Person swapping social experiment by Derren Brown
I've seen something like this before, and it still amazes me.
09.30.10, 11:44 pm est
Autistic savant draws Rome from memory
Absolutely ridiculous how amazing this person is.
09.30.10, 11:34 pm est
Spectacular close-up volcano footage
If you drop your keys in there, let 'em go, because man, they're gone.
09.30.10, 11:28 pm est
The History of Rap w/Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake, The Roots
That was kinda neat.
09.30.10, 11:25 pm est
Jack Johnson - At Or With Me
Amusing music video featuring The Lonely Island crew.
09.30.10, 11:14 pm est
Air hockey and cleavage
Two of my favorite things.
09.29.10, 7:37 pm est
The Fridge Locker
09.29.10, 7:06 pm est
Homemade Spacecraft
Pretty neat footage.
09.29.10, 3:10 am est
Frankie McDowell with an important news update
I want this guy to give me ALL of my news in the future. (Earthquake warning was a twitter hoax.)
09.28.10, 6:29 pm est
Bill Maher interviews Richard Tillman's brother, Pat Tillman
09.28.10, 6:22 pm est
I want pizza!
P-I-Z-Z-A, gimmie pizza!
09.28.10, 6:08 pm est
The Table Tennis Trainer
You too can become Forrest Gump!
09.27.10, 3:54 pm est
Tilt-Shift Van Gogh
It looks really neat.
09.26.10, 4:31 pm est
The 5 Plastic Army Men Least Useful in Combat
You know it's true.
09.26.10, 2:32 pm est
What would happen if you put your hand in the Large Hadron Collider?
That, and other ultra-hard questions answered by super intelligent people. (13 minutes)
09.26.10, 1:30 am est
Electric Picnic 2010 - Everlong Acoustic Cover
This is impressive, because they are kids. *Very* impressive.
09.26.10, 12:35 am est
Boy discovers microbe that eats plastic
This kid is my hero.
09.26.10, 12:26 am est
The Shocking Fireball Festival Of Nejapa
What dodge ball might look like when fire is involved.
09.25.10, 3:39 pm est
Advice, Protips, and Rules of Thumb
I enjoyed this list.
09.24.10, 11:11 pm est
Toothpaste For Dinner for 9/24
So true.
09.24.10, 1:31 pm est
3-D Dinosaur Pancakes
Art you can eat? Yes, please!
09.24.10, 1:05 pm est
8 Bit Wood
8BITWOOD is a journey into the madness of homemade pixel art.
09.24.10, 3:54 am est
Rainbow Cocktails
Rainbow shots, how do they work?
09.23.10, 5:21 pm est
Credit card of the future
I'm blown away by this invention.
09.23.10, 3:07 pm est
The 7 worst cyberattacks in history (that we know about)
Interesting read.
09.23.10, 2:42 pm est
Panda Cheese
Never say no to Panda!
09.23.10, 1:38 pm est
"Nothing Else Matters" on hammered dulcimer
Well done.
09.22.10, 3:19 pm est
James Hance - Relentlessly Cheerful Art
He's got a lot of fun stuff to look at here.
09.19.10, 9:45 am est
Moving Forward, Looking Back : Sean Flanagan : Dollar ReDe$ign 2010
At any rate, this is my favorite dollar redesign of the bunch.
09.19.10, 12:43 am est
Dollar ReDe$ign Project
"The Dollar ReDe$ign Project hopes to bring about change for everyone. We want to rebrand the US Dollar, rebuild financial confidence and revive our failing economy." While I like the idea, I don't think that will help our economy. Not giving our money to foreign countries makes more sense to me.
09.19.10, 12:43 am est
Edmar's lovely backheel goal off a corner
One of the prettiest goals you'll see all year. With a bonus goal clip.
09.19.10, 12:11 am est
Chicken on a raft
How long can you stay on a raft with a chicken?
09.18.10, 10:14 am est
Utah Saints - Something Good music video
Funny music video from back in the day.
09.17.10, 9:26 pm est
Impressive driving from Ken Block
Ridiculous awesome.
09.17.10, 2:50 pm est
Echo Park Time Travel Mart
Hilarious idea!
09.17.10, 5:50 am est
Detroit Lives
3 part mini series about a different perspective of Detroit.
09.16.10, 8:28 am est
Do schools kill creativity?
The answer is: yes.
09.15.10, 10:18 pm est
Federer and Nadal Have the Giggles
So... awkward...!
09.15.10, 3:51 pm est
Now your sleeping with POWER!
09.15.10, 12:02 pm est
Smart Finger
Soon, you will actually be able to measure with your fingers!
09.15.10, 7:57 am est
Do you hate heights?
Then don't watch this.
09.15.10, 7:26 am est
Mat Graham - Song of Storms (Metal Version)
It's actually pretty bitchin'.
09.14.10, 9:22 pm est
Metro Song
GoRemy does it again!
09.14.10, 12:12 pm est
Epic skateboard video!
