October 30, 2006
YTMND: So you think you can faceplant?

YTMND: Ludacris gives farming advice

VIDEO: Vodafone 10,000 Coin Domino Effect - neato.


October 22, 2006
YTMND: Color Me YTMND - all of the fads

YTMND: How to prank a telemarketer - this guy is a GENIUS.

YTMND: Neo vs. Agent BAH


YTMND: Zelda Fad Mask Shop

Hockey fights!
Probert vs. Domi
Probert vs. Gatez
Probert vs. McSorley
Yzerman vs. Maguire
Domi vs. a fan in Philly
Then we have March 5th, 2004, Ottawa Senators vs. Philadelphia Flyers.
Flyers-Senators Brawl Part 1
Flyers-Senators Brawl Part 2
Flyers-Senators Brawl Part 3
With 1:45 left to go, the first fight started. The fighting didn't end until there was 1:13 left on the clock. The broadcast time took 21 minutes and 11 seconds, and only 32 seconds elapsed off the clock during this time. Amazing. Here's the box score from that game. 18 players were ejected, 9 from each team. The game set record for most penalty minutes in a game. With 1:13 to play, 18 players were gone, 2 were in the box (1 each), leaving 5 skaters, 1 goalie, and 2 players left on each bench. Now that's some old time hockey.

VIDEO: The perfect girlfriend - DOES NOT EXIST.

Extraordinary Hotel with 31 Crazy Rooms

20 Things the Average Person Doesn't Know About Windows XP

Nabaztag Wifi Smart Rabbit - cute.

VIDEO: The Ultimate Warrior is INSANE - I don't remember this from my childhood, haha.

VIDEO: Dead Monkey Comics: WTF?!? - funny disgusting stuff!

Shockwave: Play air hockey against a chicken - oh yes.

October 15, 2006
YTMND: Naughty Little Mermaid - the song cracked me up!

YTMND: John Madden's holes - oh John, you crazy commentator.

YTMND: Snoop Dogg's Dreamland - a Snoop/Kirby remix extraordinaire.

YTMND: JUMP! JUMP! - that's gotta hurt!

Lego ice cube tray - brilliant!

Lego magnet bricks - brilliant!

VIDEO: ummm... - Bollywood's version of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" - it's messed up and awesome.

Goldeneye 007 @ Detstar - everything you ever wanted to know about the game. The beta, the cheats, the codes, it's an amazing resource.

WIKI: Goldeneye 007 - also informative.

VIDEO: Live Action GoldenEye 64 Recreation - this is by far the best video game reenactment I've ever seen.

GeoQuiz games - I seriously need to get a map of Europe and hang it on my wall.

"Hurricane Huron" - or rather, a weather disturbance with tropical storm characteristics over the Great Lakes. Has a couple other similar storm systems in unlikely places.

Google Code Search: Fucking - Evan sent me this link, apparently you can search public source code for anything. Amusing how some people notate their compilations. I know I have done this quite a few times in the past.

FLASH: Deal Or No Deal - my Dad sent me the link, a flash version of the real game. How does one even get on game shows like that to begin with? Christ, I'd hop on the first chance to make even a few grand.

Recent "Married To The Sea" comic - cracked my shit up :D

October 6, 2006
YTMND: Trippy - it's time to rave.

YTMND: The Future Of Our World

YTMND: Navy Recruiting Ad - learn mad skillz.

YTMND: Why Quantum Physics is Cool Part 2

YTMND: Trebek is going to Funkytown!

VIDEO: Street Fighter - The Later Years - oh I can't wait for more parts to come out. And Chun Li needs to appear. *drools*

VIDEO: Consent - forms are important.

VIDEO: South Park - Make Love, Not Warcraft - the episode, in it's entirety. Seriously, one of the best SP's to date.

Top 10 Weird Al Videos - lists are stupid. How about, "10 Kick Ass Weird Al Videos in no particular order"? Fixed.

October 1, 2006
YTMND: Technical difficulties

YTMND: The best spinny bunny tail thingy ever

YTMND: Quantum Physics - crazy ass shit.

YTMND: Sounds of the forest - bizzare!

College sports reporter has a tough first day - BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!!! An oldie but goodie.

Kelly Ripa likes the special ingredient - so that explains it!

Piratz Tavern - new in Silver Spring!

Pale Blue Dot - one of the last pictures from the Voyager 1 spacecraft, Earth from 4 billion miles away.

Bacon Tomb! - read on...

Pirates Needed Immediately - seems legit haha.

Strange clouds - neat looking formations.

Art teacher loses job after kids see nude sculpture - so incredibly stupid, but it did happen in Texas, so that explains part of it.

Wired Magazine helping tell the Ebaum saga - here he is, the biggest douche in the universe...

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