20 Stunning Cityscape Nighttime Photographs
I always enjoy these.
02.28.11, 11:23 pm est
Somersaulting medic (1:00)
They do things differently in Brazil.
02.28.11, 8:07 pm est
The Swim
So peaceful.
02.28.11, 8:02 pm est
Dear Microsoft (an open letter by Dan Bull) (2:18)
I enjoyed this. Watch the beat.
02.28.11, 9:50 am est
Brian Stuckey Art
Freelance sculpture and illustration. Good stuff.
02.27.11, 7:33 pm est
DJ Steve Porter & DJ Eli Wilkie - Carlin Step (3:17)
It's been awhile, but DJ Steve Porter has collaborated and released another good tune.
02.27.11, 7:32 pm est
Best inverviewer ever (4:00)
Hitting all the tough questions!
02.27.11, 1:47 pm est
Von Thord - Wedding Night (3:14)
Unique song with a good beat.
02.26.11, 1:42 pm est
Discovery's space shuttle launch viewed from an airplane (2:06)
Neat vantage point to watch from.
02.26.11, 1:36 pm est
Craig Wedren - We Are (3:45)
Have you seen an interactive 360 degree music video? If not, then check this out.
02.26.11, 1:26 pm est
Back To The Future : Irina Werning
I like when the future photo mimics the original photo as closely as possible.
02.26.11, 1:20 pm est
NEStalgia is an original MORPG inspired by the glory days of traditional console RPGs.
02.25.11, 11:50 pm est
The Plumber (2:41)
Another Mario, er, Luigi fanfic trailer. Well done.
02.25.11, 11:49 pm est
The strange powers of the placebo effect (2:57)
I need some weight loss placebos.
02.25.11, 11:20 pm est
Itsy-Bitsy Computer To Be Planted In Eyeballs
Impressive, but still no flying cars yet.
02.25.11, 10:22 pm est
The Internet Wishlist
A collection of ideas for apps and websites people are wishing for.
02.25.11, 10:17 pm est
311 - Pow Wow Festival
I kind of want to go to this, just to hear the entire Transistor album live.
02.25.11, 9:38 pm est
Sam Harris, on stem cell research
Found this tidbit floating around the blogosphere. It's a summarized quote from a 2006 article. Well put.
02.25.11, 9:33 pm est
Bad Teacher - Red Band Trailer (2:27)
This movie actually looks hilarious.
02.25.11, 9:15 pm est
Rodrigo y Gabriela - Tamacun (3:13)
Good tune.
02.24.11, 11:37 pm est
The Chronicles of Rick Roll (0:49)
02.24.11, 10:45 pm est
Foul? (0:55)
I can't decide if this is brilliant or pathetic.
02.24.11, 10:34 pm est
You have two cows
What happens next is up to the government you are under.
02.24.11, 10:29 pm est
Vietnamese clients wax poetic over ear picking
Apparently, the G-Spot is in the ear. Who knew?
02.24.11, 10:25 pm est
Pictionary But With LEGO Blocks
That looks like it would be a fun game.
02.24.11, 10:20 pm est
Stuffed Hamburger Press
I want to fill it with BACON.
02.24.11, 12:32 am est
Lady Gaga Outfit or Landfill Trash?
Here's a brain teaser for ya.
02.24.11, 12:31 am est
Language as a window into human nature (10:53)
I don't know why this struck a chord with me.
02.21.11, 6:06 pm est
The world's biggest family
The man with 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren. That's a lot of birthday cake.
02.20.11, 7:24 pm est
Snowman Slide In South Lake Tahoe (4:20)
This thing is a beast!
02.20.11, 1:30 pm est
Star Wars Begins - Part 1 (10:00)
If you like Star Wars, this 14 part series gives you alternate shots, audio, factoids, interviews, and other insight into the making of the movie. There's also a 24 and 23 part series for Empire and Jedi as well.
02.19.11, 2:07 am est
Jeopardy! genius Ken Jennings on what it's like to play against a supercomputer
A neat read, Ken is a funny guy.
