July 30, 2007
VIDEO: Kobayashi did a beer commercial - I didn't want him to sell out like that!

VIDEO: Mr. T puts the 'T' in 'IT' - he's pitying the nerd!

VIDEO: Hoogie-Boogie Land - another cup of WTF?! please!

Aqua Forest Aquarium - these are some awesome fish tanks.

Michigan Accent Pronunciation Guide - this itself is an oxymoron, since Michiganders don't have an accent.

July 22, 2007
I stumbled across a comedy team calling themselves These People, who have put together almost 50 videos thus far, which you can view via their YouTube profile page. I would like to highlight a few of these for you, the ones I've found the most hilarious:

VIDEO: Full Throttle Douche Bottle - TO THE EXTREME!!!

VIDEO: Warlords - alright my friend, enjoy the PAIN!!!

VIDEO: How to Treat a Lady - sage like advice.

VIDEO: How to Treat Your Children - ditto.

VIDEO: Rock, Paper, Jesus - What would Jesus throw?

VIDEO: Churchy McJesus - oh my god!

Moving on:

VIDEO: Flux Capacitor - WTF


VIDEO: Tenacious D Drive-Thru - fuck my ass...

Tampon Pan Flute - more WTF

VizaGoGo 14 - small animated shorts (think tv cards) for a college presentation. They're pretty funny.

Rabbit and Mouse - I think this was also a YouTube find, even if they are flash animations. You must watch this one of theirs: the straight commersch. There's only 6 animations thus far, I hope they gain some steam and start cranking some more out.

VIDEO: Mr T. in a Snickers commercial - that's all I should have to say for you to click on that link!

Petition for Los Enchiladas - Mitch Hedberg direct and wrote a movie called "Los Enchiladas", but it hasn't seen the light of day. I would love to have a copy of this movie. How could it not be good?

Which reminds me, that Carly was able to snag a copy of another classic, D.C. Cab, a movie staring not only Mr. T, but Gary Busey as well!!! This has been on the list ever since I was bored one night back in the day and IMDBed Busey and found this gem. I can't wait to watch it!!!

July 15, 2007
YTMND: What do you consider big?

YTMND: Well then who would you believe?

YTMND: x_x

YTMND: Microsoft Success™

YTMND: Superman has had a rough day

YTMND: Sweet Jump

MUSIC VIDEO: Baby Got Book - think "Sir-Mix-A-Lot meets Jesus" - highly entertaining. Seth hooked me up with that one.

VIDEO: Sesame Street feat. The Pointer Sisters - Pinball Number Count - I know I posted this before, but dammit, it's full of nostalgic goodness!

David Letterman and the new Transformers Toy - classic Dave!

The Tyler Spiers Channel - a guy who makes a bunch of freelance videos. I want you to watch the ones called "Planet Unicorn", because they are effed up beyond the normal realm of reality, hahaha. There's a bunch of other hilarious vids he's made, a few of which I've posted before (Sexual Harrassment, R U Ready 4 Sex?) He has another site -here- as well.

Game, game, game and again game - the strangest flash "game" in the history of the world.

12 7-11's were turned into a Kwik-E-Mart as a promotion for the Simpson's movie coming out this summer. X-Entertainment and other sites have pictures of the make-overs those stores received. There's one not too entirely far from me in Maryland, I'll have to check it out before the promotion ends.

Bill & Ted sequel sans Bill or Ted? - "The Times reports both Winter and Reeves were interested in reprising their roles, but the latter's agent suggested it could ruin the Matrix star's career." Keanu needs to ball up, punt his lawyer, and bring back Ted! Ruin his career, give me a break.

"For the eighth consecutive year, Winnipeg sucks like no other city in the world." - that's just for Jordan, hahaha. It obviously out of context though, the article was about Slurpees.

Love adds up - one down, eleven to go.

July 11, 2007
VIDEO: Atlanta Public Access TV9 superstar Alexyss K. Tylor discusses Vagina Power and Penis Addiction with her mother - you will learn a lot about the birds and the bees with this one. It's a goodie! I didn't know you could be a public access superstar.

MUSIC VIDEO: Eugene McGuinness' "Monsters Under The Bed" - a great song with a neat animated video.

VIDEO: Hello Kitty set to the music from Mortal Kombat 2 - do I need to say more?

Married To The Sea for 7/6 - this one sums up a good portion of me in general :)

Alzheimer's Sufferers Demand Cure For Pancakes - this article had me ROLLIN', hahaha!


Happy Trails: Oregon Trail Retrospective - this also had me in fits of laugher.

The Rolling Rock Foul Ball Commercial - no, not Stripey!!!

I was bored at work yesterday, so I wikied "Chipotle", and found some fun links:

Qdoba Versus Chipotle - an article that could have been easily written by me, with grades that I agree with.

Healthier Eating Choices at Taco Bell - same author as the last, with the same sentiments I would have. Creepy!

Chipotle Nutrition Calculator - part of the ChipotleFan.com website, which I can't believe I haven't found before! My "usual" burrito is as follows (tortilla, rice, black beans, carnitas (pork), tomatoes, corn, cheese, lettuce):

July 4, 2007
Flash Video: Olmec - it wasn't funny for me until the very end. Because I think that's really the guy.


Who Called Us - I use this at work a lot. Because 75% of the phone calls I get are from vendors or phone spammers. This lets you look up numbers and see other user's comments about what they heard on the other line. Useful.

YTMND User "Seeyikes" - click on all the sites that say "Nickelodeon Promo", and prepare the time machine.

Rock the cat box! - I don't think there's been a song more misquoted.

VIDEO: Star Wars tribute from Robot Chicken - your tongues can't repel flavor of that magnitude!

VIDEO: How to play the cowbell

VIDEO: How To Chill Cokes In 2 Minutes - the more you know!

VIDEO: Perfectly Aligned - so close, so, so very wrong.

VIDEO: A classic Homer Simpson moment - one of my favorites.

Ventrilo is a popular proprietary Voice over IP program. As with all technology, it can be used against you by people with lots of time. YouTube user VideoCompiler specializes in this, and the results are hilarious more often than not. This one, however, takes the cake. Frickin hilarious!!! As is this one, brilliant!

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