Great Idea
This is most excellent.
04.30.12, 2:17 am est
Best (0:22)
04.30.12, 12:26 am est
Rich, Chocolaty Cookies N' Cream Parfaits
04.29.12, 1:32 pm est
Nutella Shots!
Nutella - making everything better.
04.29.12, 1:31 pm est
Don't Mess with the Wise Old Ninja
Funniest newspaper headline ever.
04.29.12, 1:30 pm est
How to Laugh and Be Sad at the Same Time
I hope that's fake.
04.29.12, 1:29 pm est
Pizza Cupcakes
Hell. Yes.
04.29.12, 4:07 am est
TWC Classics is the oldest and largest website devoted to The Weather Channel
This is the reason I heart the internet.
04.29.12, 3:02 am est
Well, This is Awkward...
04.29.12, 12:12 am est
Do you know the real names of these cartoon characters?
Someone took Wikipedia way too seriously. Still a bit interesting.
04.29.12, 12:11 am est
Cool Pranks for Cats
04.29.12, 12:09 am est
What Could Go Wrong: Launching 55-Gallon Metal Drums Into The Sky WITH SCIENCE (0:50)
And boom goes the oil drum.
04.27.12, 1:51 am est
Say NO to Crack, Say YES! to Roller Skating (1:30)
Crack is whack, forever and always.
04.27.12, 1:47 am est
These are some priceless Facebook comebacks
The "pretend you're God" one was my favorite.
04.25.12, 7:06 pm est
Boobs per Episode of Game of Thrones
All tv and movies should have similar charts.
04.25.12, 7:02 pm est
Failbook: The World Is Finally Starting to Make Sense
Way to go, parental unit!
04.25.12, 6:54 pm est
Ron Swanson's "A Hamburger"
Best recipe ever.
04.25.12, 1:26 am est
Pinky and the Brain PORN IT UP! (0:50)
More like a brief clip of the voice actors making the characters swear. But it's still worth it!
04.24.12, 11:40 pm est
Bizarre yet funny embroideries by Stephanie Tillman
04.24.12, 1:06 am est
The Tupac hoogram?
It seems real...
04.22.12, 4:27 pm est
Ruin (8:29)
Fantastic CG animated short film.
04.22.12, 2:51 am est
Fake Science
Those, and many more fake facts over at Fake Science!
04.22.12, 2:35 am est
Father's Day In The Wild
What bears do after hibernation!
04.22.12, 2:35 am est
Where Do Mountains Come From?
You'll never guess!
04.22.12, 2:34 am est
How To Solve The Fossil Fuel Crisis
Click to find out how!
04.22.12, 2:34 am est
What Does NASA Do?
Click to find out!
04.22.12, 2:01 am est
If you like learning in small 30 second "WTF?" videos, this this is for you!
04.22.12, 1:48 am est
Epic Sanwich
This is a game changer.
04.21.12, 3:17 pm est
You will never lose any stuff with this
Interesting concept.
04.21.12, 3:16 pm est
Best engine sound on a silent electrical scooter (1:01)
It keeps getting funnier, haha.
04.21.12, 2:36 pm est
Evacuated Tube Transport could take you around the world in just 6 hours (0:42)
04.21.12, 2:35 pm est
A Father Who Creatively Captures His Kids (20 photos)
Short explanation "Q&A" at the end. Good stuff.
04.21.12, 3:08 am est
Crab's lost love
Craaab people...
04.21.12, 3:05 am est
Yous ins troubles, PETA.
04.21.12, 3:04 am est
Dumt & Farligt - Phantom Flex Highlights (6:05)
Super slow motion: mesmerizing.
04.21.12, 3:03 am est
Dinosaur Office: Computer Problems (2:04)
Craig's friends help him with his computer. Rawr!
04.21.12, 3:00 am est
Top 10 absolute worst things in the world
04.21.12, 2:58 am est
Man Card
Punch each task as achieved.
04.21.12, 2:57 am est
The Butter Box Trick (1:56)
You're about to lose two minutes of your life. And for that, I apologize.
04.21.12, 2:56 am est
Annoying doorstop cat (1:18)
Cats are jerks.
04.21.12, 1:31 am est
Dear Mom...
That's one way to deal.
04.20.12, 1:56 am est
Lamebook: Hot Topics
All three of these were pretty good.
04.20.12, 1:32 am est
Horrible Cards 3 - Happy Birthday Cards - The Oatmeal
More like horribly awesome!
04.19.12, 5:42 pm est
Metropolis: Massive K'nex contraption (12:01)
Massive is an understatement.
04.17.12, 1:35 am est
Man allegedly commits 10 felonies in 9 hours
This guy definitely brought his "A" game.
04.16.12, 1:56 am est
Lazy college students strike again
Well played, college roommate... well played.
04.14.12, 1:58 pm est
The most impressive LEGO models in the world, Germany
LEGO, the best toy in the world.
04.14.12, 3:33 am est
A huge street organ, entirely made out of LEGO Star Wars (1:29)
The amount of time and effort that went into this must have been massive.
04.14.12, 2:31 am est
This site is cray.
