Life has peaked
You'll know when it's over.
07.29.14, 10:41 pm est
Fastest Cook from Japan (2:04)
I don't know about that. What I do know is that I want all those perfectly cooked pancakes.
07.28.14, 6:25 am est
This Futuristic Condom Could Revolutionize Sex
"A game-changing condom that kills almost all sexually transmitted infections." Science is amazing.
07.26.14, 6:36 pm est
An elegant meal for one
Class it up every once in awhile.
07.26.14, 4:02 pm est
What time do you wake up?
07.26.14, 3:54 pm est
Here's a dancing taco
With internet corrections.
07.26.14, 3:54 pm est
Taco Meats, Ranked
I didn't read this closely enough the first time around.
07.26.14, 4:01 am est
Father Invents Method To Fill 100 Water Balloons in a Minute
Oh man. This changes EVERYTHING.
07.26.14, 3:59 am est
Tetris tots
And still no FREAKIN' LINE BLOCK!!!
07.24.14, 3:47 am est
End of year cake
I stand up and applaud this kid and his efforts.
07.24.14, 3:31 am est
Amusement Park Ride Drops Untethered Thrill-Seekers 100-Feet Into A Net
A 100 foot drop reaching 55 mph. Alright, Cedar Point, when are you going to install one of these?
07.23.14, 3:33 am est
Prayers Answered: Spray-Can Cake Batter Is Coming
Do you have to bake the cake? Can I just spray it into my mouth like reddi-whip? Because, you know, 'merica.
07.23.14, 3:17 am est
Unimpressed Lizard...
... is unimpressed.
07.22.14, 10:27 pm est
07.22.14, 10:24 pm est
The Berenstein Bears: We Are Living in Our Own Parallel Universe
Just do a quick read on this one. It's figuratively blowing my mind.
07.21.14, 7:23 am est
Photos: Summer vacation for the NHL
Tweets of photos of NHL players in the off-season.
07.21.14, 5:31 am est
J.M. Sanderson photography
A fantastic range of photos. My favorites are in the railroad landscape categories.
07.21.14, 3:24 am est
Will It Taco? (11:57)
This started out amazing. Then it took a turn for the ridiculous.
07.21.14, 3:10 am est
"WarkaWater is an inexpensive, easily-assembled structure that extracts fresh water from the air. It has the potential to save millions of lives."
07.20.14, 10:46 pm est
A cooler with a blender, speakers, and USB ports.
07.20.14, 10:45 pm est
Photos of a "traffic jam" stuck in the woods for 70 years
A creepy series of pictures.
07.20.14, 9:49 pm est
Social Pool
Humans are capable of creating strange things.
07.20.14, 9:29 pm est
ShowHawk Duo - Tribute to Daft Punk - Alice Park 2014 (5:01)
My new favorite jam.
07.20.14, 8:59 pm est
A Redesigned Parking Sign So Simple That You’ll Never Get Towed
It's a prototype, but it's well thought out and can make a difference.
07.20.14, 8:22 pm est
Map: The 25 cities nobody wants to live in
8 of these cities are in Michigan. 6 of them are in the metro Detroit area. Shocker.
07.20.14, 4:01 am est
Hmm. I don't believe a category exists for what I just watched.
07.20.14, 3:52 am est
Intermarché - "Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables" (2:30)
You mean, fruits and vegetables could be ridiculously cheaper if I bought the ugly ones? SIGN ME UP. I'm serious.
07.19.14, 3:33 am est
Truck Loading Like a Boss (1:29)
There's no other way to put this. Brilliant.
07.19.14, 2:58 am est
Oregon Officers Are Under Fire For Making This Amazing List Of People Who Should 'Eat A Bowl Of Dicks'
There's a few I'd leave off of this list, but Adobe Acrobat and Windows Vista did make the list, so I'm inclined to think that these guys know what they're talking about.
07.18.14, 1:45 am est
Woman Builds Kayak In Likeness Of Her Own Ladyparts
I have no words. Japan.
07.17.14, 2:58 am est
Sysadmins are freaky
The naughtiest.
07.17.14, 1:59 am est
Toilets You Can Trust Everytime (2:55)
Aww, poor Kate.
07.15.14, 2:46 am est
Smelling Farts Might Prevent Cancer
Hilarious headline with life saving potential.
07.15.14, 2:34 am est
The Process
Replace "idea" with "crush on someone" and you've replicated my life.
07.15.14, 2:32 am est
We aren't motivated because we are BORED
However, this could be a game changer.
07.15.14, 2:31 am est
Can You Waffle It? (2:00)
I want to waffle ALL of my food now.
07.15.14, 2:29 am est
Jurassic Systems
I hate this hacker crap!
07.15.14, 1:58 am est
An audio illusion
Mind = blown.
07.14.14, 12:29 am est
What if Google Was a Guy (Part 3) (2:22)
These keep getting funnier... a little sadder... but funnier!
07.12.14, 3:00 am est
Questionable 'Sexy' Dinosaur Costume Dress For Ladies
Nothing questionable about it, that's one hot dinosaur!
07.12.14, 2:27 am est
Reverse Graffiti Project (3:33)
Making graffiti by cleaning the walls. Brilliant.
