Jeux Sans Frontieres - Penguins (2:26)
European game shows at their finest.
08.20.11, 1:51 am est
Every single time
Night owl for life.
08.20.11, 1:49 am est
Honest Japanese Return $78 Million in Cash Found in Quake Rubble
No word on how much WoW gold has been recovered as of this posting.
08.20.11, 1:48 am est
TV's Andy Levy Apologizes To Chris Brown And His Fans (2:10)
Andy Levy: winner winner, chicken dinner.
08.20.11, 1:44 am est
6 Reasons The Guy Who's Fixing Your Computer Hates You
Hi everybody!
08.20.11, 1:43 am est
Andrew Michler 13-Year-Old Makes Solar Power Breakthrough by Harnessing the Fibonacci Sequence
Give this kid anything he wants, for he is a genius.
08.20.11, 1:42 am est
Creating the original Stormtrooper Helmet (13:09)
This is absolutely fascinating.
08.18.11, 11:39 pm est
People I Would Fuck (6:03)
I'm still missing one key ingredient: self esteem.
08.18.11, 11:38 pm est
Cool carpet in the game store
Freaky, man.
08.18.11, 11:29 am est
How to imitate a chicken
Four ways to try on your own!
08.18.11, 4:15 am est
Join the party!
08.18.11, 4:14 am est
Oreo pandas
Do want!
08.18.11, 4:14 am est
Zombie Fortress
Let's see them get in here.
08.18.11, 4:13 am est
Hot-Crazy Scale
A girl is allowed to be crazy, as long as she is equally hot.
08.18.11, 4:13 am est
Simpsons Cosplay
Best cosplay ever.
08.18.11, 4:12 am est
Paypal Founder Invests $1.25 Million to Create Floating Micro-Countries
Let's all jump ship on this country and start over. At least, that's how I feel every time I hear that our country has dug a deeper hole to dig itself out from.
08.18.11, 4:12 am est
Indecision 2012 - Corn Polled Edition - Ron Paul & the Top Tier (4:20)
Based off of this, the link above this sounds like a better idea every day.
08.18.11, 4:09 am est
I paid money, where is train?
Poor train.
08.18.11, 3:56 am est
They created some really neat art projects.
08.18.11, 3:33 am est
Things That Look Like Other Things
A.K.A. a place to kill time on the interwebs.
08.18.11, 3:31 am est
9 Videos of Hot Women Playing Wii Sports
Nintendo knew what it was doing all along.
08.18.11, 3:30 am est
08.16.11, 8:11 pm est
4chan on Parenting
Best parenting idea yet.
08.16.11, 8:10 pm est
Shower on the go?
This is kind of a brilliant idea.
08.16.11, 8:09 pm est
Seems like a legit plan
For all those war mongers out there.
08.16.11, 8:07 pm est
08.16.11, 8:07 pm est
Jumbotron Marriage Proposal - ESPN Commercial (0:46)
Go Tigers!
08.16.11, 7:17 pm est
Parody of the "Greg Jennings Broken Leg" (0:48)
Greg Jennings. Put his kids on his back do'.
08.16.11, 9:07 am est
Captain Awesome (0:28)
This is the video tag at its finest.
08.15.11, 9:59 pm est
Rise of Nightmares (1:34)
There's motherf*****g zombies that need killing.
08.15.11, 9:48 pm est
Pipe Mug
WANT. Like so much volleyball.
08.15.11, 9:44 pm est
Interview with a one-year-old (3:45)
This is funnier than I thought it would be.
08.14.11, 9:53 pm est
Air Swimmers: Awesome RC flying shark and clownfish (1:42)
So... lifelike...
08.14.11, 9:53 pm est
A text from the GF... Nailing it.
Your life is complete if you get this text message.
08.14.11, 4:29 pm est
Ring Clock
This doesn't exist yet (this is from an art competition), but I really want it to exist.
08.14.11, 4:28 pm est
Louie C.K.
08.14.11, 4:24 pm est
8-BIT WORLD featuring Hoodie Allen (3:30)
Another NES rap.
08.14.11, 4:09 pm est
08.13.11, 1:18 pm est
The Perfect Date (0:53)
08.12.11, 11:12 pm est
08.12.11, 11:01 pm est
This toothpaste tube design is absolutely brilliant
Now get companies to actually use it.
08.12.11, 11:00 pm est
Teats Out: An Oral History of the Rise and Fall (and Rise) of "The Dana Carvey Show"
A great read from all the previous cast members on the short lived show.
08.12.11, 10:51 pm est
Summer Boobs (2:42)
And informational 'how to' for the ladies.
08.12.11, 12:51 am est
Pet Hotel (1:51)
And now... you know.
08.12.11, 12:43 am est
A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas - Trailer (2:31)
New Harold and Kumar movie? I'm down for it.
