Bloodstock heavy metal bohurt dodgems (3:45)
Bumper cars + SWORDS = this awesome video.
08.31.13, 11:10 pm est
The 50 Funniest Old School NFL Posters Ever
Straight out the 80s' and 90's, yo.
08.31.13, 10:58 pm est
Winners of the Red Bull Illume Photo Contest 2013
So much delicious photography.
08.31.13, 10:56 pm est
Here's Jon Lovitz calling a home run (1:46)
It stinks!
08.31.13, 10:55 pm est
Guess what day it is? (0:31)
Dirk Nowitzki style.
08.31.13, 10:54 pm est
Super Mario Brothers Parkour (3:54)
With heavy metal Mario remix music!
08.29.13, 1:42 am est
Funny Sandwich Board Signs
Some oldies but goodies, a couple new ones in this lot.
08.29.13, 1:26 am est
The Million Dollar Homepage
This is stupid because I didn't think of it first.
08.28.13, 3:07 am est
R Money
Now dropping his most famous album.
08.28.13, 2:30 am est
The Ol 'Holy S#it You're Being Chased By A Raptor' Prank (0:43)
Classic Japan.
08.28.13, 2:29 am est
P0rnhub Releases Most Popular Search Terms Per State
Get to know your state a little better with the aid of porn searching statistics. The more you know!
08.28.13, 2:27 am est
Life hacks for clothes
Keep that wardrobe dapper.
08.28.13, 2:17 am est
No bake chocolate Oreo tart
My GOODNESS this looks delectable.
08.26.13, 5:28 am est
Joni Niemelš Photography
A nature photographer from Finland that takes some beautiful photos.
08.25.13, 6:12 pm est
18 Everyday Products You've Been Using Wrong
There's a couple new ones on the list I hadn't seen before.
08.25.13, 6:03 pm est
Finish Your Veggies
Or you will have to deal with dad.
08.25.13, 4:51 pm est
The literal meanings of places in the U.S., mapped
I guess instead of reppin' the 'D', I should have been reppin' the 'S'.
08.24.13, 1:49 am est
25 Rejected Nicknames for Professional Sports Teams
There are some *terrible* suggestions in this list. Makes me cringe.
08.24.13, 1:34 am est
Sabotage - Library Edition (3:07)
You don't want to return a book late at this establishment.
08.24.13, 1:32 am est
Adult Swim on movie piracy
Truth in the bumps.
08.23.13, 10:43 pm est
Teensy Puffer Fish Makes 7-Foot 'Underwater Crop Circle' (2:00)
Note to self: get large tank and puffer fish.
08.23.13, 10:21 pm est
Dino Pet, A Bioluminescent Algae Nightlight For Kids
The concept image looks amazing, I want to see what the final product looks like.
08.23.13, 2:41 am est
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 Trailer - Homemade (1:41)
A fantastic fan made rendition of the original movie trailer.
08.23.13, 2:02 am est
KYM: Sticky Note Art
A medium that is excellent for representing 8-bit NES characters.
08.22.13, 6:32 pm est
Delaware School District Sets New World Record For Tallest LEGO Tower
Well done, students.
08.22.13, 6:30 pm est
KYM: Special Delivery Instructions
This humors me greatly.
08.22.13, 6:28 pm est
This is me at any given time.
08.22.13, 3:48 am est
12 most embarrassing premature celebrations in sports history
Your tears, they sustain me.
08.22.13, 3:12 am est
BREAKING: Double Stuf OREOS Really Only 1.86x Stuffed
08.22.13, 2:49 am est
World's Greatest Pizza Dough Twirler (0:50)
Pizza Pizza guy has dough on LOCKDOWN.
08.21.13, 1:09 am est
CGI Animated Short HD: "Brain Divided" (4:59)
Professional quality animation at the college level.
08.21.13, 1:09 am est
10,000-Piece LEGO Mosaic Of Video Game Characters
And it can be yours for five grand!
08.21.13, 1:06 am est
Prince Put Dave Chappelle on the Cover of His New Single
This is amazing and hilarious. Hilazing. Amarious.
08.20.13, 2:09 am est
Gif set of one of the best SNL skits
One of the handfuls of times in my life where I completely lost it because of how funny it is.
08.20.13, 1:42 am est
Hit and Run 5K (2:25)
This looks like the most fun you could have at a 5K.
08.17.13, 8:53 pm est
Is This The Most Insane Basketball Shot Of All-Time? (0:23)
Great shot, kid, that was one in a million!