07.12.14, 1:02 am est
Flicking Candles
If you are looking for that unique scent, look no further.
07.12.14, 12:32 am est
I can't fall asleep
This is a serious issue, folks.
07.12.14, 12:29 am est
Drawing on people when their asleep
Hey, it's their fault.
07.12.14, 12:28 am est
Make it rain - The Cash Cannon (0:55)
07.12.14, 12:21 am est
Charlie Day doppelganger: NBA player Josh McRoberts
07.12.14, 12:20 am est
How to draw Andy Reid
Many chuckles were had.
07.12.14, 12:18 am est
Congress considers getting rid of dollar bills for $1 coins to save money
"Men don't like carrying coins in their pockets or their suits." This is an excuse to not change over to $1 coins and save billions of dollars. These kinds of people are idiots. Get rid of the $1 bill, get rid of pennies, get rid of dimes, the production costs don't make any financial sense anymore.
07.12.14, 12:15 am est
Good guy Gordon Ramsay
"Dude is only a dick to adults, awesome."
07.11.14, 11:37 pm est
Solar has won. Even if coal were free to burn, power stations couldn't compete
Australia sounds like they are moving in the right direction. I would love to see coal go away in my lifetime. All forms of clean energy will supersede it at some point.
07.10.14, 3:41 am est
Batman rocks out hard.
07.10.14, 3:05 am est
Great Italian Motorbike Display (1:16)
This is very aesthetically pleasing.
07.10.14, 3:02 am est
2014 World Cup Coverage Parody - Alexi Lalas vs Michael Ballack (1:47)
I give this a slow, methodical clap of approval.
07.10.14, 2:59 am est
A mashup of NFL and NBA logos. Some are good, some are terrible.
07.09.14, 1:15 am est
Weird perspective of a painting found in Windsor, England (0:21)
This painting is FREAKIN' ME OUT, MAAAAAN!
07.09.14, 1:00 am est
Luigi Death Stare @ Anime Expo 2014 (3:07)
Fantastic use of cosplay right here. Also, I want that go-kart!
07.09.14, 12:57 am est
Gas is Expensive
You have to make do with what you have sometimes.
07.08.14, 9:37 pm est
This Disney Pixar animated film
Answer in the form of a question.
07.08.14, 9:36 pm est
Kickstarter: Potato Salad by Zack Danger Brown
Risks and challenges: "It might not be that good. It's my first potato salad."
07.08.14, 1:03 am est
The Crupcake
I am missing out on this cronut craze that is sweeping the nation.
07.07.14, 11:47 pm est
Just in case
Always keep one handy.
07.07.14, 4:35 am est
"Baby Got Back": Sir Mix-A-Lot with the Seattle Symphony (6:51)
This was better than I thought it was going to be.
07.07.14, 4:35 am est
Fatal familial insomnia
What a terrible disease. It's extremely rare, but man, talk about a terrible way to go.
07.07.14, 3:23 am est
SizzleBird - Endless Pathway
This is my chill track of the moment. Great stuff.
07.07.14, 3:22 am est
Series Of Giant Interconnected Trampolines Suspended In Abandoned Mine
This looks like it would be AMAZING to play in.
07.07.14, 12:24 am est
A Giant Boobie Bounce House
I am long overdue for a WTF tag.
07.07.14, 12:23 am est
High Heels Surf Contest In Bali (3:30)
There are new fetishes being created all the time.
07.06.14, 3:10 am est
This needs to happen
Shut up and take my money!
07.06.14, 2:32 am est
How now brown cow
No, seriously, how?
07.06.14, 2:27 am est
Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike
This is the kind of stuff that fascinates me. I've driven on the PA Turnpike plenty of times and never heard of this.
07.06.14, 2:23 am est
Is this heaven?
07.05.14, 5:12 am est
The best use of any Costco items
I could not stop laughing at this.
07.05.14, 5:12 am est
The most romantic picture in the world
It brings a tear to my eye.
07.05.14, 4:51 am est
Pringles problem solved
OH MAN, how did I never think of this before?
07.05.14, 4:47 am est
Hot yarn-on-yarn action.
07.05.14, 4:26 am est
The best surprise ever
I would be *ecstatic*.
07.05.14, 4:10 am est
Brunette gets boobs soaking wet
07.05.14, 3:58 am est
Double Squirrel Assault Course (3:26)
You've got to work for that reward.
07.05.14, 3:55 am est
Moving a 7600 ton apartment building
Done in 1987 to create a boulevard in Alba Iulia, Romania. I didn't know something like this was possible.
07.05.14, 1:30 am est
Metal Band To Play In A Box Until They Run Out Of Oxygen
Well... this is something...
07.05.14, 12:13 am est
My OCD (Song) (4:41)
Only some of those things bothered me, haha.
07.05.14, 12:04 am est
Got some trees to clear? You need this... (3:16)
This machine is absolutely amazing. Also, if there were to be a zombie apocalypse, there's no way we wouldn't win with a hundred of these.
07.01.14, 3:49 am est
Biggest fireworks in the world (6:33)
Everything else before this has been a disappointment.
07.01.14, 3:48 am est
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