08.12.11, 12:40 am est
Probably Bad News: That's a Lot of Crap Mail
Old people, such a great source for comedy.
08.12.11, 12:24 am est
A great idea for a tattoo.
08.12.11, 12:23 am est
11 Things Worth Knowing About Cricket
If you are clueless, this will help a bit.
08.12.11, 12:22 am est
08.11.11, 7:16 pm est
Futurama LEGO Models
With LEGO, anything is possib... ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.
08.11.11, 7:16 pm est
Another cheeky "yo dawg".
08.11.11, 7:10 pm est
G.I. José
A real Mexican hero.
08.11.11, 7:10 pm est
Tickle monster
Only one way to stop him.
08.11.11, 7:08 pm est
Just sayin'
Point taken.
08.11.11, 7:08 pm est
Easily one of my favorite "yo dawg" memes.
08.11.11, 7:07 pm est
USA: arbitrary retarded roller coaster.
08.10.11, 11:39 pm est
Everything search engine
A nifty little tool for searching your windows system for files.
08.10.11, 11:31 pm est
The Story Behind the 'Head-in-a-Freezer' Image Meme.
08.10.11, 11:27 pm est
Banana Oxidation Art Is Just Bananas
Australian artist Jun Gil Park has found a way of turning regular bananas into awe-inspiring works of art.
08.10.11, 8:04 pm est
Custom Golf Carts
They're like Power Wheels for adults.
08.10.11, 8:01 pm est
15 Sexy Yoga Poses
Any pose is sexy when you have these kinds of bodies. Dibs ahoy.
08.10.11, 7:58 pm est
Why does this always happen to me when I try to sleep?
Both of these scenarios are true.
08.10.11, 7:57 pm est
Sylvester Stallone
Don't take his cookie.
08.10.11, 7:44 pm est
This is better then Nutella?
I find that hard to believe, but now I have to know.
08.10.11, 7:43 pm est
Carmen Electra without makeup, and with a kitten on her back
Abso-lutely. Dibs.
08.10.11, 2:55 am est
Dream Bedrooms
I like to see how the inside of other houses look.
08.10.11, 2:53 am est
Man Offers Himself As Personal Dinosaur In Exchange For Housing
I really hope this works out.
08.09.11, 6:57 pm est
5 Ridiculous Secrets Only Two Living People Know: Part 2
An article that will leave you intrigued.
08.09.11, 6:48 pm est
New Romance - Miles Fisher (4:08)
You might remember the theme of this music video...
08.09.11, 6:12 pm est
Picture Of The Day: When Bowling Meets Pool
Another thing I will create when I hit the lotto.
08.08.11, 7:38 pm est
Pizza Quest! (3:05)
This amused me for some reason.
08.08.11, 7:07 pm est
WiFi Networks
They live in a fun neighborhood.
08.08.11, 7:02 pm est
Tiny Fuppets: Internet Follies (2:46)
Their story must be told.
08.08.11, 1:52 am est
Dan Aykroyd's Crystal Head Vodka (8:03)
08.07.11, 12:53 am est
A super efficient hotel in Kyoto, Japan (3:59)
I think the idea is brilliant.
08.06.11, 5:51 pm est
Just a mariachi band serenading a beluga whale (1:44)
Everyday type of stuff.
08.06.11, 5:07 pm est
Epic street art
This is insanely massive.
08.06.11, 4:55 pm est
Rotate Your Owl (1:18)
Requirements: 1x sterilized standardized scientificized owl.
08.06.11, 1:40 pm est
How to not give a fuck
A step by step guide.
08.06.11, 1:32 pm est
The Three Classical States of Matter
Solid, liquid, gas.
08.06.11, 1:31 pm est
I'd smurf the hell out of her.
08.06.11, 1:30 pm est
Things that kill more people than sharks
"When Obesity Attacks" wouldn't make a good show, though.
08.06.11, 1:29 pm est
Orca Eye
08.06.11, 1:29 pm est
Post-it addict
Post-its are the original 8-bit graphics.
08.06.11, 1:28 pm est
Or is it just me?
Epic music always needs a back story.
08.06.11, 1:27 pm est
How a Vacuum Works
It all makes sense now.
08.06.11, 1:26 pm est
Celebrities Who Look Like Historical People Pictures
There's some good ones in here.
08.06.11, 1:12 pm est
'Rent is Too Damn High' candidate facing eviction from rent-controlled apartment
Another reason never to live in New York.
08.06.11, 1:07 pm est
Black Teen Mom Denied Valedictorian Title
Arkansas: 50 years behind the times.
08.06.11, 1:03 pm est
EcoSphere Closed Ecosystems
The world's first totally enclosed ecosystem - a complete, self-contained and self-sustaining miniature world encased in glass.
08.06.11, 12:59 pm est
It's so damn literal!
08.05.11, 9:13 am est
Piranha Plant Earrings
She's a keeper if she has these.