02.19.11, 2:02 am est
Alessandra Torresani in Slave Leia Costume
Slave Leia: always relevant.
02.19.11, 12:39 am est
Australian helicopter cowboys (2:32)
That looks fun.
02.19.11, 12:20 am est
Amazing 60K-Piece 'Abandoned Victorian House' Out Of LEGO
LEGO: always relevant.
02.19.11, 12:07 am est
4 Walmart employees fired after disarming gunman caught shoplifting
I have been fully aware of this policy for years. Still, it needs some common sense to step in. "Walmart: we would rather have you die than someone sue us."
02.18.11, 11:58 pm est
Real Life Mario Kart! (1:38)
Well, more like CG-RL Mario Kart. Still neat.
02.18.11, 11:53 pm est
Wells Fargo Meeting Today With Philly Homeowner Who "Foreclosed" On Them
I am very curious to the outcome of this matter.
02.18.11, 11:49 pm est
Robots In Disguise - The Sex Has Made Me Stupid (3:09)
Also, what robot sex might look like.
02.18.11, 11:15 pm est
Nedroid - Morning Motivation
This is me almost every day.
02.18.11, 11:07 pm est
It's a game sponsored by a shelter. I already played this game in real life so I won with no problem, haha.
02.17.11, 10:29 pm est
Bathtime for Mr. Bear (1:43)
02.17.11, 12:42 am est
Is This the Real Thing? Coca-Cola's Secret Formula 'Discovered'
Interesting recipe.
02.16.11, 1:18 am est
Living Room 360° projection area (1:45)
A really neat concept art project.
02.15.11, 10:34 pm est
Wayne Rooney scores an absolute screamer for Manchester United (1:02)
One of the best bicycle kicks I've seen.
02.13.11, 4:08 pm est
Fireworks surprise! (0:16)
Wait for it...
02.13.11, 1:29 pm est
Google Hardware circa 1999
What a server room might look like for a company that would go on to make millions of dollars.
02.13.11, 1:16 pm est
This Is Not Porn
A fascinating collection of rare celebrity photos. Definitely look through this one.
02.13.11, 1:02 pm est
Using nature's genius in architecture (16:55)
This is the kind of genius I hope changes the world.
02.12.11, 6:13 pm est
Detroit Needs A Statue of Robocop!
Mayor Bing may have shut down the idea, but if the people fund it themselves, it could become a reality!
02.12.11, 5:36 pm est
Mario Kart is back (2:09)
Remi is back to his old antics!
02.12.11, 12:21 am est
Bacon Toothpaste
A new way to start your mornings!
02.12.11, 12:16 am est
Abandoned on Everest
Here's a story with some creepy photos to go along with it.
02.11.11, 10:14 am est
Swedish Subway System
It's... so... epic...
02.11.11, 1:46 am est
The External World (17:00)
One of the best animated EFFING BIZARRE films I've ever seen.
02.11.11, 12:38 am est
Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Guitar Medley (6:20)
The Ocarina of Time soundtrack is simply one of the best to recreate it seems.
02.11.11, 12:09 am est
Guy Builds A Musical Instrument Out Of Antiquated PC Hardware (3:14)
Phantom of the Diskette anyone?
02.11.11, 12:07 am est
Japanese comedians: Simple yet entertaining (6:36)
Some classic gags never get old.
02.10.11, 11:53 pm est
How It's Made: Paintballs (4:44)
And then they are shot at you at 300 feet per second.
02.10.11, 11:39 pm est
What if Dr. Seuss Created Star Wars?
Kind of neat.
02.10.11, 6:55 pm est
The Legend of Zelda "1987" Trailer (5:00)
This was very well done, with VCR goodness!
02.10.11, 6:12 pm est
Office supply monster
It will rage on you.
02.10.11, 1:02 am est
Snow Explodes As Semi Passes Under Bridge (0:18)
02.10.11, 12:08 am est
Tetris Board Game
A neat concept for a "board" game.
