If College Were More Like Videogames
Slightly accurate.
08.31.12, 3:17 pm est
NES Toaster
It's not real, but I'd buy it right now if it were.
08.31.12, 1:42 pm est
Penny Arcade: Enter The Review Dome
This is my favorite review of any Madden game.
08.31.12, 1:29 pm est
DIY Arcade Machine Coffee Table
For old-school gaming fans.
08.31.12, 1:17 am est
Grand Theft Auto IV: Hill Valley - [Back to the Future Mod Showcase] (2:31)
Um, so this is ridiculously awesome.
08.30.12, 1:55 am est
Lamebook - Wednesday Wins
First one: meh. Second one: snarky. Third one: laugh out loud penis joke.
08.30.12, 1:50 am est
Someone I know made hotdogs at work
This person must work with MacGyver.
08.29.12, 2:55 am est
Everytime I cook something
This is so very true in my kitchen area.
08.29.12, 2:39 am est
Use of available resources: A+
No extension cord? No problem.
08.29.12, 2:37 am est
Angry Hook
Angry hook is angry.
08.29.12, 2:36 am est
It's a perfect date
This lady knows how to party.
08.29.12, 2:35 am est
Brilliant Pumpkin Carving
I bet they give out the best candy, too.
08.29.12, 2:34 am est
Nerd Alert - Dear Peach (Luigi Love Song) (3:30)
This is one of the better Mario/Luigi songs I've seen on YouTube.
08.29.12, 12:37 am est
Focusing the 100-millimeter Mastcam
A pretty sweet photo from the Mars rover.
08.29.12, 12:34 am est
Old Spice Muscle Music (1:16)
At the end of the video, you can MAKE YOUR OWN MUSIC. Amazing.
08.29.12, 12:32 am est
Takeru Kobayashi sets new world record
110 *bunless* hotdogs. But hey, it's still a record. Tsunami = the best.
08.29.12, 12:31 am est
I see what you did there...
08.29.12, 12:30 am est
Hover board test, behind the scenes of "Back to the Future Part II" (0:57)
27 years later, and still amazing.
08.27.12, 12:25 am est
YouTube channel: MailOrderComedy
More pre-Workaholics goodness!
08.26.12, 12:34 am est
YouTube channel: DungeonoftheNutsack
You might know them from "Workaholics". Some good stuff in here.
08.26.12, 12:27 am est
35 Stunning Examples Of Soap Bubble Photography
So spherical.
08.25.12, 11:54 pm est
LEGO creations by Tiler
He's a fan of the Batmobile.
08.25.12, 11:52 pm est
This is a great goal (0:25)
Jeremain Lens has a go from a difficult angle.
08.25.12, 8:36 pm est
Water Wigs
Perfect for that summer heatwave.
08.25.12, 6:48 pm est
Click and win!
08.25.12, 6:46 pm est
Horse Taking it to The Limit (0:56)
Oh my god Horse is driving, how can that be?!?!
08.24.12, 1:05 am est
08.24.12, 12:38 am est
Know Your Meme - Futurama
Futurama + internet = ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.
08.24.12, 12:38 am est
Pixel Tree Trunk Sculptures
8-bit trees.
08.23.12, 2:10 am est
Great halloween costume
I can't hear you...
08.22.12, 11:56 pm est
Afternoon Express (0:12)
Wait for it...
08.22.12, 11:41 pm est
Google Envelopes, Beta Of Course
If I ever sent mail, this would be the optimal envelope to send it in.
08.22.12, 11:41 pm est
Raise your kid Amish?
This... is actually a hilarious idea.
08.22.12, 11:40 pm est
Gotta be there at 8:06 am
Get there early, parking is terrible.
08.22.12, 11:26 pm est
If the Olympics were on your Facebook News Feed
These are usually dumb, but the Subway comments got me laughing.
08.22.12, 11:17 pm est
Just gonna use a condom I got at a music festival...
Hey, waitaminute...
08.22.12, 10:52 pm est
Peel light and other neat ideas
Cool room accents.
08.22.12, 10:47 pm est
Suddenly Salad
08.22.12, 10:39 pm est
Heineken Cube: Would You Drink Beer From A Square Bottle?
I'd drink EVERYTHING from a square bottle. Imagine how awesome your fridge would look. It's adult LEGO.
08.22.12, 9:51 pm est
A male birth-control pill... that doesn't kill sex drive?
Science is trying to do everyone out there a solid.
08.22.12, 9:49 pm est
Dueling Harry Carays (2:32)
08.22.12, 2:05 am est
If movies were written by our children (1:56)
This was well acted.
08.22.12, 2:02 am est
Shaq's Is Bigger Than Yours (2:46)
Is Family Feud even a family show anymore?
08.22.12, 1:42 am est
GHOST TITS (feat. Olivia Munn) (2:50)
Wheredemtitsgo. Dot com.
