This bear gets plowed by a vehicle (0:17)
They have a fight, grizzly wins, grizzly bear.
05.31.13, 7:50 pm est
Easy Fried S'mores Recipe
Remember, internet, there's only two ways to make good food better: add bacon or deep fry it.
05.31.13, 7:45 pm est
Adela Tells It Like It Is (0:09)
Short and sweet. Back... and to the left.
05.30.13, 6:16 am est
Springy, fluffy marshmallows
Make them yourself!
05.30.13, 6:08 am est
Chocolate Eclair Cake
Mouth watering.
05.30.13, 6:07 am est
Bacon Baby Infant Formula
Now, weening your kid onto formula hasn't been easier!
05.30.13, 3:11 am est
Movies that can be described with the same sentence
The third set = the win.
05.30.13, 3:06 am est
A perfectly round 1953 VW Beetle
To the bee mobile!
05.30.13, 2:19 am est
Who is that hot ad girl?
A Tumblr dedicated to finding out who hot unknown actresses or models are in various television commercials. Dibs on the Wendy's girl.
05.29.13, 1:25 am est
More Silly "Millennial" Generalizations, Now In Video Form (4:08)
41 year old Joel Stein becomes a millennial for a day. Tongue-in-cheek!
05.29.13, 1:23 am est
Extra Fabulous Comics
A new addition to my RSS reader.
05.29.13, 12:47 am est
The way to a man's heart
Trust no one.
05.29.13, 12:46 am est
War is hell
No matter the arena.
05.29.13, 12:46 am est
Bowl Flex
Get ripped while you poop.
05.29.13, 12:44 am est
All my good ideas
There's only two, but they are brilliant.
05.29.13, 12:43 am est
Man, I wish I had some Nutella.
05.29.13, 12:42 am est
Roll It
Roll It is a new game from Google that makes use of your computer AND your smart phone. Someone will have to tell me how fun this is, as I live in a flip-phone world still.
05.29.13, 12:17 am est
Bacon-Wrapped Sweet Potato Fries
Because 'murica.
05.28.13, 10:18 pm est
Man Plays Guitar While Undergoing Brain Surgery
Science and medicine are incredible.
05.28.13, 10:09 pm est
Universal Studios Adding The Simpsons Area To Park
Looks kind of neat. I wish they'd bring back Mikita's to Kings Dominion though.
05.28.13, 10:08 pm est
Bike Wheel Light Animation Kits
Extremely interesting concept. It uses LEDs to make pictures in your wheels as you ride.
05.28.13, 10:04 pm est
We're The Millers Official Red Band Trailer #1 (2013) (2:30)
Jennifer Aniston is ridiculous hot in this trailer.
05.27.13, 11:13 pm est
Sweden runs out of garbage, forced to import from Norway
Sweden is taking efficiency to a much higher level than any other nation.
05.27.13, 12:39 pm est
Basketball trick shot
Watching this on a loop makes for a good laugh.
05.27.13, 2:08 am est
Nine Inch Nails - Official Flickr page
There is some ridiculously good photography here.
05.26.13, 1:54 am est
A-Trak & Tommy Trash - Tuna Melt (3:30)
The music video is a fun domino and popsicle stick adventure.
05.26.13, 1:29 am est
Nic-O-Dick (1:40)
Kick that nasty habit.
05.26.13, 1:24 am est
How Special Are Your Physical Traits? (2:02)
Left over right for me.
05.26.13, 1:16 am est
56 Acronyms and Initialisms - mental_floss (6:02)
Get your learn on.
05.26.13, 1:12 am est
Sexy Pool Party (2:38)
Because the internet needs more WTF.
05.26.13, 1:01 am est
NHL on TSN Films Presents: Panel Hangover + Outtakes (6:04)
TSN has much more fun than ESPN does.
05.26.13, 12:57 am est
BRUTAL BREAKDOWN - Unlocking the Truth (1:07)
11 year old kids playing death metal in NYC.
05.26.13, 12:39 am est
Puffin census on the Farne Islands
Because PUFFINS!!!
05.24.13, 8:41 pm est
If Earth had a ring like Saturn
I'm still waiting for our man-made ring to be installed around the planet.
05.24.13, 7:36 pm est
5-Million Piece Full Size LEGO X-Wing Fighter Model
Next project: full size Death Star.
