Trick shot compilation... (2:57)
...and hot dogs.
12.31.11, 4:50 am est
Honest logos
More entries to this category.
12.31.11, 4:08 am est
Just an aquarium at office
Bring the zen into your office.
12.31.11, 3:46 am est
Bridge Design WIN
What a great design.
12.31.11, 3:46 am est
Bobby McFerrin a capella (7:03)
I enjoyed this.
12.30.11, 4:00 am est
Don Cherry's Piano Desk (1:54)
This... is brilliant.
12.29.11, 2:28 am est
PushOver Plunge - Dub (2:08)
This. Is. Hilarious.
12.27.11, 3:45 am est
Occupy Wall Street: The Lego Set (0:43)
Put an end to descent!
12.27.11, 3:44 am est
DeLorean and A-Team van USB flash drives
Freakin' awesome.
12.27.11, 3:36 am est
Santa and I Know It! (2:49)
Look at that belly. Like a bowl full of jelly.
12.27.11, 3:35 am est
These people had the worst Christmas ever
Hashtag first world problems. Also, all are candidates for a swift kick to the throat.
12.27.11, 3:16 am est
Meanwhile at work...
I could use this at work.
12.27.11, 3:07 am est
Just another Nutella bottle.... wait what?
Look closer...
12.27.11, 3:06 am est
Awesome street art is awesome
Good stuff in here.
12.27.11, 3:06 am est
A Very Portal Christmas Tree
Now you're thinking with portals.
12.27.11, 3:05 am est
Stephen Hawking before the disease
Dude is a PIMP.
12.27.11, 3:05 am est
Bad Parking Punishment WIN
12.27.11, 3:04 am est
Planet shaped chocolate
Complete without Pluto.
12.27.11, 3:04 am est
Anamorphic typography
It's more than just paint.
12.27.11, 3:03 am est
No Microwave Policy
12.27.11, 3:02 am est
Chuck Norris Epic Moustair
Stare into the mustache.
12.27.11, 3:02 am est
Best Table Tennis Shots of 2011 (3:48)
Table tennis: serious business.
12.27.11, 2:42 am est
Dumb Running Sonic
This is why the internet exists.
12.27.11, 2:32 am est
Legend of Zelda First Quest No Sword (161:34)
He goes through the entire game without a sword, except to beat Gannon at the end.
12.27.11, 2:26 am est
Tarantula (0:38)
Don't get Tarantula'd!
12.27.11, 1:56 am est
36 Jaw-Dropping Nature Photos
12.23.11, 12:56 am est
Not real yet: LEGO Legend Of Zelda
However, if it were, I'd totally buy all the sets.
12.23.11, 12:56 am est
Sony's new termite battery runs on shredded cardboard
And enzymes. Still, we're getting closer to better alternate fuel sources.
12.23.11, 12:55 am est
Carved Book Landscapes by Guy Laramee
These are fantastic.
12.23.11, 12:52 am est
Camel Interrupts Interview (0:31)
No time for love, Dr. Jones.
12.22.11, 1:43 am est
59-year-old woman wins truck after hockey shot (2:58)
Her +/- is better than Eric Staal too.
12.22.11, 1:40 am est
The Hall and Oates emergency hotline (1:35)
The only emergency number you'll ever need.
12.22.11, 1:35 am est
Street Art Utopia - Best of 2011
Some neat stuff in here.
12.21.11, 2:16 am est
Sexy XXXMAS (3:33)
Too sexy! Too sexy!
12.21.11, 2:07 am est
Fark's 2011 Headline of the Year contest: Sports tab headlines
The very first one is my favorite. Contest over.
12.21.11, 1:47 am est
Herp Derp Derp Christmas Herp Derp
These amuse me for no reason.
12.21.11, 1:41 am est
Christmas decoration in Hungary.. Wait.. WHAT???
Best decoration ever.
12.21.11, 1:00 am est
Awesome Christmas cupcake is awesome
12.20.11, 1:20 am est
U.K. store sells out of reindeer pate
And an animal rights group complains. IF I WANT A REINDEER BURGER, THEN I'LL EAT ONE.
12.20.11, 1:14 am est
Where the fuck should I go for drinks?
This will help you out.
12.20.11, 1:12 am est
12 Incher: Cockburn's Commercial (0:30)
Say it right or pay the price!
12.20.11, 1:07 am est
USB drives in all shapes andd sizes
What's next, edible USB sticks?
12.19.11, 8:30 am est
GP2X Caanoo MAME/Console Emulator
And this one is a bit more robust, although you need to load your own emulator. But you can get more out of it.
12.18.11, 5:33 pm est
a320 Pocket Retro Game Emulator
This is more practical than the SupaBoy, since it's an emulator that plays a bunch of ROMs from multiple systems.
12.18.11, 5:31 pm est
Hyperkin SUPABOY Portable Pocket SNES Console
This thing looks AWESOME. However, from the reviews, there's an issue with the speakers. Outside of that, it seems really neat.