08.22.12, 1:26 am est
"Baby Got Back" Sung By the Movies (3:00)
This is some good YouTube right here.
08.22.12, 1:16 am est
The Unconscious Homeless Man (0:50)
08.22.12, 1:11 am est
James Harden likes to keep his Approved Foot Locker gear fresh (0:30)
I ell-oh-ell-ed.
08.20.12, 2:56 am est
If the Earth had rings, a 3D animation (3:32)
I think that would be pretty neat.
08.20.12, 12:31 am est
Graffiti made out of water and light (2:00)
Technology is amazing. And fun!
08.19.12, 11:36 pm est
3D printer can build a house in 20 hours (11:59)
I didn't think 3D "printing" would catch on. Now, it's pretty damn awesome if you ask me.
08.19.12, 10:43 pm est
Jedi Condoms (2:13)
Don't be the Father.
08.19.12, 8:58 pm est
Revenge is a dish best served pink (3:32)
Don't mess with the older brother.
08.19.12, 2:48 am est
Tangga House by Guz Architects
This house is only a couple Powerball numbers out of reach.
08.19.12, 2:33 am est
They have to transport data just like the rest of us.
08.19.12, 2:31 am est
I assure you we're open
Thank you, my favorite movie.
08.19.12, 2:30 am est
Great rubber stamp idea
There are days where I want to use this as my work email signature.
08.19.12, 2:29 am est
Where is the moon?
Knowing is half the battle.
08.19.12, 2:04 am est
Neighbors at 4 am
That party is off the hook!
08.19.12, 2:03 am est
House for rent level: Broccolli
Probably posted this before. Still awesome.
08.19.12, 2:03 am est
Lunar eclipse
Well, that escalated quickly.
08.19.12, 2:02 am est
Cube Tube
Chill without the spill.
08.19.12, 2:02 am est
Awesome media center
This is exactly the type of furniture I'm looking for.
08.19.12, 2:00 am est
When life gives you lemons...
...figure out what factory it came from.
08.19.12, 1:35 am est
Every time I try to sleep
So incredibly true.
08.19.12, 1:35 am est
What's the category?
Is this really a family show?
08.19.12, 1:34 am est
She was a hoe...
...fo' sho'.
08.19.12, 1:33 am est
Meat is murder
08.19.12, 1:33 am est
Why is the USA's energy half empty?
A slightly valid question.
08.19.12, 1:32 am est
Moo Mixer
Do want.
08.19.12, 1:32 am est
Someone effed up
Serious business.
08.18.12, 11:59 pm est
Pulled pork sundae
Hell yeah.
08.18.12, 9:38 pm est
Shit. Just. Got. Real.
08.18.12, 9:38 pm est
This seems familiar.
08.18.12, 9:36 pm est
Ragú: Long Day of Childhood Commercial (0:30)
Nothing helps a scarred memory like Ragu.
08.18.12, 9:34 pm est
The Aurora Glowing Cocktail
It apparently is supposed to "glow" under a blacklight.
08.18.12, 9:01 pm est
Post BJ Problems (2:05)
I just want to... palm your face...
08.18.12, 8:51 pm est
The 2012 KSK Fantasy Team Naming Guide
There's some gold scattered along this list.
08.17.12, 3:22 am est
What kind of question is that?
The guy who drives this car must be bringing his "A" game.
08.17.12, 3:21 am est
A scary comic
08.17.12, 3:20 am est
FAIL - Image #376,187
Always make two trips.
08.17.12, 2:28 am est
Donkey Kong Inspired Wall Shelves
It's just a concept, but a freakin' awesome concept.
08.17.12, 1:08 am est
How To Fold Fitted Sheets
An easy to follow guide.
08.17.12, 1:06 am est
Swiss scientists use new algorithm to track anything viral to its original source
People with the herp, sorry, you're still out of luck.
08.17.12, 1:04 am est
Awesome CD Collections
That's a lot of free AOL hours.
08.16.12, 1:08 am est
CCleaner's users will know
Seriously, get with the 90's, release patches not programs.
08.15.12, 2:16 am est
Bodyguard gets into the act (1:35)
This gets hilarious at the 1 minute mark.
08.15.12, 2:07 am est
Legend Of Zelda Heart Piece, Rupee And Triforce Soap
Stop Ganon. And B.O.
08.14.12, 7:58 pm est
Brandon Inge dislocated his shoulder... (2:12)
...but pops it back in and goes on to get the game-winning hit. Cray.
08.14.12, 12:30 am est
Chuck Norris: The Movie (1:47)
08.12.12, 11:20 pm est
How to make a spray bottle that works in any orientation (1:00)
Smart people are smart.
08.12.12, 3:26 pm est
Magic Sand: It never gets wet (2:26)
What kind of sorcery is this?!?
08.12.12, 2:51 pm est
Everyday Carry
I have a wallet, phone, and keys, and that's more than enough for me. Some of these people are excessive.