05.24.13, 7:33 pm est
Bookmark with pointing finger
It's genius, really.
05.24.13, 1:35 am est
The Cast of Workaholics Performs "Straight Outta Mordor" on Conan (4:03)
Hardcore magic.
05.24.13, 1:29 am est
Beautifully Designed Video Game Posters
I heart the Zelda ones.
05.24.13, 1:18 am est
Replace a Cell phone with a sandwich and it becomes odd
05.24.13, 1:16 am est
Holy crap the inside of this meteorite is gorgeous
Great headline. This came from SPACE.
05.24.13, 1:01 am est
Star Wars Informercials! (2:31)
Dip it in carbonite!
05.23.13, 2:02 am est
Activision offered patches for achieving high scores on their games
Now I want a Mario Kart patch for being in Nintendo Power.
05.23.13, 1:58 am est
Hilarious back window decal.
05.23.13, 1:31 am est
Father And Son Build Giant Basement Arcade
The promised land.
05.22.13, 12:01 pm est
Pancake flip (0:31)
05.21.13, 2:40 pm est
Pizza Bean Bag
What an excellent idea.
05.20.13, 1:34 pm est
An interesting model of our solar system's path as it travels through space in the Milky Way
This is messing with my mind.
05.20.13, 12:35 am est
Buffalo Chicken Burgers
These look yummy.
05.17.13, 9:31 pm est
30 for 30.0 - Nerf Hoops (7:35)
They got Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose on here, which is pretty amazing for a CC show.
05.17.13, 9:10 pm est
The Most Complicated Board Game Ever (2:41)
Pandemic edition.
05.17.13, 9:07 pm est
Millennium Falcon puzzle
I like the visual, very neat looking.
05.17.13, 9:03 pm est
Neosignal - Planet Online (Official Video) (4:27)
Well done on the retro looks. This could easily be straight out of 1986.
05.16.13, 4:14 am est
Man catches flying bird with bare hand (0:25)
This guy is a badass.
05.16.13, 4:10 am est
Fan/light chain attachments
Are we just thinking of this now? It makes so much sense.
05.16.13, 4:08 am est
Innovative fast food packaging
This is obviously the European model. The American model would have to hold at least two of everything.
05.16.13, 4:07 am est
Spooky Ice Invasion at Mille Lacs lake in Minnesota (6:53)
I've never seen this happen before. Crazy.
05.16.13, 4:05 am est
Fisherman Catches Duck During Awkward News Interview (3:20)
Well done, Australia. The pun at the end nails it.
05.16.13, 3:43 am est
"Rap Quotes" Street Art Project by Jay Shells (4:08)
It's kind of a neat idea for a project.
05.16.13, 3:37 am est
Let's Play Enviro-Bear 2000 - Operation: Hibernation (8:00)
Best game ever... best game review ever. The double!
05.16.13, 3:32 am est
Oscar Mayer Bacon Infused Hot Dogs
HELL YES. American holidays just got that much better.
05.16.13, 2:14 am est
All The Original Legend Of Zelda Quest Items 3-D Printed
DO WANT. These are amazing.
05.16.13, 2:10 am est
Detroit's Giant RoboCop Statue
Hahaha, oh man. Detroit, you are one of a kind.
05.16.13, 2:07 am est
Pimp My Desk Fan: "Street Fighter" Hyper Turbo Edition (0:35)
Needs more Guile music.
05.15.13, 11:11 am est
Jeff Goldblum Laughs For 10 Minutes (10:09)
05.13.13, 11:06 pm est
Do you have 67 protons?
Science burn. Get to the eye wash station.
05.13.13, 8:18 pm est
LEGO Death Star and LEGO Alderaan
Uncanny resemblance.
05.13.13, 8:16 pm est
Comfy Breasts
Speaking of breasts, for those that are sporting a pair, now there's a way to lay down and not be hassled with them anymore.
05.13.13, 8:10 pm est
This is a hot air balloon that looks like a whale, AND has 10, count them, TEN dangling breasts. From our good friends down under.
05.13.13, 8:09 pm est
Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #4 (2:44)
Another fantastic installment from the Kimmel.
05.12.13, 4:04 am est
Round 2: Better Names for Things (2:20)
Remember to take care of your earth fur.