12.18.11, 5:30 pm est
Bo staff skills (1:35)
1996: the heyday of ESPN2, the Deuce.
12.18.11, 12:49 pm est
Beard Slap (0:07)
With authority!
12.18.11, 12:46 pm est
7 games you can play with a brick
You've got to be creative with that brick, otherwise, what's the point, right?
12.17.11, 2:54 pm est
String Ceiling
Pretty neat idea.
12.17.11, 2:10 pm est
Hamburger Wrapping Paper
What a brilliant idea.
12.17.11, 12:31 am est
Perthection (Perth City Remix) (2:09)
I like what Pogo does.
12.17.11, 12:06 am est
Playing with coins
12.16.11, 9:06 pm est
Gadgets and stuff
A compilation of things we'd totally drop money on.
12.16.11, 9:05 pm est
Best Star Wars Costumes Ever
Shut it down, we have a winner right here.
12.16.11, 9:03 pm est
2011 in LEGO: the year's news - in pictures
The most versatile toy ever.
12.16.11, 9:02 pm est
Nutella cupcake
I'll take two, please.
12.16.11, 9:00 pm est
12.16.11, 2:08 am est
Simple but brilliant ideas
Another compilation of neat inventions.
12.15.11, 3:53 am est
Wood art
This guy has a lot of wood.
12.14.11, 11:39 pm est
NHL Realignment
Posting this more for myself than anything.
12.14.11, 11:39 pm est
9news Denver (0:45)
Back to you, Chet!
12.14.11, 11:36 pm est
YouTube Challenge - I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present (5:10)
I like this one better than the Halloween one.
12.14.11, 11:21 pm est
Flowchart: what should you drink with breakfast
And now you know.
12.14.11, 9:31 pm est
Job interview DOs and DON'Ts
A helpful guide to get you through these tough times.
12.14.11, 9:30 pm est
PowerPoint presentations
Very informative!
12.14.11, 9:29 pm est
The Wine Rack
12.14.11, 12:46 am est
Comfort food
My god I am STARVED right now.
12.14.11, 12:45 am est
Most amazing places I want to visit
AKA landscape candy.
12.14.11, 12:43 am est
The most offensive picture in the world?
12.14.11, 12:42 am est
5sf - Pillow Fort (0:08)
Kids these days...
12.14.11, 12:04 am est
How to pick up a Chick (1:28)
I have a new move to try on the Metro.
12.13.11, 11:56 pm est
Tió de Nadal
I'm passing this along, because the "Caga tió song" might be the best song ever created by man.
12.13.11, 11:50 pm est
Worst Video Ever Made? (5:08)
I'm going to disagree. If you mute it, there's girls with fantastic racks every so often. That's a plus in my book.
12.13.11, 11:47 pm est
PokeAwesome - Just a Pokemon Battle (2:38)
This might be the funniest thing I've seen this year. WATCH IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN!
12.13.11, 2:13 am est
Faces on money
That was different.
12.13.11, 12:40 am est
A new model of empathy: the rat
"In a simple experiment, researchers at the University of Chicago sought to find out whether a rat would release a fellow rat from an unpleasantly restrictive cage if it could. The answer was yes."
12.11.11, 3:28 am est
Eat radish kids, it'll make you bigger
I would have at them ALL THE TIME if they were like that.
12.10.11, 5:25 pm est
Some famous people you never knew were in Star Trek
A few surprises on this list.
12.10.11, 5:25 pm est
Phone call from Chuck Norris
You have no choice.
12.10.11, 5:22 pm est
Phone call from Morpheus
What do you choose?
12.10.11, 5:21 pm est
Devastating Explosions
You know you want to.
12.10.11, 12:52 pm est
The Button (2:06)
There's two outcomes...
12.09.11, 7:26 pm est
Early Christmas Present (2:30)
What. The. Fuck.
12.09.11, 2:22 am est
Internet Advertisements
If they were from the 40's and 50's.
12.09.11, 1:54 am est
Aaron Rodgers Photobombs
This amuses me greatly.
12.09.11, 1:39 am est
Borrow My Pen
Good fun.
12.08.11, 8:12 pm est
Too Late (1:56)
This was pretty intense.
12.08.11, 8:06 pm est
Pancake Plate With Integrated Syrup Reservoir
It's a plate... with a syrup trap... or you could eat a waffle.
12.08.11, 9:16 am est
Slim Pickings - Fat Chances (6:31)
If you liked the Looney Toons we grew up with, this will amuse you.
12.08.11, 1:27 am est
This came from the internet.
12.08.11, 1:18 am est
Can You Solve This Physics Problem?
I would have done much better in school if these were the type of problems I had.
12.08.11, 12:52 am est
Meanwhile in South Africa
Kulula Airlines have informative paint jobs on their planes.
12.07.11, 8:46 am est
Instant No Button!