08.12.12, 3:05 am est
Scarlett Johansson animated GIFs
Sweet sassy molassy.
08.12.12, 2:44 am est
A DeLorean Hovercraft Appeared At Last Night’s Giants-Rockies Game (0:56)
But can it get up to 88 mph?
08.12.12, 1:05 am est
Unbreakable glass (5:59)
It is INSANE how strong that glass is.
08.11.12, 2:52 pm est
Awesome Staples City
08.11.12, 3:29 am est
What can you do with an old bus?
Make a bitchin' desk.
08.11.12, 3:28 am est
Louis CK - "Apologize" (5:55)
Life lessons.
08.10.12, 2:43 am est
USB Toaster Hub and Thumbdrives
How adorable is that?
08.10.12, 2:41 am est
Alex doesn't really get the April Fools' Day
Could use a little tweaking.
08.10.12, 2:07 am est
All the world in a room
Suppose we fill a room with 50 people perfectly representative of the world population...
08.10.12, 2:07 am est
Dizzying video: Blonde Russian 'skywalker' films herself on roof (3:03)
That is a spectacular view.
08.09.12, 9:42 pm est
Because blue means water
Zelda logic ell-oh-ell.
08.09.12, 7:45 pm est
USB Problems
It might be the greatest invention since the bread slicer.
08.09.12, 7:45 pm est
Yosemite Firefall
08.09.12, 7:44 pm est
Mom ordered nothing for dessert, they gave her this
It's "low-cal"!
08.09.12, 7:43 pm est
Some food tips that will change your life
These are some serious game changers, folks.
08.09.12, 7:43 pm est
Evan's Lightning McQueen (3:14)
Kid gets a souped-up ride.
08.08.12, 11:54 pm est
Paper Airplane Pushpins
Neat office supply.
08.08.12, 11:47 pm est
Sebastien Millon
Not really a comic. But lots of good humor here as well.
08.08.12, 2:34 am est
Hi, I'm Liz
Simple humor. Wonderful.
08.08.12, 2:29 am est
Immaturity at its best.
08.08.12, 2:24 am est
DeLorean Giveaway Follow-Up: Q&A With Ready Player One Author Ernie Cline
That's one way to get people to read your book.
08.08.12, 2:22 am est
State Farm Split Camaro Project
Yo dawg, I herd you like cars...
08.08.12, 2:20 am est
Will you still medal in the morning?
What happens in the village... stays in the village?
08.08.12, 2:18 am est
Textually Active (2:59)
Dude needs to chill. But this is funny.
08.08.12, 1:56 am est
NBA Jam Announcer at ESPN harasses Colin Cowherd (0:22)
08.06.12, 7:22 pm est
FUTURE OF THE LEFT - Failed Olympic Bid (3:21)
A failed Olympic bid leaves some kids so upset, they can't forget.
08.06.12, 1:46 am est
Rockyard - All That She Wants (Cover) (4:51)
Live from Jay's basement; one take, no auto-tune, no overdubs, no bullshit!
08.06.12, 1:42 am est
Online Now (11:57)
Journey into the world of contemporary online social interaction.
08.06.12, 1:40 am est
Sprite Sun Fizz (0:31)
Old creepy Sprite commercial.
08.06.12, 1:28 am est
How to Eat Noodles... (0:21)
08.05.12, 2:28 am est
10 hours of the Cantina band (10:00:00)
Party at my place, right?
08.04.12, 11:36 pm est
Who's That Girl?
Known commonly as "the Parked Domain Girl" or "the Expired Domain Girl".
08.04.12, 10:04 pm est
Life is so simple
Make the right choice.
08.04.12, 12:43 pm est
The best way to learn geography
Seriously, I have no idea how the eastern hemisphere is put together.
08.04.12, 12:42 pm est
Some Creative Chalkboard Signs
Lots of creative people out there.
08.04.12, 1:53 am est
I had no idea they did this until today
Is this really how they work? I need to to hit up a Wendy's and confirm.
08.04.12, 1:53 am est
Mattress Man Commercial (0:53)
Rock 'n' roll, dude.
08.04.12, 12:52 am est
'Unbaby Me' Chrome Add-On Removes Baby Pictures From Facebook Feed
Suddenly, bacon. Bacon everywhere.
08.03.12, 7:06 pm est
What do drink while listening to your favorite artists.
08.02.12, 2:34 am est
Origami Cube Wreath
08.02.12, 1:35 am est
Tree Branch Fallen On Power Line (0:18)
For reals?
08.02.12, 1:24 am est
A teacher growing green in the South Bronx (13:42)
This guy is awesome. Watch this whole thing.
08.01.12, 11:58 pm est
TIME: The Most Important Team at the Olympics? Why, It's Icelandic Handball
Eees-laand! Eees-laand! Eees-laand!
08.01.12, 9:46 am est
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