05.12.13, 3:10 am est
Using Google Maps, try to figure out where you are based on the picture given. I can see how this could become slightly addicting.
05.11.13, 8:21 pm est
The Wizard of Oz
05.11.13, 3:51 pm est
Coming Soon From Apple Favorite
Readers! Remotes! Plates!
05.11.13, 3:50 pm est
An Updated Guide To An NHL Rink
Amusing graphic of an NHL ice rink.
05.11.13, 1:05 am est
I can't recall when those 4 minutes took place.
05.11.13, 1:01 am est
The Worst Room
"A blog about trying to find affordable housing in New York City." Apparently you can charge $900 a month for a shithole of a room.
05.11.13, 12:59 am est
Jakemeier Lego
"Pictures of LEGOS that recreate characters from movies, comics, video games and life without altering or making new parts."
05.11.13, 12:05 am est
Guy Quitting His Job Leaves an Incredible "Out of-Office" Message
This is infinitely hilarious.
05.10.13, 11:19 pm est
EXP, A Video Game Themed Bar & Restaurant
I want to go to there.
05.10.13, 11:08 pm est
Wikipedia - Standard telegraph level
I felt like posting something zero people would understand, myself included.
05.10.13, 2:29 am est
Daft Punk - Get Lucky // George Barnett cover (3:52)
I really dig this one.
05.10.13, 2:26 am est
Getting Gymnasty Vol 2 (3:04)
The skills you've been lookin' for.
05.10.13, 2:17 am est
The stunning images of Hong Kong 'living cubicles'
They really pack them in there.
05.10.13, 2:10 am est
The 4 stages of a woman's period... animated gif form. Very informative.
05.10.13, 1:57 am est
"SHIFT IT" - Amazing Transmission Commercial (1:02)
Rhett and Link are at it again, producing more internet gold.
05.10.13, 1:52 am est
Let's admire Thierry Henry's bicycle kick goal (1:13)
Dude just iced the kill.
05.10.13, 1:51 am est
"Two Chips" / An Animated Short (1:44)
This is my kind of joke.
05.09.13, 1:29 am est
Little chocolate cups
Balloon required.
05.08.13, 2:16 am est
Tangy Honey Mustard with Ruff McThickridge (1:01)
Rated R, for Ruffles.
05.08.13, 2:12 am est
The Bear & The Gang Episode 2 (1:01)
Ah, coach! Whatcha doin', man?
05.06.13, 1:39 am est
The Bear & The Gang Episode 1 (1:01)
I hope they continually keep doing these.
05.06.13, 1:38 am est
The Bear & The Gang - Opening Credits (1:23)
The Bruins have some fun on the side.
05.06.13, 1:37 am est
CBC HNIC 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs Opening Montage (2:48)
05.05.13, 2:50 am est
Bless You (1:30)
"An architect in the skies tires of his creation and decides to spice things up a bit."
05.05.13, 2:42 am est
Rainy Cafe
Choose your background noise: a cafe, a rainy day, or both. Soothe yourself.
05.05.13, 2:40 am est
Brown Sprite (2:43)
They shit the bed with Crystal Pepsi. There is a solution.
05.05.13, 2:39 am est
xkcd - AirAware
Trolling at its finest.
05.05.13, 2:20 am est
CBS Logo is Pac-Man
Mind = blown.
05.05.13, 2:19 am est
South Park - Matt Stone on Problems with the MPAA (3:23)
I did not know this tidbit about the South Park movie.
05.04.13, 3:06 am est
Soon, You May Download New Skills to Your Brain
Well of course this is possible in the Matrix! Wake up, people!
05.04.13, 3:01 am est
How Not To Orgasm (1:27)
This is so got-damned hilarious.
05.04.13, 2:58 am est
Pogo - SquareBob SpongeMix (2:45)
Everything Pogo creates turns into audio gold.
05.04.13, 2:56 am est
The Shared Office Printer Instruction Manual
Driver installation cracked me up.
05.02.13, 3:47 am est
Best Drinking Game EVER
It's interactive! Invite your friends!
05.02.13, 3:41 am est
66 Behind the Scenes Pics from THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK
3rd photo down is ridiculous. ILM is boss.
05.02.13, 1:39 am est
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