January 30, 2006
Smoosh - a band comprised of a 13 year old keyboardist, and an 11 year old drummer. And they're both girls, and better than most music on the radio. And have toured with Jimmy Eat World, Pearl Jam, Death Cab, and Presidents of the USA. And will tour the UK. Crazy awesome. Here's a link to one of their music videos, done in claymation, entitled La Pump. Crazy!

Satellite tracking - track over 500 satellites and their real-time positions around the globe.

David Hasselhoff is hooked on a feeling - is he ever!

Drum machine - strange little flash movie.

Real F1 vs. Grand Prix 4 - gaming has come along way since the likes of Pong and Tron.

Funny Monopoly Cards

YTMND - ROLL OUT! - it's so damn literal!

Rubik's Cube Mario - good times.

Escape! - silly little game that will kill a good 3 minutes of your day.

How the US fell out of love with its cars - sad but true.

January 26, 2006
Pork chop sandwiches!!!

January 25, 2006
So the test I posted earlier has gained popularity, and there's a second, more difficult test to try and master.

Eighteen Half Truths - some random link I found, but amusing nonetheless.

January 22, 2006
Web 3.0 - what I found to be a humorous article about the state of the internet through one person's eyes.

Algae - like a breath mint for smokestacks - I for one welcome our fuzzy green overlords.

File Swap! - upload a file, get a file back. It's the randomness that's intriguing!

NSFW - How to draw boobs - hey, some people need to know.

How to beat a speeding ticket - one person's tale of victory, armed with Google and some spare time.

Gold Digger parody video - found through Bizzos. You have to watch this one, it's a doozy!

"The Ovechkin Goal" - simply amazing.

"The Mensa Test" a.k.a. "Not the Mensa Test, but still a fun brain teaser". I actually did pretty well with it. I only missed 6 of them:
5. Didn't make the connection from other answers.
10. Tricky! It never crossed my mind, but an easy one.
13. Half right on this one.
28. Thought I was half right, but had a different answer all together. This is the trickiest one of them all.
30. The answer had crossed my mind a bunch of times, but it would have been a total shot in the dark.
31. Haha, never would have got it.
Lexington bank suing Christian Laettner - suck it Laettner.

Google, gov't in search spat - good for Google for sticking up for people's rights.

Iceland the first Country to try abandoning gasoline - I'm tellin' ya, Iceland is where it's at. They know what's up.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster - a Wiki entry devoted to the satirical parody religion, that now has it's place in web-dom. The best part about this is the correlation between Global Average Temperature and Number of Pirates. That made me piss myself laughing, haha.

Snopes Taco Bell legend - one of my favorite tales of all time.

Mist-takes - I like these spots.

January 17, 2006
Spot on.

Penny Arcade made me bust out laughing as well today.

January 16, 2006
Your college is not a technical school - interesting read.

American Thunderball Federation - those Amish Rakefighters sure do put up a battle!

Donate or die - pretty simple to understand.

Trogdor is 3 years old! - the flash tribute. I said consummate v's!

43 Things - Discover what is important, make it happen, share your progress. You've got to want it!

YTMND: No more Nickelodeon Studios? Sad but true.

January 12, 2006
Famicom Band - Punch-Out!!! - QT Video, 21 MB, 3:18 - if you ever played the NES game, you'll love this live action short!

Chuck Norris knows - the word is out, HEAD FOR THE HILLS!!!

January 9, 2006
Nextel Dance Party - this is pretty much my new favorite commercial.

YTMND: Box! - har har har!

This handy flash movie tells the tale of the thievery and watermark madness.

January 6, 2006
Play SimCity online! - I want to sign up for this. It was the game that got me addicted to the PC.

USB Hippopotamus - um, WTF?

RFID implants - despite the fact that I can see things going horribly wrong in the future with this technology, I kind of want one.

January 4, 2006
Flatout Bread is a quality product.

Google to build computers? - is there anything they can't do? The answer... is no.

Futurama to return? - god I hope so, what a wonderful series that show is.

The best hack ever? - those crazy MIT-ers!

Video: Pinball Stewie - from a recent Family Guy episode... tell me *that* doesn't bring back the memories!

YTMND: Real Political Genius - only in Detroit. Sound required!

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