Don't Even Bother
Sometimes, it snows so much, a whole state closes.
12.29.12, 3:21 am est
Quiz: Is this really a bowl game???
Test your college bowl game knowledge here.
12.29.12, 3:18 am est
Well, that escalated quickly
Chapter 1 is a doozy.
12.29.12, 3:11 am est
Alton's Reindeer Surprise (0:31)
Food Network has a strange sense of humor.
12.29.12, 2:56 am est
Extreme Amazing Super-Chess! (2:35)
The game of chess has gone in a completely new direction.
12.29.12, 2:32 am est
D&D DOINGS (0:37)
They will come to your house and do something.
12.29.12, 2:27 am est
i hope you like jokes.tmp~
This is humorous to me.
12.26.12, 4:45 am est
Wrapping paper
Make sure you know where it's going to line up.
12.26.12, 4:32 am est
How to cut a pizza
There's always a better way to do things.
12.26.12, 4:30 am est
Office Secret Santa (4:16)
Some people tell it like it is.
12.26.12, 4:29 am est
Back The The Future LEGO Set Becoming Reality
Great Scott! The LEGO hoverboard alone is enough to buy this set.
12.26.12, 4:28 am est
Squeezing breasts 'can stop cancer'
If it's on the internet, it must be true!
12.21.12, 9:22 am est
Ancient Korean Fighting Techniques
The 15 minutes are almost up, but this is still funny.
12.18.12, 10:11 am est
A Charlie Brown Christmas Reunion (2:24)
The gang sure has let themselves go.
12.18.12, 2:15 am est
101 Things To Do With Bacon
Caption win.
12.18.12, 1:56 am est
Zelda wedding bands
How could she say no to that?
12.18.12, 1:54 am est
Dikembe Mutombo's "4.5 Weeks To Save the World"
So, this is a simplistic yet strange game, but the cutaway scenes are internet gold.
12.16.12, 5:28 am est
Skrillex Quest
This game is a strange Zelda parody, I beat the game with only 29% of the achievements, but I want to keep playing.
12.16.12, 4:52 am est
Take me to another useless website
12.15.12, 4:31 am est
Tumblr - Winter Wonderland
If you need to get into the holiday spirit, this page is loaded with various imagery.
12.15.12, 4:26 am est
Rainbow forms in spray at bottom of waterfall
This is an amazing shot.
12.15.12, 12:59 am est
Road Head (4:01)
A lot more exciting than the zoo.
12.15.12, 12:29 am est
The Volleyball Triple Kill Exists, And It Is Amazing (0:44)
What are the odds? It's hilariously amazing.
12.15.12, 12:28 am est
Death Star Ice SPHERE Mold
These ice cubes are fully operational.
12.14.12, 8:21 pm est
Scientists Running Tests To Determine If The Universe Is Just A Matrix Style Simulation Program
I did not know you could get paid to do this.
12.14.12, 3:37 am est
LEGO Santa Mech
The amounts of awesome in this creation have no bounds.
12.14.12, 3:34 am est
Why it's OK to eat meat
Eat them, before they eat you.
12.13.12, 3:21 am est
DARPA's Body-Filling Foam To Save Lives
That's pretty damn innovative. Reminds me of Demolition Man.
12.13.12, 3:20 am est
A look inside an Amazon warehouse
That is crazy insane.
12.13.12, 3:18 am est
Complete US Super Nintendo (SNES) collection with all boxes and most manuals
All 721 games for the SNES.
12.11.12, 11:11 pm est
Bird envy
It's pretty gangster to be a bird.
12.11.12, 1:51 am est
Job hunting
Deciding on a career is tough.
12.11.12, 1:50 am est
Time To Quit
A lot of days are like this for me.
12.11.12, 1:49 am est
CSS is awesome
Nerd humor mug.
12.10.12, 10:39 pm est
The Headbutting King Of The World (1:30)
Protect yourself with a sharp elbow or a headbutt. This guy is INTENSE.
12.10.12, 12:24 pm est
The perfect storm of minicomics
Oh no! Sea triangles!
12.09.12, 3:29 pm est
Arrested Development NES Series
Arrested Development artwork on random NES game cartridges. It's still awesome.
12.09.12, 3:28 pm est
Helpful reminders
OSHA approved.
12.09.12, 3:24 pm est
Best XXX Ever
It feels like jelly.
12.09.12, 3:23 pm est
The green dragon
Be on the lookout in the OKC area.
12.09.12, 3:22 pm est
Things I'll do tomorrow
I know this routine all too well.
12.09.12, 3:21 pm est
Know Your Meme: Queensland Rail Etiquette Posters
"Stacy will just moonwalk straight past a bitch." - had me ROLLING!
12.06.12, 4:17 am est
Fiber Optic Glowing Bed Cover
It brings another meaning to "doing it with the lights on".
12.06.12, 4:14 am est
IKEA snowman
Some assembly required.
12.06.12, 4:10 am est
Keep calm...
...and watch out for unfortunate shirt creases.
12.06.12, 4:09 am est
More Cheese, Please!
You think you like cheese, think again.
12.06.12, 4:08 am est
Save food from the fridge
I wonder how truly effective these ideas are. They look neat.
12.05.12, 2:45 am est
Jon Lajoie - The Best Christmas Song (3:47)
It really is the best.
12.04.12, 3:49 am est
Nintendope: A Brief History of Nintendo (2:36)
A Pogo-esque montage of Nintendo classics.
12.04.12, 2:25 am est
The Female Orgasm Law (3:58)
Piggies in a snowstorm. Oh man.
12.04.12, 1:57 am est
Orange battery
Kinda neat.
12.04.12, 1:32 am est
David's Pizza Commercial (0:38)
I kind of want pizza.
12.03.12, 9:41 pm est
DMX Sings Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (1:09)
That's how red reindeer roll.
12.03.12, 9:39 pm est
Burger Robot Can Crank Out 360 BPH (Burgers Per Hour)
That is... a tasty burger!
12.03.12, 9:33 pm est
Cuddle Weather
It's that time of year.
12.03.12, 9:16 pm est
They see her rollin'...
12.03.12, 1:10 am est
Homemade Pirate Chest Beer Cooler Mod
Arg, thar be booze in that vessel!
12.02.12, 2:47 pm est
Super Mario Beads 3 (5:00)
A fun stop-animation video.
12.01.12, 3:34 am est
Sachets of powder that can transform water from non-potable to drinkable
12.01.12, 3:22 am est
Married To The Sea: you tippin
Errbody in da club gettin' tips.
12.01.12, 3:21 am est
Alicia Keys Sings "Gummi Bears" Theme Song (3:41)
I like everything about this.
12.01.12, 3:02 am est
As me about my T-Rex
I've found my favorite dinosaur.
12.01.12, 3:00 am est
Teacher Posts Hilarious Exam Answer On Reddit
Little does anyone know that A is actually the correct answer. They just don't know it yet.
12.01.12, 2:59 am est
A 170-Foot Trampoline Installed in a Russian Forest
In Soviet Russia, trampoline jumps on you!
12.01.12, 2:57 am est
The City of Pawnee, IN, Parks Department
I heart this show.
12.01.12, 2:55 am est
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