08.05.11, 9:10 am est
Banana Slicer
This is all sorts of brilliant.
08.05.11, 9:10 am est
Things to look forward to
What... the... eff???
08.05.11, 8:56 am est
Les Paul
More Paul.
08.05.11, 8:54 am est
Adorable Ice-cream
Isn't that special?
08.05.11, 8:54 am est
Come see the difference - NYILFF
Random movie trends.
08.05.11, 8:53 am est
Short history of logos
For a few select companies.
08.05.11, 8:52 am est
When I check my voicemail
08.05.11, 8:51 am est
Metropolis II by Chris Burden (5:42)
Neat whatever you want to call it.
08.04.11, 11:43 pm est
In Time - trailer (4:11)
The concept is very intriguing.
08.04.11, 8:40 pm est
Evolution of the Hipster (5:07)
This was quite informative!
08.04.11, 8:32 pm est
Banned 90s LUNCHABLEZ commercial (1:18)
Not safe for so many reasons.
08.04.11, 8:24 pm est
5K Obstacle Course Zombie Race
There's more incentive to run... WHEN SURVIVAL IS ON THE LINE!!!
08.04.11, 8:16 pm est
Red State Official Trailer (2:33)
A new Kevin Smith movie, NOTHING like his past work.
08.04.11, 9:05 am est
How to break into a building with Lego (2:34)
08.03.11, 8:41 pm est
So you're MAD about something on the Internet...
The levels of arguing the are achievable.
08.03.11, 8:10 pm est
Burritos are... OK
This is how I feel when I eat Chipotle.
08.03.11, 8:09 pm est
Go Remy - Raise The Debt Ceiling (2:21)
We may not be able to address our current debt ceiling woes, but we can at least put them to a good beat.
08.03.11, 1:42 am est
Jon Lajoie - F**k Everything (3:38)
He really doesn't give just one.
08.03.11, 1:27 am est
Will you use this?
It's actually a neat idea.
08.03.11, 1:24 am est
Passion for Details
A neat ad campaign.
08.03.11, 1:24 am est
The Cartoon Color Wheel
08.03.11, 1:23 am est
Really, really good hand sanitizer
As advertised.
08.03.11, 1:05 am est
A man with a plan
Zach Galifianakis knew what he was doing when he came to America.
08.03.11, 1:04 am est
Possible UFO Found At The Bottom Of Sea
You've never heard of the Millennium Falcon?
08.03.11, 1:03 am est
OK Go + Pilobolus - All Is Not Lost (4:00)
OK Go - raising the bar for quality music videos.
08.03.11, 12:58 am est
This is a great shirt.
08.03.11, 12:53 am est
36 Incredible Photos... That Move
"Cinemagraphs", as they are being called. They're neat.
08.03.11, 12:53 am est
Morgan Freeman with cotton candy
Your argument is invalid.
08.02.11, 8:34 am est
Our Economy
Go go gadget derp!
08.02.11, 8:33 am est
Type of Fish FAIL
The last one has been on the menu too long.
08.02.11, 8:31 am est
Arthur Ganson - Wishbone (1:37)
Creepy machine is creepy.
08.02.11, 8:14 am est
Macho Man most insane promo EVER (1:52)
This passed for entertainment during parts of my childhood.
08.02.11, 8:14 am est
FPS Mario (1:40)
Using the Unreal engine.
08.02.11, 8:13 am est
Trouble in suburbia.
08.02.11, 2:49 am est
Heimlich Maneuver
Zangief style.
08.02.11, 2:39 am est
Calvin & Hobbes street art
08.02.11, 2:32 am est
She's got it.
08.02.11, 2:31 am est
This is what life needs
My alarm clock isn't cutting it.
08.02.11, 2:31 am est
This is how I shop for groceries
If this was a video game, I'd buy it tomorrow.
08.02.11, 2:30 am est
Bill F**king Murray
That's all there needs to be said.
08.02.11, 2:29 am est
No driver in the car
This is a fantastic idea.
08.02.11, 2:29 am est
Grande Reportagem's "Meet the World"
A different way of interpreting information of certain countries.
08.02.11, 2:29 am est
Unbelievable Kitchen Magic
I feel like this sometimes.
08.02.11, 2:27 am est
Art is everywhere!
08.02.11, 2:15 am est
Wedding rings
Or, one way to screw yourself.
08.02.11, 2:15 am est
Meanwhile in the Netherlands...
Those crazy Dutch.
08.02.11, 2:14 am est
Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Classic "Who's Line".
08.02.11, 2:12 am est
That's a neat butterfly.
08.02.11, 2:12 am est
Nothing is ever black and white
Lest we forget.
08.02.11, 2:11 am est
The Scorpions
Great cover band, or greatest cover band?
08.02.11, 2:10 am est
The future of corn
I'm sure this will come in handy for someone in the corn industry.
08.02.11, 2:09 am est
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