12.07.11, 1:21 am est
The ending to "Houseguest" (5:37)
A holiday classic.
12.07.11, 1:17 am est
49ers’ Aldon Smith Shows Us How To Celebrate A Sack (0:24)
My favorite celebration to date.
12.07.11, 1:17 am est
HTML Business Card
That's a neat idea.
12.06.11, 1:11 am est
Portable N64
Another awesome N64 mod.
12.06.11, 1:10 am est
Why Internet Commenters Will Eventually End The World
From our favorite cranky dad.
12.06.11, 1:10 am est
Wrod Srcambel
Get it right or pay the price!
12.04.11, 7:53 pm est
Just Iron Man during his free time
He truly gets the most out of his life.
12.04.11, 3:32 pm est
The 45 Most Powerful Images Of 2011
Or, rather, 45 images of the disaster and triumph captures over the year.
12.04.11, 3:31 pm est
Shithead (1:53)
What did I just watch?
12.03.11, 2:46 am est
Finnish Hockey Game Produces 465 Minutes In Penalties (2:26)
Finns can be violent, too.
12.03.11, 2:44 am est
The Dual Booze Backpack
You could fill it with an liquid. But come on, who are we kidding.
12.03.11, 2:41 am est
Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre
There's some good humor in this bunch.
12.03.11, 2:39 am est
Skyrim: 2500 Cheese wheels rolling off a mountain (1:06)
Your argument is invalid.
12.03.11, 2:27 am est
Some good old times...
12.03.11, 2:21 am est
"Epic" Letters are "Epic"
Let's not get too carried away here. They are slightly humorous.
12.03.11, 2:20 am est
Japanese... went too far
These are some strange flavors.
12.03.11, 2:19 am est
Gentleman's guide to amputation
There's a proper way for everything.
12.03.11, 2:15 am est
Hey, bro
Hey. Hey. Hey.
12.03.11, 2:14 am est
Amazing Amazon Box (3:08)
You package is late. And broken.
12.03.11, 2:13 am est
Ping Pong Door
12.03.11, 2:12 am est
Do the laundry, they said
This hits close to home, haha.
12.03.11, 2:11 am est
I need to invent a 'stupid' tag.
12.03.11, 2:10 am est
Happens every time
Every. Single. Day.
12.03.11, 2:10 am est
I dare you
To the escape door!
12.03.11, 2:09 am est
Awesome shark is awesome
This looks familiar, but I am posting it again anyway.
12.03.11, 2:09 am est
Awesome graffiti is awesome
It's sideways, but still cool.
12.03.11, 2:08 am est
Well, the sound quality is pretty good but...
They look funny...
12.03.11, 2:08 am est
Nice Old Pictures
Back in the day.
12.03.11, 2:07 am est
5sf - Stern British Matron (0:32)
I enjoyed these.
12.02.11, 7:32 pm est
Chaw (3:13)
Henry Bankshaft, so raw, he washes his hands with Pennzoil.
12.02.11, 6:51 pm est
12.02.11, 6:44 pm est
Traxxas XO-1 - The World's Fastest Ready-To-Race Supercar (1:30)
Kind of want.
12.02.11, 6:43 pm est
Multi-Touch Keyboard and Mouse
They are made out of glass. Very pretty. But I'm skeptical of its functionality.
12.02.11, 6:37 pm est
Shopping prank (4:00)
By the end, I was laughing out loud. OUT LOUD!
12.02.11, 2:06 am est
Family Guessing Game FAIL
Wow. Just... wow.
12.02.11, 1:49 am est
Gcycle (0:30)
A commercial made by the artist who does the explodingdog comics.
12.02.11, 1:37 am est
Miniatur Wunderland (4:55)
I remember posting this a long time ago. This video is much more in depth, and they have a LOT more things added. I need to see this in person.
12.02.11, 1:26 am est
The 10 Worst Masturbation Stories We've Ever Heard
There are some gems in here.
12.02.11, 1:21 am est
Texts from Bennett
Gonna just let you... ahh... just read this one on your own. Form your own opinions. Wow.
12.02.11, 1:17 am est
BCS Declares Germany Winner of World War II
Every takeover counts.
12.02.11, 1:12 am est
Taste the Beast Mode Rainbow (0:12)
You're never too old for Skittles.
12.02.11, 1:09 am est
This ends badly (1:16)
Didn't see THAT coming.
12.02.11, 12:06 am est
Napster is finally dead
I kinda forgot it was even still around.
12.02.11, 12:06 am est
Motorcyclist Invents A New Garage Door System (1:23)
12.01.11, 1:35 am est
Le Tissier's top 10 soccer goals (2:02)
This guy scores some sweet goals.
12.01.11, 1:32 am est
Watch Closely: Throughout Community, "Beetlejuice" is mentioned three times (0:15)
This show should never be taken off the air, for it is amazing. This clip enforces it.
12.01.11, 1:31 am est
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