02.10.11, 12:07 am est
A Chinese Starcraft/Warcraft Amusement Park?
That's worth a trip halfway around the world.
02.10.11, 12:07 am est
Norm MacDonald to host sports show on Comedy Central
There is a lot of potential here for hilarity.
02.09.11, 9:09 pm est
5 Second Films: Bowflex (0:08)
02.09.11, 9:31 am est
Johnny Mac Trick Shot Quarterback (4:50)
Pretty damn good QB.
02.09.11, 9:19 am est
Dave Bing shoots down RoboCop statue
I almost want to contribute to make this happen now.
02.08.11, 6:16 pm est
Making Body Parts (1:17)
Living forever? We're closer than you think.
02.08.11, 12:31 am est
The shocking truth about the Chevy Volt
I'm almost excited about this car. That's a compliment.
02.08.11, 12:22 am est
Domino Day 2010 By Berserker Berlin (2:19)
I love these domino creations.
02.07.11, 11:48 pm est
Little Girl Finds Vulgar Candy Heart
Hahaha, someone mixed the adult and family production lines.
02.07.11, 11:30 pm est
In France...
...they call it "Yes".
02.07.11, 8:59 am est
Things That Are Doing It: Who you gonna call?!
I laughed.
02.07.11, 8:57 am est
MST3k says: Packers win the Super Bowl! (0:55)
How did they know?
02.07.11, 12:53 am est
Biker gets rear ended and lands on feet (0:31)
With helmet cam goodness.
02.06.11, 4:57 pm est
Devils & Angels (2:10)
A Family Feud survey with surprising results.
02.06.11, 4:55 pm est
YooHoo & Friends (1:19)
Flavor Flav voices a cartoon character. I really hope this gets picked up, it's BIZARRE.
02.05.11, 7:03 pm est
Awesome Disney-Loving College Basketball Heckler (1:24)
This guy always brings his "A" game.
02.05.11, 3:15 am est
Carl Sagan and his Fully Armed Spaceship of the Imagination
02.05.11, 2:54 am est
Extreme Sitting (2:19)
Why just sit down, when you can sit down... EXTREME!!!
02.05.11, 2:52 am est
Here’s what a car exploding in the middle of a road looks like (0:48)
And boom goes the dynamite.
02.05.11, 2:50 am est
Captain Morgan Interviews Brent Celek (1:13)
Mildly amusing.
02.05.11, 2:40 am est
Oregon Trail Street Crossing
Ford it! FORD IT!!!
02.04.11, 2:25 am est
Adams Shoots the Puck into the Water Bottle Holder (0:52)
That's a first!
02.04.11, 2:22 am est
Watchuwant? (0:02)
02.03.11, 9:24 am est
A Unique Billy Jean Cover (3:00)
I kinda liked it.
02.03.11, 1:37 am est
Backyard Ninja Murders Plastic Containers (5:05)
Recycling has never been so violent.
02.03.11, 1:27 am est
BTTF Stuff
Get your hands on some reproductions of props from the movies!
02.03.11, 1:10 am est
Sports results for the next 50 years
No dust jacket needed!
02.03.11, 12:43 am est
Samsung Drops SD-Card Laden Paper Airplanes From 22-Miles Up (3:09)
Sending helium balloons into the atmosphere is the latest fad.
02.02.11, 11:53 pm est
Cracking the Scratch Lottery Code
Smarty pants figured out how to pick winners on certain scratch off tickets.
02.02.11, 11:47 pm est
The Skin Gun (3:28)
I am truly, *truly* impressed. The future is NOW.
02.02.11, 8:56 am est
Sleep anywhere. Brilliant!
02.02.11, 8:51 am est
McBain: The Movie (3:54)
Old Simpsons never disappoint.
02.02.11, 8:45 am est
The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger (3:21)
The narrator really sells how badass the Honey Badger is.
02.01.11, 11:57 pm est
Super Bowl Ad FAIL by Michelle Beadle (1:29)
A fun set of parodies of old commercials.
02.01.11, 8:47 pm est
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