08.17.13, 4:52 am est
Red, White & Food: Mapping all 50 states' most significant chain restaurants
Neat map, interesting to see what state is paired with what restaurant.
08.17.13, 4:47 am est
Wrights Law (11:57)
"Jeffrey Wright uses wacky experiments to teach children about the universe, but it is his own personal story that teaches them the true meaning of life."
08.16.13, 2:35 am est
Imagining the 'Seinfeld' Movie Posters
Man, I need to brush up on my Seinfeld.
08.16.13, 1:05 am est
Great, great short film. Do check this one out.
08.15.13, 3:06 am est
The Death Toll Comparison Breakdown
Perspective on the death of humans.
08.15.13, 2:40 am est
40 maps that explain the world
Well, they are informational, I don't know if they explain "the world" per se.
08.15.13, 2:38 am est
All the worst-rated videos in one handy place.
08.15.13, 2:27 am est
Useless Plasticbox
Great prank. Go go gadget consumerism!
08.14.13, 4:42 am est
Purifying Parents
That deserves the slow clap.
08.14.13, 4:40 am est
2013 is the first year since 1987 to have four different numbers
08.12.13, 1:08 am est
The Truth About Payphones
Oh, snap.
08.10.13, 10:36 pm est
Unfortunate Sign Burn Outs
I have a feeling that some of these are legit, and some of these are shopped. But they are all funny.
08.10.13, 10:35 pm est
Matthew Albanese
It's not outdoor photography, it's straight up DUDE HAS SKILL.
08.10.13, 2:14 am est
PSA: Boobs (1:09)
This is Gertrude, and this is Stein.
08.10.13, 1:00 am est
'The Power of Music' - Old Spice/Terry Crews remix (1:52)
More internet generated amazingness.
08.10.13, 12:56 am est
The Ultimate SportsCenter Catchphrase Quiz
A handful of years ago, I would have nailed most of those. I admittedly had trouble with this list.
08.10.13, 12:24 am est
Bandit plate
I'm ordering this at every restaurant I go to. BANDIT PLATE!
08.10.13, 12:18 am est
A Luxurious 12-Course Meal In A Can
Now you too can eat like a king after the zombie apocalypse.
08.10.13, 12:17 am est
Spell check
I have been known to do this a number of times.
08.09.13, 4:12 am est
Nutella ice cream machine
I... I need this.
08.09.13, 1:48 am est
Meet the Low-Key, Low-Cost Grocery Chain Being Called 'Walmart's Worst Nightmare'
"More than 400 non-executive workers (cashiers, produce clerks, and such) currently have pensions worth over $1 million apiece." That line from the article blew me away.
08.08.13, 2:15 am est
The Man Who Thinks He Never Has to Eat Again Is Probably Going to Be a Billionaire Soon
Awesome, I'm glad there's a follow up to this story. I'd love to see how this pans out in the coming years.
08.08.13, 2:13 am est
Taco Bell to Unleash Breakfast Waffle Tacos at 100 Stores
Please be in my area, please be in my area, please be in my area.
08.08.13, 2:03 am est
Drinking water out of air (1:36)
This is the only time when I'd consider high humidity a good thing.
08.08.13, 2:02 am est
How to hit people in the face and get away with it (2:26)
I don't know what it is, but the sound of a microphone donking someone in the face becomes increasingly more hilarious the more I watch this.
08.08.13, 2:01 am est
Pandhandler Pranks Entire Subway Car (2:21)
I didn't know what to think at first, but it kept getting funnier and funnier.
08.08.13, 1:57 am est
Ramen Noodle Bunned Hamburger
This... this looks tasty. I want one.
08.07.13, 4:58 am est
Pica Pic
Digitalized collection of handheld electronic games.
08.05.13, 11:12 pm est
The Simpsons Main Cast
A face to go with the voice(s).
08.02.13, 8:41 pm est
United Airlanes is the Worst Airlane EVER!
Quite a few people had tweeted at the parody account believing it was the real thing. Here are the hilarious results.
08.02.13, 8:40 pm est
A Dinosaur
This might be my favorite joke told by a kid.
08.02.13, 12:37 am est
Porn Sex vs Real Sex: The Differences Explained With Food (1:48)
I guess not a lot of girls like bananas in their nutella.
08.02.13, 12:36 am est
Behind the scenes of Sesame Street with the Muppets
Heeeeey Bert!
08.01.13, 1:49 am est
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