Wait for it...
09.13.10, 5:58 am est
Star Wars Propaganda Posters
These are most excellent.
09.13.10, 4:43 am est
Luv Deluxe - Cinnamon Chasers
A fantastic music video.
09.13.10, 4:42 am est
Man Creates Ringtones That Make Boobs Grow
Is there anything science can't do?
09.13.10, 12:07 am est
Police arrest man for stealing bicycle, then give him a bike
Compassion and goodwill are two things this world needs more of.
09.12.10, 3:25 am est
Bizzare soccer shootout goal
I've *never* seen one like this before. Stupid goalie.
09.10.10, 7:17 pm est
Paid for by helicopter enthusiasts.
09.10.10, 4:03 am est
The Room: The Game
Just like the movie! Only interactive! Ha ha!
09.10.10, 4:01 am est
Crazy optical illusion
My eyes! The goggles, they do nothing!
09.10.10, 3:47 am est
Midichlorian Rhapsody
This was very well done.
09.09.10, 8:02 pm est
Neo Lebowski
Nicely done mashup.
09.09.10, 7:35 pm est
Old Spice - Raven
Watch Ray Lewis blow up a planet. Gold!
09.09.10, 7:23 pm est
Everything Chris Klein Says in "The Legend of Chun Li"
I'm so happy this exists. Because the movie was bad. So, so bad.
09.09.10, 7:18 pm est
Sean Connery Loves Boobs
I concur.
09.09.10, 5:10 am est
An awkward bluff
Data knows what's up.
09.09.10, 4:55 am est
The NES Coffee Table
Wow. Do want.
09.09.10, 4:49 am est
Cache Rules Everything Around Me
Or, what a 9:36 YTMND music video might look like.
09.09.10, 4:38 am est
Why Everything Wireless is 2.4GHz
More interesting information!
09.09.10, 4:32 am est
Maz Jobrani: Did you hear the one about the Iranian-American?
I thought he was pretty funny.
09.09.10, 12:13 am est
Why is the sky dark at night?
Very interesting information.
09.08.10, 4:55 pm est
How Not To Fire a Watermelon Out of a Huge Slingshot
09.08.10, 3:34 pm est
A Taste of Home in Foil Packets and Powder
What meals for troops from the US and other countries might look like.
09.07.10, 7:01 pm est
Pocketful of Dough - Tips on Tipping
You want to go to the hottest restaurant in town. You have no reservation. Bruce Feiler has a plan for you.
09.07.10, 6:24 pm est
KILLIN' IT with Paul Crik
This man is insane.
09.07.10, 5:50 pm est
Parallel Parking
I hate when this happens!
09.07.10, 5:44 pm est
Simplistic Star Wars Poster Remakes
I like them very much.
09.07.10, 5:40 pm est
Hobo With A Shotgun
This movie looks ridiculous... ly awesome.
09.07.10, 4:10 pm est
LEGO Nintendo Stop-Motion Madness!
09.07.10, 4:02 pm est
Bacon And Pizza Sodas
I am extremely curious about these.
09.07.10, 3:37 pm est
Awesometown Theme Song
Everyone wants to go to Awesometown.
09.07.10, 3:47 am est
Ever seen a patient's vocal cords evaluated using stroboscopy?
No, I have not. Until now.
09.06.10, 8:57 am est
At last, the humble stove enters the 21st century
09.06.10, 8:35 am est
Cockatiel sings Tequila
This bird is rocking out hard.
09.06.10, 8:25 am est
Rolling Shutter Effect
Technology, you so crazy.
09.06.10, 8:23 am est
Record Tripping
Strange little flash game.
09.06.10, 8:23 am est
Nintendo Virtual Boy Teardown
I thought there would be a brain inside.
09.06.10, 8:22 am est
Eclectic Method - 8 Bit Mixtape
Funky 8-bit beats.
09.06.10, 8:21 am est
Crazy marching
What am I watching?!?! My brain is full of wtf!!!
09.06.10, 8:18 am est
Peepin' tom...
Wait for it...
09.06.10, 8:16 am est
Five Things An Angry And Abusive Walrus Might Say To His Girlfriend
Michael Ian Black lays it down for you.
09.06.10, 8:14 am est
San Alfonso del Mar swimming pool in Chile
It covers eight hectares and holds 250 million liters of water.
09.06.10, 8:14 am est
"Double Rainbow" -- Windows Live Photo Gallery commercial
Microsoft made a funny commercial. I'm shocked!
09.02.10, 2:25 am est
New pea-sized frog species discovered in Borneo
I welcome our new miniature overlords.
09.02.10, 2:23 am est
A night of drinking
AKA last Sunday night for me.
09.02.10, 2:22 am est
Cee-Lo and the official "Fuck You" video
This is apparently the summer jam for '10.
09.02.10, 2:21 am est
Pulp Ravioli
A Pulp Fiction mashup with a ravioli commercial.
09.02.10, 2:20 am est
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