04.14.12, 2:31 am est
Boy Pick-Up Strikes Again
More awesomeness.
04.14.12, 2:30 am est
Mike Mitchell "Just Like Us"
He makes fun drawings of people.
04.14.12, 2:30 am est
Russians are weird or not?
Piiiiiiigs innnnnnn spaaaaaaace!
04.14.12, 2:29 am est
P vs Z (1:47)
The battle rages on.
04.14.12, 2:29 am est
The magic of glasses
04.14.12, 2:28 am est
An awesome young man (7:01)
Interesting bit.
04.14.12, 1:48 am est
Did you know some of Fraiser's callers were big celebrities? (4:46)
I had no idea!
04.14.12, 1:36 am est
If you like droppin' mad beats, this site is for you.
04.14.12, 1:22 am est
Static Flow of Water (2:04)
Science is crazy, yo.
04.13.12, 2:25 am est
04.12.12, 1:47 am est
NHL Wheel of Justice
How many games will you get for that elbow to the head? Find out instantly!
04.12.12, 1:34 am est
Batman Underwear Guy (2:13)
This is fake, but hilarious.
04.10.12, 12:25 am est
Pizza Hut's Hotdog-Stuffed Crust
Only available in the UK? Lame.
04.09.12, 7:13 pm est
Polar bear study
Oh no!
04.09.12, 7:12 pm est
How to eat Ramen like a boss
Extremely advanced steps to follow.
04.09.12, 7:11 pm est
This shouldn't make me laugh. But it does.
04.09.12, 7:10 pm est
Interesting machines that do nothing (6:56)
So... fascinating...
04.07.12, 4:06 pm est
Best camouflage ever?
Well done, sir.
04.07.12, 4:01 pm est
Tea Party in Super Slow Motion (1:28)
04.07.12, 4:01 pm est
Supercooled beer freezes instantly (0:39)
04.07.12, 3:58 pm est
Some (More) Eggs
People like their egg art.
04.07.12, 3:57 pm est
Windows Project Glass (0:46)
Hilarious parody of Google Glass.
04.06.12, 7:25 pm est
Comics 528, 529, and 530, read in a row. Good stuff.
04.06.12, 7:06 pm est
xkcd: RuBisCO
It's the mouse-over caption that makes the computer nerd in me laugh.
04.06.12, 7:04 pm est
Chicago vs. Chicago: Round 1 (1:01)
Ron Swanson vs. Darryl Philbin.
04.06.12, 12:04 am est
The 8 billion dollar iPod
My god we're sitting on a GOLDMINE!
04.05.12, 11:23 pm est
Recruiting like a boss
I'm going to Germany for my next teeth cleaning.
04.05.12, 11:06 pm est
Miguel and his mandolin
Awesome costume is awesome.
04.05.12, 11:04 pm est
5sf: Dr. Blind Date (0:08)
04.05.12, 9:46 am est
Let's puke some rainbows!
Tons of awesome CAKE.
04.05.12, 12:45 am est
Incredible street art
04.05.12, 12:45 am est
What the deserted Astrodome looks like now
Not as creepy as other abandoned places.
04.04.12, 7:49 pm est
Failbook: The Breakfast Games
Another sport lined up for "The Ocho".
04.04.12, 7:43 pm est
The Joy of Tech - Fooling yourself
Hahaha, this is definitely me.
04.04.12, 7:38 pm est
Daniel Danger
I like this guy's style.
04.04.12, 2:13 am est
The voice of Yakko from Animaniacs: Robert Paulsen singing the 'Nations' song (1:33)
04.04.12, 1:10 am est
Funny Lax announcer (0:40)
What was that website again?
04.03.12, 10:20 pm est
Chocolate Kiwi Popsicles
I don't like kiwi. But you might.
04.03.12, 7:15 pm est
Egg photography
Yolk it up! I don't know what that means.
04.03.12, 7:15 pm est
Ruined photos
Improved captions, more like.
04.03.12, 7:14 pm est
Ted - Restricted Trailer (2:59)
Effing hilarious.
04.02.12, 7:07 pm est
Did You [Hear] This? All of Mitch Hedberg's Sandwich Ads
Mitch, I will have a JJ sandwich in your honor.
04.02.12, 1:22 am est
WestJet introduces Child-Free Cabins (1:39)
You joke, WestJet, but we all really DO want this.
04.02.12, 12:40 am est
IKEA product recall
Take yours in before it's too late!
04.02.12, 12:38 am est
Gmail Tap (2:17)
Email just got a heck of a lot easier.
04.01.12, 5:16 pm est
The YouTube Collection (2:17)
YouTube, now in the convenience of your own home!
04.01.12, 1:23 am est
Google is even getting into NASCAR
Is there anything they can't conquer?
04.01.12, 1:22 am est
Google Weather Control
Don't like the weather? Now you can change it in your region by selecting from the dropdown to change precipitation and setting your own temperature.
04.01.12, 1:17 am est
Chrome Multitask (1:37)
Google, always looking for ways to step up their game.
04.01.12, 1:14 am est
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